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1/32 HKM Avro Lancaster Mk.I Finished!

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Hi guys,


The Lancaster is finished - sort of :unsure: - more on that later. So, in the quest to reduce the large pile of kit boxes in my stash, I decided to open the largest of the boxes and out popped a Lancaster! Built mostly from the box except for the Eduard Zoom instrument panel and some LED lights from Amazon. I figured that though I wasn't going to do any super-detailing in the interior, a little mood lighting would help show off what is there. The kit mostly fell together, good engineering from HKM except for a weird fit issue sliding the inner nacelles into the wing. In retrospect I did deviate from the instructions slightly during wing construction so that was probably the cause. Dang that old operator error thing!


Painting this massive beast was a chore and challenge (see me recent thread on MRP clear coats). I ran out of British Interior Green in my fave MM so I mixed up a substitute from a test order from True North. I will not be ordering any more paint from them - nuff said. Exterior colors are MRP, first time using them and I like the base colors. I did have an issue with the clear coating where it has been theorized I had an episode of blushing due to high temps/humidity when I sprayed the final flat coat. Managed to fix that (mostly) and except for a few areas it actually enhanced the weathering effects (to my eyes anyway). I do have a few spots to touch up but I'm putting this in the done column until I can muster the courage to do the fixes.


Here she is:








The sheer size of this thing makes photographing difficult!




You can see a little of the blushing below the cockpit that I wasn't quite able to rescue.






More pics coming. Thanks for looking!





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More pics:




Gotta touch up the gun barrels :blink:




Cockpit with mood lighting on!








Kit detail in the wheel wells is pretty nice.




I hid the battery pack for the lights here in the bomb bay so I can access the switch and can change batteries when needed. I do need to find some black tape though!





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That looks absolutely brilliant and you don’t see many built. If I may (and to be corrected) is the main gear tyres and the grey. I know their not true black but I’m not sure grey misting is the answer:sorry:
Apart from that, that’s a competition winner:clap2:

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impressive beast


i like the exhaust staining - what paints and colours did you use?


the cookie weathering looks a bit 'samey', and should it have that seam line on the end?


glad you got there after the clear coat troubles - must be very satisfying!


thanks for sharing



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On 10/8/2020 at 4:31 PM, vvwse4 said:

Hi Mark,


I like this a lot, beautifull Lancaster!!




Thanks Rick!


On 10/8/2020 at 5:26 PM, aircommando130 said:

Awesome! Bomber Harris would be proud!




Thanks Ron!


On 10/8/2020 at 7:30 PM, Reuben L. Hernandez said:

Very nice, very nice indeed! Just today, I just so happen to acquire one of these beast, I wasn't looking for one, but one fell in my lap, so I had to get it.


It's a nice fairly relaxed build - you'll enjoy it. Thanks Reuben!


On 10/9/2020 at 2:40 AM, MikeMaben said:

Looks good Cap'n  :speak_cool:


Thanks Mike!

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