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  1. WooHoo….is "Little Miss Mischief" back on the bench?????
  2. Getting closer to paint! Yesterday was the 72nd anniversary of supersonic flight at Muroc AFB...before it became Edwards AFB. "Got any Beeman's".... Cheers...Ron
  3. I like the "101"...but a 106 would be awesome!
  4. Would love some accurate decals! Would have to keep it on the DL!! LOL!
  5. That's awesome! I think the crew chief would get a talkin too for having a dirty jet...back then that was the crew chiefs jet...he just let the pilot barrow it! Still...metal finish is awesome! Cheers...Ron
  6. With the 72nd anniversary of supersonic flight coming up...I wish somebody would make the "Glamorous Glennis" decals for the X-1 again! I have Chuck's autograph twice...once with the X-1 I got when my dad was at Edwards and later with him by the F-20 Tigershark. I had heard that his new wife wanted $$$ for everything Chuck Yeager so the decal companies pulled that nose art. It's clipped out of my decal sheet. It's history...give it back to us!!! "Put the spurs to her Chuck" RANT SWITHCH..."OFF"
  7. You are living the Flight Test Center motto..."Towards the Unknown"
  8. Will look almost like the NF-104A on a "stick" in front of the USAF Test Pilot School at Edwards now.
  9. The 104 is really looking good! Can you imagine trying to hold that camera steady pulling G's and going Mach 1+!! Cheers...Ron
  10. Wow! Super nice Tornado! I got to like the Tornado during Desert Shield/Storm. I bought probably that same kit to build as a RAF desert bird but my dog decided to chew up the box and ate the canopy! Cheers...Ron
  11. Reno warbird racer's are so cool! Looks cool with external tanks too! Cheers...Ron
  12. WOW! Very nice 105...the work horse of the air war in Southeast Asia till they shot most of them down! Loved that hard light afterburner and watching it turn JP-4 into noise! Great job! Cheers...Ron
  13. That looks really good! Nice to see some color on a normal drab gray scheme! Cheers...Ron
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