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  1. Hi Sweety, Don't be sorry you are doing a great job your work on the engine and cockpit are fantastic take your time post when you can enjoy the process.
  2. Never understood fishing but each to their own, great paint job on the stabilizers by the way.
  3. Such a good looking bird, kudos for carrying on should look great when finished
  4. Hi Tom, Just a quick note to say that I have spent a couple of days reading your post whilst painting my P51. What an outstanding build, can I ask are the wings glued on or are they lose for removal and transport, can't wait to see her finished. Great work sir.
  5. What a beautifull 109 that paint job is just stunning.
  6. I must say Chuck your 104 is stunning. multi tonal finish of the aircraft skins is outstanding I've been following along and have been impressed with the build, look forward to the Hellcat.
  7. Thanks MARU5137 slow progress at present but undercarriage legs are made and prop is primed. Sorting out seams on the fuse so it can be masked up anb primed hopefullu tomorrow and some photos.
  8. Oh wow, this may take some time, Chuck can't wait to see the 2800 come to life in your hands.
  9. Great build attention to detail and painting is just stunning.
  10. This is one of my fav German planes, have it in the stash to build some time soon so will be following along.
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