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  1. So I have ran into a problem with my Tempest build, I could not make head nor tail of the stencil decal sheet as the reference numbers on the sheet did not match the kits instructions, I have the Special Hobby kit SH32055. So off to the internet to do some research to try and solve the problem, after looking at a few review on line I noticed that my kit has the stencils for a MkV not the MkVI, and the reviews were the same, but on the Special Hobby website the kit has the MkII stencils which must be the same as the MkVI as all the numbers match the instruction in my kit and all made sense. I h
  2. WOW what a beautifull model and paint scheme well done.
  3. Hi Mike, The one thing I have not done is to take photo of the build, but she is finished I will post more, and as I have worked out how to post photos I will post more of the next project whatever it may be and hopefully it wont take as long.
  4. Evening here Anthony so must be morning for you managed to add a photo hope you like.
  5. Hi to you all I've been here some time hiding in the shadows and this is my current project Special Hobbies Tempest VI. After a long time away from the hobby and two false starts, one made it to the SOD but the other ended its days in the bin. This looked a straight forward build in the box but she has fought back all the way, so decaling under way and most of the build done I thought I would share with you all, mistakes a plenty and almost a year in the making the finishing line is in sight.
  6. How much work is there in updating the Revell markii to a markv, is it gun barrels and blisters prop and spinner, or are there other issues, the airframe should be unchanged.
  7. Great progress so far, will be watching with interest
  8. Some outstanding skills on show here, favorites are Ju88 and PCM Spitfire. Have a great Xmas and New Year.
  9. Will be watching this with interest, if it's anything like your Tempest it should be very imformative
  10. I have followed your WIP from the early days, the finished model is a credit to your skills as a modeler. She looks real, amazing work Chuck
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