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  1. babyduck5

    Trumpeter Liberators on facebook

    You mean they would sell "several". Hahahaha!!!!!
  2. babyduck5

    F4U-5N, Guy Bordellon, Korea 1953 FINISHED

    Great job with the build. Its looking good. I would also like to get the conversion set. Jim
  3. Well, Free Time Hobbies has the Lanc for Pre-Order. The site has the retail at $360.00 with their price being $329.98. I couldn't stop what happened next My e-mail said "summer 2018" release, so that's right around the corner, right? I CAN"T WAIT!!! Jim
  4. babyduck5

    KH P51H????

    Very sexy plane. I would definitely get a couple if they are accurate. Jim
  5. babyduck5

    Tamiya's next 1:32 release will be....(your bet goes here)

    I can't imagine all the love for the F4F Wildcat. It must be one of the ugliest planes of WW2 and reminds me of the Brewster Buffalo, another profile that only a mother could love . And I'm not sure that we really need ANOTHER Luftwaffe plane. It would be nice if it were the P-47, but I wouldn't mind the C.205 Veltro or even a Lavochkin La-9. At any rate, I can't wait to see what t is. Jim
  6. babyduck5

    New RF-8G pics

    Hi everyone, I just received my RF-8G conversion kit and I would like to comment on it: 1.) For shipping, it was wrapped in heavy shipping paper. All the seams were aligned and the ends were centered and matching. Being an "anal" Christmas present wrapper (just ask my wife, I use a ruler, haha), I appreciate the precise corners and attention to details. 2.) The handwritten delivery address was VERY neat and I love the neatness and script chosen. I have pictures, but can't get Photo-Shop to cooperate. 3.) The box was well packed. The time they took to ensure the contents arrived intact was commendable. It looks like I purchased an expensive Faberge Egg. Well packed. 4.) The castings and engineering were "EXQUISITE". If Tamiya had done resin, Fisher Model & Pattern is what it would look like. I cannot say enough about the fidelity of the castings. I have his B-58 intakes, RB-51 Red Baron kit, Sea Fury Kit and Space Shuttle Rocket Upgrades, and they are museum quality items. Anyway, I thought I would toss my 2 cents in for Paul. I LOVE Paul's products and will always look forward to purchasing what I can. Take Care, Jim
  7. babyduck5

    Spiteful MK 14 by Iconair

    Ordered mine on 11/13. It should be here shortly. I must say I NEVER thought in a million years there would be a Spiteful to come out. It is on my top 5 list and I couldn't be happier. And Graham has been wonderful in answering my questions on ordering this lovely aircraft. Jim
  8. I only have a few: 1.) F4U-5N 2.) P-51H 3.) F2G-1 4.) SR-71
  9. babyduck5

    Supermarine Spiteful 1:32 scale

    GAWD, that's a sexy plane!!! Man, I'm getting two, or three....maybe four. I cannot wait Jim
  10. babyduck5

    Tamiya Corsair...Is this crazy?

    Right, I plan on using the rear cockpit bulkhead from the Trumpeter kit and also cut out the turtle deck to replace it on the Tamiya. It seems do-able unless there is something I am not thinking through. Oh, well...we'll see. Jim
  11. Hey guys, Would this work ( using a Trumpeter F4U-1 canopy )? I have not seen this posted before and was wondering if it would be worth the trouble. I think that there was not a lot difference between the Birdcage and the -1D. What do you guys think? Jim
  12. babyduck5

    Flying your models.

    You mean something like this?
  13. babyduck5

    P-61B main gear doors

    Here is a couple of pics of Mid-Atlantic Air Museum's P-61B restoration. Take a look and see what you think: It's truely AMAZING what they are doing with their restoration. You should go take a look...and make a donation Jim
  14. babyduck5

    Thoughts on New Releases coming our way.

    I thought someone here was producing a 1/32 Spiteful? That is THE plane I'm waiting for. Yes, I know it has VERY limited markings, but DANG it is a very sexy airframe!!! ( More sexy than the P-51D! ) Jim
  15. babyduck5

    Volks P-51 shipping notice

    WooHoo!!! My updated UPS delivery date is now 7/18, next Wednesday And having looked at the Volks pics of the completed model, I must say that the shape, especially around the nose, looks very...um, well, like the real thing. Jim