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  1. I would do but you won't ship to the UK
  2. That was my last update, a year ago!
  3. Jan, i'll get a set of IPs to finish off my cockpit i've already used all your parts in!
  4. Real Models CZ sell thems. https://realmodel.cz/index.php?page=shop.product_details&flypage=flypage.tpl&product_id=639&category_id=46&option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=79&redirected=1&Itemid=79
  5. Perfect reference as well, thanks for this Andreas!
  6. I got mine the other day, my first thought was the cockpit looks very shallow? The control sidewalls aren't very tall compared to the bottom of the seat pan. Not too fussed, this one is just a cool thing to have on the shelf, not a perfection model.
  7. Kittyhawk managed to do a 48th -B and Italeri managed to do a 32nd -A so it might not be as hard as you think.
  8. Breaker


    I'm sure your feedback will at the top of Oleksii's list at the moment, considering they're a Ukrainian company.
  9. Is that a blanking cover for the locating screw I can see there Jan?
  10. Trumpeter. You can do the A/B/D and it'll go on the kit. Tamiya is only the A without external
  11. Jan, you may as well make your own F-15 3DP kit at this rate!
  12. Jan, you've gotta stop this. I spent ages correcting one fuel tank and then you do this... ahahah.
  13. I'm not that impressed with them if I'm honest. Ordered 2 as soon as possible in the pre-order phase on the understanding that "We'll only EVER make 500". Then I find out, they're not making 500, they're doing 1000, in which case I wouldn't have got two in the first phase. Then it turns out the second run are getting extra parts (tow bar, ladder) that the intial order aren't getting (until the first 500 complain). Packaging for an international box was naff as well, mine turned up wet and damaged which could have been avoided and I'm still waiting my second one when they're talking about the second batch!?!
  14. Breaker


    I've got a lot of their stuff, it's mostly excellent. Few bits I haven't been happy with has been the GBU-38s not coming with the standard fuse and the way they where molded. Some of the wheels they produce for set kits just seem to be generic rather than tailored to fit but that's common enough with AM wheels it seems.
  15. Roy, they're for the Tamiya kit. i've opened a new thread with some pictures.
  16. Yeah, I ordered them all from Mike Jolly at MJR Models in Bolton. Has an online store.
  17. I ordered two at the same time and I've heard... nothing
  18. Well, I'm pausing my current build for these extra parts now!
  19. Well, I've got a set and I spent some time removing the pour blocks and test fitting. Thoughts + Cans are the correct size and fill the space well. + Detail is really good, should be easy to pick out with paint. - The Turbine section / Exhaust Tube section don't fit together well at all. Considering this is CAD, I can't figure that one out. - The box are shows the exhausts have a slot milled in the side to accept the kit part to locate them. This doesn't exist on the actual parts and there's no location aids out the box. - I get the feeling they'll need to be fully painted and installed before the kits gets fully built. Going to do some more test fitting with a stalled F-4E and if there's enough interest, I'll upload some photos.
  20. All, I'm looking at building an F-16E and I've found a reference with it carrying AIM-9 on station3/7. I can't find any information on what the pylon setup would be, can anyone help me out? I can see the AIM-9 is mounted on an older style F-16 pylon that KASL supply but don't know how that's attached to the fuselage. TIA.
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