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Seafire FR.47 Conversion


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Hi. Good project. Mine is stalled because of a lack of info regarding the LG wells. The Greymatter nose does not mate the Revell fuselage as the cross sections are noticeably different. It was actually done for the Hasegawa kit. The Iconicair one is a far better option. I'm also hoping your Mastercasters resin pit is not underscaled as all the sets I saw were too small! I had to use plastic shims everywhere to use it. And finally tons of elements have still to be added. Indeed if there were not many differences between a Mk.IX and a Mk.24 cockpit, the FR47 was far more crowded. I should go back to that one!


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Hello there thierry!

  A little from this, something from that, and a bit from the other.:coolio:

 I'm going to use the Mk.24 to fill in the gaps, like the gear bay detail. The wing of the Mk.24 and the Fr.47 look the same from the outside, except for the wing fold.

   My guess is they didn't change the internal structure all that much. Anyway, as the pilot in the movie The Battle Of Britain said, "Get that bowser

  out of here, We'll go with what we got!

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