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  1. aircommando130

    Best F-4G Conversion

    I have the cutting edge F-4E sets and the F-4G set...also the GT Resin sets for the F-4E and G plus intakes and exhaust nozzles...ejection seats...wheels...Pave Spike pod...metal pitot tubes...decals...decals...decals....crewmembers....photo flash doors....gun pods....Israeli refueling probe....Oh my.....I'm a Phantom addict..... Cheers...Ron
  2. aircommando130

    Big Scale Weasels!!

    Sweet 16 and the 90th TFS! Sweet! Jumping like my Jack Russell!!!! 57th FIS F-4E in the gray and checkerboard stripes would be cool too! Cheers...Ron
  3. aircommando130

    Some civvies in 1/72

    Love the AN-2....reminds me of 5 O'clock Charlie on MASH! The Rotodyne is pretty impressive too!
  4. aircommando130

    Some of my Russian Jets

    Like them all but especially the MIG-25 in a camouflage paint scheme. I was at Yokota AB, Japan when the MIG-25 made it's escape! The AFRES C-5 squadron got to go get it cause our C-5 crew wasn't crew rested!
  5. aircommando130

    Trumpeter Liberators on facebook

    It's just a "consolidated mess"....LOL!
  6. aircommando130

    A-7 D Corsair II Pennsylvania ANG

    I always liked the A-7....great job! You hid the Trumpeter intake problem well with the cover and open radome! Don't see that paint scheme very often. The NM Guard here at Kirtland have an A-7D on a stick in the gray/gray paint with bombs on the pylons. Cheers....Ron
  7. aircommando130

    A6M2b, 1:32, Tamiya

    I agree with that....and "well built model" would also include Ukrainian women! Oh...and that is a really impressive Zero! I need to buy that one...I jumped on the A6M5 when it first came out but they are mostly green/gray.... Cheers....Ron
  8. aircommando130

    1/48 KC-130J Harvest Hawk Done

    Did you have any issues with the Attack Squadron engines going to the wings? Too bad they dropped their resin line...they had some pretty nice stuff for the old Herk!
  9. aircommando130

    Fisher A-1E

    Wow! That's cool! Great job! Cheers...Ron
  10. aircommando130

    P-51D Dio

    In my book that's a first rate dio! I have some of those ZM figures to use with my 1/32 B-17F. That PSP base is very nice too...it's the little things that grab your eye and get you to really look and get the big picture of what's happening. Great job! Cheers...Ron
  11. aircommando130

    1/48 KC-130J Harvest Hawk Done

    That is a very nice KC-J! I have a bunch of the Attack Squadron J upgrades so I can build a MC-130J. You were talking about the flaps...on the "legacy" MC-130 I flew when we turned off the runway the flaps were retracted and we taxied to parking. I had noticed that the MC/HC-130J's here at Kirtland left them down and parked. I asked about it and they said on the J they leave the flaps down so maintenance and the loadmaster can do their preflight inspection under the wing/flapwell and check for flap rubs. So you could of added them to yours. Anyway...not a dig just more info. Great job on a great airplane! Cheers...Ron C-5A/B, C-130E, MC-130P, MC-130H
  12. aircommando130

    Something different - carrier deck display base!

    I will second that request!!
  13. aircommando130

    Something different - carrier deck display base!

    Your flight deck looks really good! What...no Japanese kill flags on the Hellcat?? Add a pilot and a couple deck crew and that will be something to see! Cheers....Ron
  14. aircommando130

    My big scales models

    WOW! That is a big collection of Harriers! Did a great job on the Mirage and the IAF Nesher as well! Cheers....Ron
  15. aircommando130

    1/32 Tamiya F4-Phantom show time 100

    I have always loved the Phantom since I saw it for the first time! Big...loud and just reeked of "I am a badass". The back bone of the US military for a lot of years and several other countries too! I flew with some flight engineers that cross trained from being F-4 maintenance and proudly showed their "Phantom Bite" scars. Great job on a Phabulous Phantom!