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  1. Hi Petrov, I only have the cover plate, it is 112mm high and 60mm wide the Curtis badge is 32mm radious, the word Caution the letter height is 5mm and the other lettering is 3mm. The rivet holes are 3/16th's , the silver edge is 1/16 th of an inch. Hope this helps but its going to be tiny.
  2. Sorry Jay if I have hijacked your comment. Not sure if I've done wright, the picture show an original cover plate for the brush pack that I have, it would have been mounted on the flat face of the brush pack, and as you can see painted black with the raised detail silver (metal) bat as it's getting on a bit I can live with the flaking paint, it lives on my key ring with my house and car keys.
  3. Hi Chuck, Great to see you back at the bench, congarts on the retirement, hope all the build plans go smoothly on the house. Have a great time at the airshow take loads of pics. Looking forward to seeing this new build progress. Stuart
  4. Nice start on the Jug and good luck with finding your mojo.
  5. We should not let our minds get in the way of the modeling , fantastic work so far. Watching with interest as I have one that needs some repair work that I hope to sort out when I finish my Skyraider
  6. The shiny mark could be white paint, when the fastener is locked it should line up with the lines. This allow groundcrew to check they are locked from the ground.
  7. This is turning into a true masterpiece, those propeller blades are mini works of art, keep up the good work,
  8. Looking forward to seeing this come together, great looking scheme. Have fun Andy
  9. Current state of play, she needs to be stuck together, hopefully by the weekend. Odd jobs around the cockpit still left to do and then mask up the cockpit and wheel bays for primer and sort out any seams. Thanks for looking hand happy modeling all, and enjoy your weekend.
  10. Maybe from Revell's old Beaufigther kits looking at the collector ring.
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