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1/32 Short Stirling - Tigger vacform


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Evening all :)


With the waters now settled on my 1/32nd Sunderland build, I thought it about time to start another big vacform... well, to be exact, continue with a long stalled project from a few years ago. I started this Tigger (ex ID Models) vac of the Short Stirling about 5 or 6 years ago and ran out steam, and it had been consigned to the loft since I boxed it up and got distracted with something else. 


A conversation a few months ago with @Cees Broere about the Stirling led him to offer me his also-stalled project with the promise that I'd continue his excellent start and get it finished - an offer I grabbed with both hands considering the excellent start he's made to the cockpit interior which is my least favourite part of building models such as these. I was in the Netherlands with the family last week, to I popped in to see him and picked the beast up - thanks again, Cees!


I've since been for a rummage in the loft and dug my kit out, and now combining the two means I'm confident that I can finally get the job done. So here's where we're at...


This is how far Cees had got with his fuselage:




And how far I'd got with mine, which as you can see is not very:




Cees is a wonderfully talented modeller and scratch-builder and has made some beautiful progress with the cockpit area - a great base for me to continue working on:






Here are the wings I'd started a few years back - at the time I decided to open up the wing and reveal some of the interior detail. I like to think I've improved my scratch-building skills since then so instead I'll use the wings from Cees' kit and start again:






That's a lot of plastic!




Here are the other parts that include the engine nacelles, stabs and fin, etc - pretty basic stuff but perfectly workable:




Cees has kindly given me a supply of Bristol Hercules engines as well as various HK Lancaster turret parts which will come in very useful and reduce the amount of scratch-building needed in the future:






So... with both my earlier work and Cees' more recent efforts, I certainly have something Stirling shaped which is a great start (or point to continue from) for this project so I'm ready to dive back in!




The plan is to do a late MkIII variant with open bomb bays and a full bomb-load - squadron and specific aircraft yet to be decided. I'm really not looking forward to tackling the landing gear, but that's a problem for another day. 


Updates are likely to sporadic as the new school term starts imminently but I'll do my best to keep those interested updated on my progress. 


All the best,



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OMG - this is my wet dream project of yours Tom :wub:


So, so glad to see it back and with a real kick-start using Cees's project


This is going to be wonderful to watch and with those big gangly U/C legs going to be as much an engineering challenge as a modelling one :)


great stuff



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10 hours ago, Nighthawk Calling 1 said:

I never knew you could get Stirling in 32nd. Happy modeling, will be watching with interest.

The weird and wonderful world of vacforms provides some fantastic and unusual subjects. I imagine, however, that once I’ve beaten this into submission Tamiya will announce they are doing an injection kit :lol:


7 hours ago, Thomas Lund said:

uhhhhh very nice  - looking forward to following this...


Where did you (Cees) get the Bristol Mercury's from ?

The engines are Bristol Hercules from the Revell 1/32 Beaufighter kit. A good starting point for sure. 


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