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  1. Fantastic! Love the F8 and this is a great model
  2. ICM,s MIG-25 FOXBAT. I added a resin pilot, the rest is out of the box. No real dramas regarding the build, a good fit with hardly any filler required. Humbrol enamels used for the overall colours, with AK paints used for the metallic tones. It's big enough in 48th! If one should be produced in 32nd................................... Thanks for looking. Angelo
  3. This is another studio scale model I have built from Gerry Anderson's UFO. It is of the SHADO mobile. I scratch built this one, except for the wheels and tracks for which I used the original ones used in the studio models. They come from the "Tiger Joe" toy tank, which I picked up on Ebay. The body was built out of balsa wood, then a plaster of Paris mould was made and I cast the body in resin. I sourced as many of the greeblies as possible, a lot cam from the 24th scale Revell Gemini capsule and from Airfix's Scammel tank transporter. The rest I scratched built. The mobile features the gun turret & mortar that was seen on the vehicles which featured in the episode "Sounds of silence". Thanks for looking. Angelo
  4. Another studio scale model. This time it's a SHADO Interceptor from Gerry Anderson's UFO. This is a kit made by Studio2 Models. It's resin and fibre glass. .jpg] .jpg] .jpg] Thanks for looking Angelo
  5. This is a "Large Scale Plane" but as it's science fiction, I have posted it here. This is a studio scale model of the Angel Interceptor from Captain Scarlet & The Mysterons. It's a resin model from Kits for Cash. This is it along side the Airfix kit to give you an idea of its size. Thanks for looking. Angelo
  6. Apparently to reduce any chance of injury in case of a crash. (RAF transports have their passenger seats facing backwards for this reason).
  7. Here you go I modified a toy figure of Captain Scarlet so I now have a driver.
  8. My child hood memories are of programmes like "Thunder Birds" "UFO" & "Captain Scarlet" These shows were full of fantastic designs, such as Thunder Bird 2, SHADO Mobiles & Interceptors, and of course, The SPV, or Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle. I have had the Dinky SPV for years and recently I cam across "Studio 2 Models". They make limited run garage kits of a number of models from these Gerry Anderson series, all to "Studio Scale". This is the SPV. Its resin & fibreglass. It is no "shake & bake " kit, and requires a lot of work to get it together. The interior is scratch built, having to cut the door out first. It is painted in the same car paint as used on the original studio kit. Thanks for looking, Angelo
  9. I don't recall any problems with the rear bulkhead to be honest. As for the gun barrels I only secured them at the base end. This left enough movement so when the canopy was fitted I could feed them through the openings with ease.
  10. That scheme is included in the AIMS kit. Glad you like my 110. Compared to other resin conversions, AIMS have done a great job. It is very well though out, and the parts are very fine and easy to use.
  11. I'll be bringing it along next time I'm there
  12. Thank you all very much! Glad you like her It's good to be back Kevin
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