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  1. Wow! That's awesome! Well worn but carrying the fight to the Japanese in the Pacific! Cheers...Ron
  2. Sorry for your loss Jennings. I cried more when my boy Aaron passed last year then when my dad passed away. They don't stay with us long enough but they get very attached. Lulu is gone from your life but never from your heart. She's waiting for you at Rainbow Bridge. Thoughts are with you my friend...Ron
  3. That's awesome! Looks so real I can almost smell the JP-4 exhaust (Navy used a different flavor but I'm AF) The A-6 really hauled it to the Iraqi's during Desert Storm. I saw the A-6 that flew through a SA-2 blast that made an emergency landing at ArAr, Saudi Arabia. Cheers....Ron
  4. That's awesome! Saw those fly at Edwards when my dad was stationed there. Our next door neighbor was Major Jerry Gentry...a lifting body test pilot! Love that representation of Rogers Dry Lake too! Cheers...Ron
  5. WOW! That's awesome! Put her on a PSP base with some mud and a little ice and snow in the holes it would be in Korea! Love the absolute beat up look but they had to keep them flying in those harsh conditions! I've been all over South Korea and it definitely gets cold! What....hearing the MASH theme song now! Cheers...Ron
  6. That's awesome Tom! You're Ki-45 was an awesome build too!With this virus "house arrest" I'm reading the biography of Admiral Ray Spruance! May brave the elements later and go to Taco Bell for a large Baja Blast Mt. Dew! I give it 2 Banzai's! Cheers....Ron
  7. Awesome build! Does it come with a 1/200 Steven Seagal? "I'm just a cook" Cheers...Ron
  8. It should have a Ford 351W engine it! "just sayin" Cheers...Ron
  9. Me too! And I remember seeing them real....dang I'm getting old! Cheers...Ron
  10. That's awesome! Metal finish is so real...I always admire builders that can do that! P-47 is such a great airplane too! Cheers...Ron
  11. That's awesome! Looks really real! I remember the AF A-7D flying at Edwards in the test team and later seeing them at DM...pre A-10 days!! Cheers...Ron
  12. That's awesome Tom! I give it "three Banzai's"!!!! I spent most of my career flying the Pacific so I really like WWII Japanese aircraft. What's the status of your big B-17? Great job on that Ki-45! Cheers...Ron
  13. That is one good looking Zero! I give it "two Banzai's"!!!!! Cheers...Ron!
  14. That F-80 did turn out nice! Like the F-18D as well. All are great looking builds! Cheers...Ron
  15. Beautiful builds! Really like the Corsair...Oscar...Tony...hellcat....and the rest.... Cheers...Ron
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