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  1. That's awesome Tom! I give it "three Banzai's"!!!! I spent most of my career flying the Pacific so I really like WWII Japanese aircraft. What's the status of your big B-17? Great job on that Ki-45! Cheers...Ron
  2. That is one good looking Zero! I give it "two Banzai's"!!!!! Cheers...Ron!
  3. That F-80 did turn out nice! Like the F-18D as well. All are great looking builds! Cheers...Ron
  4. Beautiful builds! Really like the Corsair...Oscar...Tony...hellcat....and the rest.... Cheers...Ron
  5. Fantastic builds! Really like those P-40's Cheers...Ron
  6. That's awesome! Love those Mustangs and Corsairs!! Cheers...Ron
  7. Wow! Those are some nice early aviation airplanes! No radar...GPS...oxygen or TCAS and they made it home! Amazing! Glad your eye surgery was a success too! Cheers...Ron
  8. The A6M5 is always hard to model...green on top...gray bottom with a black cowling...yawn. But...you have done a fantastic job bringing that model Zero to life! Love the rivet highlights and slight exhaust stains and paint fading/chipping. Again...Fantastic job! Cheers...Ron
  9. Beautiful Tomcat! Very worn and spot painted and mean looking like a Tomcat should! Thank you President Reagan for turning "the military loose" to defend freedom again! Cheers...Ron USAF OCT 74-FEB 99
  10. I have a 32nd SA-2 built I could put beside it! Cheers...Ron
  11. Awesome! Great looking Hellcat....The IJN really regretted "waking the sleeping giant" on 7 DEC 41 when the Hellcat showed up to the party! Cheers...Ron
  12. That's awesome! One of my Phavorite Phighters! Can't go wrong with that McDonnell Douglas product! Cheers...Ron
  13. A Seiran or a E13A Jake...how about both!! Cheers...Ron
  14. Awesome! Very realistic with the concrete dust and rebar busted out! The end is near for the Japanese Empire! Cheers...Ron
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