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  1. That is a thing of beauty! You have done wonders with a pig of a kit!
  2. HL-10


    In 1969/1970 there was a TV series about aliens coming to earth and abducting humans to use as spare parts to keep their dying race alive. The show was UFO and centered on the secret defence organisation SHADO, set up to combat the aliens. The producer of the show was Gerry Anderson, who also produced, Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet, Joe 90 & Stingray. The shows miniatures, and effects were masterminded by Derek Meddings, ably assisted by Mike Trim. Among the numerous fantastic designs was SKYDIVER. A nuclear powered submarine which could launch a supersonic interce
  3. HL-10


    Cheers everybody! Thanks for all the comments & compliments, greatly appreciated
  4. HL-10


    I've reloaded them. For some reason LSP doesn't seem to like POSTIMAGE anymore?
  5. HL-10


    Hobby Boss's F111-A. This is a development airframe, hence the non standard scheme. Apart for the crew figures, it was built out of the box. Thanks for looking Angelo.
  6. That is superb! Nicely done, very impressive work
  7. You can contact them direct: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100009901142419
  8. Thanks, glad you like her I did not have any problems there. It fitted perfectly.
  9. Sorry chaps, don't know what happened there. Try now
  10. This is Dayglo Models 1/32nd scale FIAT G-91. It is a limited production resin kit. I have o say it went together very easily for a resin kit. The kit only comes with Luftwaffe markings, but Dayglo do a set of Italian markings. The only aftermarket I used was some Airscale decals in the cockpit Painted with Xtracolor enamels. Thanks for looking Angelo
  11. This is Revell's 1/32nd scale kit of the Bell X1 supersonic research aeroplane. It is the one that was flown through the "sound barrier" by Captain Charles "Chuck" Yeager on the 14th October 1947. I engraved the panel lines and added a set of aftermarket seat belts. The instrument dials came from the Airscale range. I also added detail to the inner face of the cockpit access hatch. Along side the X-15 Thanks for loo
  12. I have, but the Battle of Isandlwana has a greater interest for me
  13. WOW! That is a beautiful Starfighter! Great work
  14. Trumpeter's 1/32nd scale A4 E Skyhawk. I replaced the ejector seat with one from Quickboost, and I used an Eduard set to detail the cockpit. Rest is out of the box. Painted with Xtracolor enamels. Thanks for looking Angelo.
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