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  1. I have, but the Battle of Isandlwana has a greater interest for me
  2. WOW! That is a beautiful Starfighter! Great work
  3. No problem at all!
  4. Trumpeter's 1/32nd scale A4 E Skyhawk. I replaced the ejector seat with one from Quickboost, and I used an Eduard set to detail the cockpit. Rest is out of the box. Painted with Xtracolor enamels. Thanks for looking Angelo.
  5. I just studied photos of the real exhaust and brush painted them. I tried to airbrush them but due to the shape of the exhaust I couldn't get it to look right. Thanks guys for all the compliments & comments, greatly appreciated!
  6. Special Hobby's 1/32nd scale North American X15 A2 Apart from a few scratch built additions in the cockpit, and a pilot figure from Shapeways (3D printed), it is an out of the box build. Various shades of black, dark greys, and metallic tones from various manufactures. Shapeways X-15 pilot. 3D printed. The version I ordered was the "basic quality" one & higher quality versions are available, for an increased cost.
  7. The battle of Isandlwana took place on the 22nd of January 1879 in Zulu Land, South Africa. A British force of at least 1700 was out manoeuvred and out fought by a force of 20000 Zulus. All British soldiers who fought on foot were killed, approximately 1500 in total. It is the worst defeat inflicted on a western army by tribal warriors. Unfortunately the victory was a Pyrrhic one. The Zulu's casualties were 3000 warriors killed, and ultimately it saw the destruction of their nation. Figures are white metal from Beneito Miniatures in 54mm. They were
  8. White metal figures in 54mm from Hidalgo-Benieto Military Miniatures. Excellent figures, beautifully sculpted & cast. Superb details, animation & composition. Represents Colonel Joshua Chamberlain, C/O of the 20th Maine Volunteers, who held the left flank of the Union lines at the Battle of Gettysburg, July 1863. The regiment held their position throughout the battle despite numerous Confederate attacks. When nearly out of ammunition, Colonel Chamberlain led his troops in a down hill bayonet charge, wheeling to the right as they went through thickly wooded terr
  9. And now for something completely different! Revell's 1/72nd scale Shackleton MR3 is a lovely kit. Very well engineered. No fit problems at all! Surface detail is very fine and nicely done. Has the option of a Phase 2 or 3 variant, with the Viper jet engines. I don't usually do 72nd, but this kit was an absolute joy to build. Painted with Tamiya acrylics. Thanks for looking Angelo.
  10. Revell's all new P51 D is a lovely, straightforward kit with no vices. I added a set of etched seat belts, and the rest was out of the box. Painted with Humbrol enamels. Thanks for looking Angelo.
  11. Tarangus SAAB Viggen 1/48th scale. I added a resin seat from Pavla, which was too wide & deep! Turned brass pitots from Master and I used a mask set from Maestro Models to achieve the camouflage pattern which was painted with Humbrol enamels & Tamiya acrylics. The mask set drove me right round the bend & back! I really struggled to figure out how to get the pieces in the right place. Kit went together well, nicely engineered with lovely detail. Now for the 1/32nd scale one!
  12. Thanks for you comments. Unfortunately I didn't do a WIP
  13. Thank you, please do!
  14. HPH's kit of the Fw-189. A very advanced resin kit with detail that would make mainstream injection moulding companies quiver with fear to reproduce. Definitely no "shake & bake" kit with a number of challenges, but an enjoyable if taxing build. Painted with Xtracolor enamels and Tamiya acrylics. Thanks for looking. Angelo
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