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  1. Hi Anthony, Like I said before wish I could make something I hate to do look that good. Glad to see you back on this one. Reminds me of the SOB which is staring at me for the last year on the SOD......... Look forward to much more. Cheers Rick
  2. Hi Anthony, Nice too see you back and with a good looking Mustang. Cheers Rick
  3. You will probably have seen this one but for the sake of interest a nice Stirling site. https://stirlingproject.org.uk/ Rick
  4. Hi Anthony, Sucks man, hope you are getting better. Too bad about the car but that is only a tin can on wheels, glad you and your son are ok. There was a thing with cockpits I remember....... Cheers Rick
  5. A great project. The wingleader issue is a must have for this one. Rick.
  6. I wish I could make something I hate look that good!! Great show Anthony keep it up!! Cheers Rick
  7. Took a deep breath and started the decals option. And offcourse things went wrong......the funniest thing happend when I noticed that below the underside of the stars and bars decal the paint became sticky. Somehow the paint dissolved and the layers underneath became visible. Let everything dry for a night and I might be able to fix that with a brush. Als I had to puncture the big decal because it would not settle down after the first time. Used up most of my Micro Sol, waiting for a new bottle, this works better than the mr Mark I used before. The damage on the decal can be fixed I think. On the other hand I am having a good time adding all the stencilling, looks cool. So I am getting somewhere, finally. Cheers Rick
  8. Hi Anthony, Looking great from where I am. SOD not an option, however it might be mighty tempting so every now and then, I know. Look forward to more. Cheers Rick
  9. Great show as usual, glad to see that the cockpit parts are on the table!! Wonder what you make out from the Quinta parts, I have been reading a lot of good things about them. Cheesr Rick.
  10. I am too stubborn to do that, no way a piece of plastic will win.
  11. Ok back to the drawningboard I guess.
  12. Tried one decal last night , I have the AOA set and used mrMark softner to let it blend in. It didn't soften the decal but melted it. Is that stuff too strong? Anyone else have the same problems with that? Anyway, had to sand everything down anyway so only a few hours spent...... Cheers Rick
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