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  1. The shiny mark could be white paint, when the fastener is locked it should line up with the lines. This allow groundcrew to check they are locked from the ground.
  2. This is turning into a true masterpiece, those propeller blades are mini works of art, keep up the good work,
  3. Looking forward to seeing this come together, great looking scheme. Have fun Andy
  4. Current state of play, she needs to be stuck together, hopefully by the weekend. Odd jobs around the cockpit still left to do and then mask up the cockpit and wheel bays for primer and sort out any seams. Thanks for looking hand happy modeling all, and enjoy your weekend.
  5. Maybe from Revell's old Beaufigther kits looking at the collector ring.
  6. I never knew you could get Stirling in 32nd. Happy modeling, will be watching with interest.
  7. Cockpit is finished The other section that make up the internals are in place and the fuselage is now one. As you can see wheel well walls are in, where the wing fold is more parts have since been add and the guns are also made up. Next up will be to finish up front fins to go on each side of the fuselage. The aerials along the spine I've managed to break one off all ready. Still undecided on marking and weather wings folded or spread.
  8. Impressive work on the tail fillet, she is starting to look the business now she is getting her skin. Will she make it to Telford this year or will it be next year.
  9. Inspirational work on the painting can’t wait to see it finished.
  10. Looks just awesome, will be following this with interest.
  11. Can I ask what CA glue did you use to glue the tabs on please.
  12. Looks very familiar, that engine puts mine to shame I only hope my engine turns out as good as yours after the mess I made of it. Should look great when finished. Stuart
  13. Hi Scarpiron Do you have a Flickr page or something similar that you could share a link to any Raider photo you have.
  14. I should have that the Bearcat blades have that detail too.
  15. No that detail is missing from all three props, also from my experience that detail is on the back of the blade, looking at the picture that prop is on backwards.
  16. The other thing about the Barracuda prop is the fit, the one in the picture is from my Bearcat and it is not glued together just nice and tight
  17. Hi Dekon, This photo shows from top to bottom the following Trumpeter prop from their Bearcat kit, middle is the Skyraider prop and at the bottom is the Barracuda resin prop. The differences are difficult to see but the kit prop blades are slimmer and longer than the Barracuda ones, when made up the Barracuda prop is almost spot on for overall dimension. The other thing about the Barracuda prop is the level of detail is just much better. The reason for putting the Bearcat prop in is according to the Aeroproducts web site the Bearcat and Skyraider props were the same in size and only difference being the number of teeth on the spline the Bearcat had 50 and the Skyraider had 60, so both the props in the kits should be the same and there not. so simply on size and detail the Barracuda prop is the better option. When I get to the point that the prop needs building I will build both so a side by side comparison can be made. At the end of the day it's your model and you pay the money. I'm no rivet counter and if it looks right to me that's fine, there may be people here who may know more that me. Stuart
  18. What an exceptional build, paint work and finish is just stunning. Congratulations.
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