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  1. I will be following with great interest! Managed to snap up the last in-stock AML Vb conversion from Hannants this morning after reading your post
  2. Nice, and thank you! I didn't realize there was a conversion set like that out there. That is indeed good news for a future project. Looking forward to seeing your build!
  3. Thanks for that Chuck, much appreciated. I think I'll be going that route, as you say, it's much easier checking for flaws before the paint job You'll love Mr Surfacer! Down that rabbit hole you go........
  4. It does indeed! I went through Chuck's post's looking for his technique, but for the life of me couldn't find it...Thank you sir!!
  5. @Anthony in NZ as an aside, as I know squat about your subject matter - but looking at the pic of the aircraft above, and your paint conundrum - that paint tone looks a lot like the violet tone that RLM75 has....
  6. The almost point-of-no-return! That's such phenomenal work there Anthony! I can almost feel your apprehension and excitement popping that on I went and bought myself some JB Weld at George Henry's after reading your post's about using it - I really like it, so thanks! Won't discuss the NZ asking price though... What do you use for your panel/rivet highlight mix? Gouache? Cheers, Iain
  7. Thanks Troy! Let me tell you, that tool I bought through you (D360E) has made life sooooooooo much easier! I really think it's the best purchase I've made for modelling in a VERY long time! I'm tempted to get the D550E though...
  8. @Anthony in NZ that's like the master asking his new, first-day apprentice for advice!! That being said, you're more than welcome, I love doing cockpits! Cheers, appreciate it! Iain
  9. Thanks John! My first 110 I built I SB ALL of the interior wiring looms......the look on my face must have been priceless when I buttoned it up and it was all gone Hence my approach this time....
  10. Superlative work! She is beautiful!
  11. Well, got the cockpit sort of sorted out, all the modification and scratch-building done. Painted up, and have started to assemble. That's the SB radio set and framing with some wiring attached. Unfortunately, not much of it gets seen once the cockpit is buttoned up and the sill gets placed.... MG-FF rack. Some pneumatic hoses and wiring installed, but not much else, it's all hidden from view mostly. Bordfunker position. Everything on the sidewall has been heavily modified or SB to reflect the C-3 variant It all starts disappearing once the fu
  12. Mind-boggling to think how much time and effort has gone into that fuselage that's in the last image. She's going to be beautiful! Those cans and ramps are something else as well! Nice, very nice!!
  13. Work on the IP's has finished, the interior scratch-building is completed, and the interior has received a layer of black primer and some silver for chipping work later, letting that dry properly before I throw chipping fluid and the RLM02 at it, hopefully over the weekend..... Here are some images of the IP's. By no means perfect, but I think a little more 3D than the AM stuff I had for it. These are the panels before mating. Rears are card with punched inserts, and @airscale decals applied over the inserts. Faces in the IP were all drilled/punched out to match. The 2 larger p
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