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  1. Frame 11 needs a notch so it can sit back.
  2. Hi, If you had to decide which color(s) to use in the cockpit, would it be green or black? Or, we can't decide on which one so lets go with both? Green lower half, Black Upper half! I read the gear struts were 4.5 inches longer, and the wheel track was widened by 7.25 inches on the FR.47
  3. Hello there thierry! A little from this, something from that, and a bit from the other. I'm going to use the Mk.24 to fill in the gaps, like the gear bay detail. The wing of the Mk.24 and the Fr.47 look the same from the outside, except for the wing fold. My guess is they didn't change the internal structure all that much. Anyway, as the pilot in the movie The Battle Of Britain said, "Get that bowser out of here, We'll go with what we got!
  4. After Cleaning up the inside a little, we can see what the side panel looks like.......The idea is to get what looks like TWO side panels,
  5. I was(am), blown away by the intricate detail on these radiator screens. Can't wait to put them in. (they will fit) Thank you guys!
  6. This is a good look at the panel lines.....
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