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  1. Great show Anthony!! Looks like you also work with the main principle one step forward two steps back.......but it will be very rewarding in the end!! Look forward to more Rick
  2. I am still on this one, progres the usual snale pace I am aftraid. Painted the anti glare panel and made a start with the rear of the plane. A lot of masking involved but not to bad when I took it off. Also been working on the payload, mostly decalling. So this is where I am at the moment. Still tons of work to do. Hope you like it, Rick
  3. This is outstanding!!! Looking forward to the paintjob, kinda hoping you make a frontline, that is very weathered, Tempest. Enjoy your updates a lot!! Rick
  4. Hi Albert, I see the problem. At the end of the centerline there are two little panels which come out to give the centerline more stabilazation in flight ( I wonder if that is correct English? ) I want to use those two panels to fix the centerline a bit more better. Hope this helps. Love your build, Rick
  5. Hi Mark, I like this a lot, beautifull Lancaster!! Rick
  6. For something you say is so bad this looks very good!! I wonder how a good model looks like...
  7. Hi Albert, Looking great and that is a major stencilling job. I often wonder do they fly or read those planes? Rick
  8. Looking great Anthony, another smooth joint from the guy who never sleeps! Rick
  9. Thanks, You cannot get any worse with computers and printers than me so no problem for you I guess. But it sure looks nice when done. The inspiration you get from me is the same as I get from your build!! Cheers Rick
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