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  1. Again, Thank you for all your comments and compliments, they are greatly appreciated
  2. Thank you for all your comments and compliments,they are greatly appreciated
  3. This is the HPH kit of the Me 410. Cast in resin with an extensive etch set, including coloured parts for the cockpit. The kit went together relatively well for a resin kit, no major fit issues. Transparencies were cast in clear resin and were thin with fine detail. Painted with Xtracolor enamels and the decals were from the kit too. Thanks for looking Angelo.
  4. Thanks for your comments guys, greatly appreciated
  5. With today being the anniversary of the recapture of the Falkland Islands, I thought I would post up my Sea Harrier. The Airfix 24th scale Harrier has been around since the early seventies. It was re-issued with new parts to allow it to be built as the FRS-1. For it's Size it is a basic kit, with basic detail in the cockpit, and other detail sacrificed for working features. I decided to have a go at updating my model. I got hold of Flightline's extensive etched set plus some resin parts from Heritage aviation. Heritage aviation's stuff was a big disappointment! Poor casting finish, rough surfaces, air bubbles and the mould were obviously past their best. The Intakes and wheels were all I used. The rest of the details were scratch built. I completely scratch built the ejector seat and I used the 2D etched part on the airwaves set for the nose undercarriage plumbing to make a 3D version from plastic card, rod and lead wire. The model was painted with Xtracolor enamels and the decals are the kits, representing a machine from 899 squadron which had been involved in three shoot downs during the conflict. Thanks for looking! Angelo
  6. I like that, very much!
  7. Thanks for all the comments & compliments, they're greatly appreciated!
  8. I do not like bi-planes! Too many wings, and the rigging is a stuff of nightmares!!! Then along comes ICM's superb Gladiator. I have always had a soft spot for this aeroplane, despite it being a bi-plane. An absolute joy to build with no fit issues at all! Everything went together perfectly. I used some aftermarket seatbelts, and the decals are from AIMS. The chequerboard on the top wing disintegrated when I tried to apply it, so I had to paint it on. For the overall aluminium dope finish I used Tamiya's flat aluminium. The rigging was done with flower arranging wire. It was pulled and stretched taught before being cut to length and superglued into place. Thanks for looking Angelo.
  9. Thanks everyone, I really appreciate all your comments & compliments
  10. Jetmads 1/32nd scale Viggen. What can I say? An impressive model. Very well engineered and very well presented! Resin is brittle, so careful handling required at all stages. Camouflage, it had to be done in fields and meadows! was achieved with Humbrol enamels and a lot of masking tape! I have always loved this aeroplane and now I have one in 1/32nd scale, well I am very, very happy. Thanks for looking Angelo
  11. Yes please! This helicopter has been long overdue for a new kit and in large scale to!
  12. I used "Airscale" decals for the instrument dials & placards. Thanks guys, glad you like it
  13. This is the ICM kit of the Cessna O2 A nicely detailed kit moulded in soft plastic. You get a nicely detailed cockpit, I added some after market seat belts & decals for the instrument panel. Also a couple of M-16 rifles. The kit has you fit four seats in the cockpit, but in this role only the two front ones are needed. There are a few fit issues, nothing major. The biggest let down is the decals. Poorly printed, pixilated, incorrect spellings, such as "RESQUE". I used the AOA set which is superb. You get sufficient decals to mark up two models. No stencil data for the weapons though. Painted with Tamiya acrylics & Xtracolor enamels. Thanks for looking Angelo
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