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  1. Thank you all very much indeed for all the kind comments and compliments, they are greatly appreciated Yes indeed! Mum is from provincia di Treviso, and my dad was from Avelino.
  2. Thanks guys New radar aerials, new rear canopy, and they deleted the Schrage Musik.
  3. Hello! This is Revell's re-issue of their Heinkel HE219, with new parts to make it as the earlier A-0. Built virtually out of the box, except for some Eduard etched seat belts. I used Xtracolor enamels for the camouflage. Straight forward kit, no real pitfalls, but it needs a lot of nose weight to keep it off it's tail! Thanks for looking, Angelo
  4. Fan Bloody tastic!!!!!!!!!!! That has to be the best weathering job I have ever seen. Absolutely awesome work :goodjob: :goodjob:
  5. Thank you all very very much for all your comments and kind words, they are very much appreciated! It was an enjoyable build (and I still have the bubble top version to build, along with their Mosquito & Sea Harrier!!)
  6. That is a lovely looking Typhoon! Great work, I especially like the working door hinges
  7. This is Airfix's kit of the Typhoon. Apart from the firing wires for the rockets, it is built completely out of the box. It is a complex build, due to its size, and the impressive level of detail, and there is a bit more flash than expected for such a new kit, otherwise there are no real pitfalls in assembly. I used Xtracolor enamels for the camouflage colours, and the decals are from the kit as well. Thanks for looking ! Angelo.
  8. Outstanding! That is a spectacular 104!! I do like the Starfighter in Belgian colours, very impressive.
  9. It is an "OOB" build, except for a set of etched seatbelts. Having built Tamiya's P-51, I agree totally, it is a very credible alternative.
  10. Thanks you all! Just found out that the model will be on the SAMI stand at Telford, so if you are going you can see it "in the flesh"
  11. Here are a few pictures of Revell's new P-51D which I have built for a review in Scale Aviation Modeller International Magazine. It is a pre-production test shot. Having built 32nd scale 'Stangs from Hasegawa, Dragon, Trumpeter and Tamiya, all I can say is that it is a no dramas kit, with a lovely level of detail. Thanks for looking Angelo
  12. Fantastic pair! The F104 is a beauty!
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