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  1. Yeah, came to say this. There's a load of posts and the beginnings of a build over on ARC. All in this thread
  2. I've got 2 on the way, so it's gonna suck regardless!
  3. Let me know what the customs hit is gonna be? Mines in the low 600s so it'll be soon.
  4. I don't think so. I modified mine so that I could put the gear in after I'd painted the plane and it's still going strong. Just remove the side pegs and glue it firmly in place on the tab that's left.
  5. PM sent for a couple of sets. I've been considering doing some CAD for a while on the Brit F-4s, I might be able to supplement this set with some smaller parts as well like the UK fin cap.
  6. Got this conversion, be interested to see how it goes!
  7. There's a AJ 37 at Newark Air Museum as well still in Quadricolour/Splinter.
  8. Been waiting for these, ordered!
  9. Harold at AMS does a Aero 1C 150, I used it on my build if you need one.
  10. Is that the same intake that comes with the kit just seamless or the differently sized intake for a different block?
  11. Jan, could I suggest BOL rails if your going down this route? Plenty of aircraft have them as an upgrade and not many options out there. Latest Italeri Tornado could do with them for certain!
  12. The GT Resin pylons are nothing to shout about, I've got a set and probably won't use them!
  13. Tamiya already do them in the 'Marine' boxing with a fully bombed up F-4, as opposed to the normal boxing o the -J with it flying over the sea.
  14. Jan, have you thought about doing F-15 launch rails, MSOG vents if your on the Eagle build?
  15. Try the QMT exhausts for the Revell kit. Really well cast, not expensive and fit really well. I don't trust the GT Resin stuff, too many bad experiences both myself and what others have received.
  16. Drewe I've got the wolfpack set with the fat pylon, want any photos of that at all?
  17. I've got reference photos showing all sorts. Going with the underside colour isn't a bad call though, a lot of my photos seem to show that.
  18. There's also all the parts in the kit to backdate to GR1 just about.
  19. Not sure yet, I've got quite a few decal sheets I was planning for the Revell kit, so we'll see which one takes my fancy!
  20. Yeah, I've intentionally gone 'spanish school' on the undercarriage to really make the detail more obvious. It's not realistic but I think once it's all finished, it'll make the detail more visible than if I'd just mono-toned it all.
  21. So far I've kept it onpoint with each area I've built up so far. I've also built up the tanks, pylons and sensors but I'll post photos when they're a bit more meaningful. Critique The weapons included with the kit are rubbish. The profile on the Mk82 bodies that make up the Paveway IV looks well off to my eye and I won't be using them. There's no RAF Litening III targeting pod included which is so far only avaliable from @wunwinglow as a 3DP part. No Brimstone missiles or launcher. The AIM-9s are acceptable, I'll be replacing with Eduard/Zacto though, as I've got plenty of stock. There's no TERMA MCP updated pod which came out in 2008 and I feel should have been included as it became the default pod in the majority of my references in the later stages of the Tornados career. I thought I could use the kit part to modify but having looked into the dimensions, it's not that simple and it'll need an aftermarket replacement...(OHH TIIMMMMMMMM). The kit only comes with the larger RAF tanks, it would have been nice to get the smaller standard tanks as well - I imagine when Italeri release a German/Italian verision, they'll be present. Most of the parts have micro flash on all the edges and it'll mess up the fit if it's not removed. It's only a couple of swipes of a sharp knife to remove but it's present, some areas worse than others.
  22. Intakes. One of my least favourite parts so far. All four parts that make up the main trunking had really deep EJ pin marks and didn't quite fit together nicely. Whilst this was a speed build, I didn't want seam lines present so CA + Pigment was used to get rid of the worst of it, then thick coats of Badger primer to fill in inperfections and sanding marks. Italeri give you a PE piece for the blade in the port intake but I didn't want to have to fight to bend it and use CA to glue it in place. I used it as a template for a plastic card replacement and used a Tamiya scriber to deepen the slot for it. 5 minute job that saved me getting pissed off with it. I'm very impressed with the fit of the blow in doors and the intake/fuselage fit. Especially compared to the Revell effort of - Nothing!
  23. Exhausts. I couldn't be bothered trying to fight some really nasty EJ pin marks inside the exhaust, so I cheated and just boarded over the top. Benefit is stronger/sharper detail inside the exhaust and a smoother finish. My photos on this section are poor if I'm honest, but I'm happy with the outcome. There's some nasty seam lines on show in a couple of areas but with the nozzle piece in place as well, fair hard to see, especially inside a a dark tube.
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