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  1. Hi Anthony, Just like Chuck said, take a break, look the other way for a while and come back when you start missing it. I have allways kits in different stages lying around, no sweat. Just start on the landing gear or something like that? Cheers Rick
  2. Yes another one!!! I like the launch diorama, a lot of action there!!
  3. Hi Anthony, Great work as usual. Maybe use a empty beercan for the vents? Cheers Rick
  4. Hi Anthony, First a Happy New Year hope you will have a blast!! The intakes look great, al lot of work payed off!! Do not get too much distracted with all the 3D stuff! Cheers Rick
  5. Happy New Year for you too, great to see you hammering away on the zipper!
  6. Brilliant work Anthony, you are detailling stuff I do not even see at first glance. Love it. Rick
  7. Wonderful work Fozzy, this is outstanding work. Glad to see that this one will go on display it is a joy to watch. Rick
  8. Great great Tempest what a beautifull build. The last mile is always the longest right? Good luck with the zipper, it is a nice model. Cheers Rick
  9. Hi Ben, Thank you for the kind words. I want to give the masks another try, I want to cut them out of Tamiya tape this time, if that fails I want to use decals and use your kind offer. But first restore the parts that were spoiled yesterday. Rick
  10. Hi Albert, Thanks for the kind words. I guess I was quite frustrated yesterday, but hey this is fun right? The mask are more difficult when you applie them in a curve or a bending, a flat surface is not that difficult. I will figure it out someday. Rick
  11. Hi Chuck, I sure sucks. I have an idea to restore it. After sanding I give it a coat of medium gray and after that a light gray coat. For the undersite I will use the light gray coat first before applying the white. Something like that will work, although I must take care not to make sharp edges. What do you think? Cheers Rick
  12. Hi Anthony, I promise I won't bin it, thank you for the kind words. Will get back to it in a few days, if work permits. Rick
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