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  1. Congratulation on a fabulous build looks real in some of the images
  2. The detail painting looks great, you must have steady hands, mine shake and the paint hose everywhere and not where it should be
  3. So progress has been a bit slow on the reporting side. The kit has progressed along to but I have found that each and every part needs cleaning up, seams and leading and trailing edges, wings beyond the fold are made all 3 parts of them, along with the flaps, tail feathers are complete. Cockpit is almost finished I need to finish the seat belts, but its no master piece but will look Ok when inside the fuselage. Hopefully some photos soon.
  4. Looks like a great kit hope you have fun and get your mojo back, will be watching with interest.
  5. Outstanding build Peter, the attention to detail in the little details make for a very real looking model.
  6. What an amazing build and attention to detail she looks beautifull.
  7. Looks great Jan, hopefully Hannantts will have stock soon
  8. I will be watching this, as I have the same decal sheet and was planing to do the same,this will show me how much work there is to do.
  9. Hi Mike Your racer is quite the bird and Steve's Red Rippers is a good looking machine, nice to know that the kit has no nasty surprises in stall.
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