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  1. Beautiful build!! If you want to know more about this bomb group you should read Jay Stouts Air Apaches, it is a brilliant book.
  2. Great I like this a lot. Envy your skills on the Silhouette. This plane was originally intended to go to the RAF. As far as I know it was standard RAF to have the mark on both sides if the vertical stabilazor. All the pictures I have seen from Manchester and Lancaster bombers have the same. You see the double mark also on B25 Mitchells from this period. Look forward to more. Rick.
  3. The green hue was an attempt too make black less black....it did not work out as I thought it would but I did not wanted to start all over. In the end it will be not visible so I just let it be this way.
  4. Thank you! Haven't decided yet, first get this thing together I guess.
  5. Nice!! Decals are not my favourite either, I usually try to avoid them. But these are looking good to me!!
  6. Calling the cockpit done. Offcourse most of it will be inviseble but I know it is there. DSCN2397 by Rick Martens, on Flickr DSCN2398 by Rick Martens, on Flickr DSCN2399 by Rick Martens, on Flickr DSCN2405 by Rick Martens, on Flickr DSCN2400 by Rick Martens, on Flickr DSCN2402 by Rick Martens, on Flickr DSCN2404 by Rick Martens, on Flickr When I was dryfitting the wing I stumbled on this DSCN2407 by Rick Martens, on Flickr DSCN2410 by Rick Martens, on Flickr DSCN2408 by Rick Martens, on Flickr I think I have to cut away the marked pieces but could it be I made a mistake somewhere on the line? DSCN2406 by Rick Martens, on Flickr The dial for the arrestor hook filling point is also done exept for the clear part. I have been thinking about the load under the wing. I was thinking of putting two TER with 6 MK82 Snake eyes with the long fuses on the inboard pylons, the tanks on the outboard pylons. On the center a SER with four MK84 ( I found them on the Eduard site and I figured they were close enough to a MK83 ) Is that close to reallity? Hope you like it. Rick.
  7. I have been going through this post and the only thing I can come up with is WOW........beautifull
  8. Looks great!! How did you painted the handels from the ejection seats?
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