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Seafire FR.47 Conversion


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209mpg.jpgy6Gwmi.jpgFor those out of the 'Spitfire Loop' The Mk.XVI was a cut down  Mk.IX with a Packard built Merlin.  From Front to tail, Fuselage Frame #5 lines up, Frame #5 is also known as the engine firewall (this had asbestos sandwiched between two sheets of material) Then going back to Frame #11 This Frame is at the Cockpit door aft edge, This is the forward fuselage.  Then from frame #11 to frame #19 (19 is just in front of the Horizontal Tail) this is what they call the Main Fuselage.

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Having gone through this trial of a build , might I suggest having a word with 




A replacement Prop, Tail and engine cowlings will make huge difference to the look of the final model 



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