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  1. Looks like a "Flight 19" Avenger made it home! Glad nobody was hurt! Cheers...Ron
  2. WOW! That's awesome! I have read that the A-6 is another one of Trumpeters best efforts. Very nice display on the deck as well. Cheers...Ron
  3. Didn't the Israeli Air Force has some input about the slats on the F-4E as well? Cheers...Ron
  4. Wouldn't you just love to go spend a weekend in St. Louis rummaging through the old McDonnell Douglas archives! Probably not there since Boeing owns it now but still.... Cheers....Ron
  5. I bet it was very cool being a young Air Force Lt. flying an A-1 Skyraider out of Thailand! Cheers....Ron
  6. Very impressive! I built that Stuka about 45 years ago too. Was a huge airplane. Had it hanging from my barracks room ceiling. I have been thinking about getting another after seeing all these great 1/24 scale build lately. Great job! Cheers...Ron
  7. Awesome! Different scheme for a cool Rufe. I did laugh at "flew once....then crashed" though! Cheers...Ron
  8. I was a loadmaster on new "A" model C-5's at Travis AFB. I thought the old girl looked really good in the white/gray paint with the big black radome. Picked up several brand new "B" models at the factory before I went over to the C-130.
  9. Oh wow! Yep retired at Kirtland...got hired at Lockheed at Kirtland teaching MC-130P then I swapped over to MC-130H loadmaster training. Those are long gone from here so now I'm over at the 415th SOS as a mission scheduler for the MC/HC-130J. Fun still hangin out with the fella's...some I trained in the Shadow/Talon II. I bet you miss a good Blake's green chili burger! Cheers..Ron
  10. That turned out awesome! It really needs a parking spot base with a couple maintenance guys and a crewmember or two getting ready to go fly! I have the 32nd F to build. Hope it turns out half as nice as yours! Great job! Cheers....Ron
  11. "We now end our broadcast day"...followed by reading "high Flight" with a T-38 doing aerobatics...then a static screen..... Cheers...Ron
  12. Jennings I love the RF-4C in the gray/white paint scheme! I have 2 Revell RF's... one for sure in that paint....not sure for the other! Awesome to see that drawing! Cheers...Ron
  13. My dad flew F-104's and I crewed the C-5A/B, C-130E, MC-130P, MC-130H and worked/flew for Lockheed for 13 years. So I'm kinda partial to Lockheed products... Great start by the way! Cheers...Ron
  14. Awesome! Put that in a parking spot and it would be real! I really hope they do a GR1....have a soft spot for the RAF Tornado guys that flew in Desert Storm! Cheers....Ron
  15. The L-1011 was such a great looking airplane....built by Lockheed! No matter what livery it looked good....Eastern Air Lines is my favorite though! Will be watching... Cheers....Ron
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