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  1. I like the N model Huey! Yours is looking really good. I like the AF version in the spotted leopard scheme. Great job so far. Cheers...Ron
  2. Awesome Corsair! The south Pacific has weathered it well! Cheers...Ron
  3. Gorgeous Phantom! Love that Greek blue scheme! Cheers...Ron
  4. Great looking mustang. I had a red 66 fastback way back. Have an 88 GT that looks like a 93 Cobra now. My sister had a 68 fastback that was that pretty turquois color. Great job on that 67 and the story that goes along with it! Car building is fun! Cheers...Ron
  5. Very sorry to hear about your mom. That's a tough way to go. Glad you're back as well. Cheers...Ron
  6. I have that kit as well. It is big! Cheers...Ron
  7. If the details are quite right you can build the one that recently ditched in the ocean! Tails and empty cockpit sitting in the foaming water...LOL! Cheers...Ron
  8. I have the 1/200 USS Enterprise and Arizona to build. Both of those are pretty big. The Yamato will be a head turner too! Cheers...Ron
  9. That's an awesome Flanker! Those cockpit decals are really awesome too! "Let's Go Ukraine" Cheers...Ron
  10. Me too....and brush painting that southeast asia camouflage! Cheers...Ron
  11. I'm not a fan of these new stealthy gray jets (after years of watching the F-4 fly) But you did a fantastic job on that Lockheed built F-35. The paint differential really brings it to life! Great job as always! Cheers...Ron
  12. That's a great looking D model Tom! It does get some bad publicity, but it looks like a Liberator when done. I have that same kit with some aftermarket parts as well. Want to build mine up as a Carpetbagger black liberator. Great job! Cheers...Ron
  13. Awesome work so far! "Let's Go Ukraine" Cheers...Ron
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