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  1. b757captain

    Great Wall Hobby P-40B Tomahawk in 1/32

    Everyone seems to be missing the grand prize here: If GWH is indeed embarking on the first of (hopefully) many 1/32 subjects, they have already done, in 1/48th (so the CAD + engineering is mostly done) an: Wait for it: Devastator!!!!! Come on GWH, the time is now. Cheers, Mark
  2. b757captain

    1/32 KH T-28C in plaid!

    Thanks Dan!
  3. b757captain

    1/32 KH T-28C in plaid!

    Thanks guys!
  4. b757captain

    1/32 KH T-28C in plaid!

    Thanks guys!
  5. b757captain

    1/32 KH T-28C in plaid!

    Thanks guys!
  6. b757captain

    1/32 KH T-28C in plaid!

    Thanks Kev! Thanks Brian! Thanks Ron!
  7. b757captain

    1/32 KH T-28C in plaid!

    More pics: Thanks for looking! Mark
  8. b757captain

    1/32 KH T-28C in plaid!

    Hi guys, I finally got the KH T-28 finished. I was somewhat overwhelmed with the color/decal options in the kit and at the same time underwhelmed at the options. I settled on the target tug scheme but during the painting process I kept thinking there are so many different colors it's like painting plaid! The kit: Built straight from the box with a few additions/changes. I added the G Factor gear and fixed what I thought were the two biggest visual failures of the kit. One was to fix the flaps when in the down positions. Most photos I found showed the flaps down on the ground for pilot access to the cockpit. KH did not offer a flap down option and if done the kit setup with the flaps down is completely wrong. I did a write-up on this here: https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/76309-kh-t-28-flap-fix-not-a-full-build-thread/&tab=comments#comment-1067220 Second was to fix the forward canopy orientation when posed open. The real aircraft has very prominent tubular rails for the canopy slides on both the forward and rear canopies. KH depicts these rather anemically on the cockpit sidewalls. on the full size aircraft the forward canopy leading edge is angled up when open whereas KH will have it flat. So, a little work with some plastic rod and all fixed. I don't think I got the canopy angled up enough but to my eye it looks much better. The rest of the kit is a good build with a few foibles noted on other guys' builds. Paints are Tamiya and Mr. Color throughout and the kit decals went on very nicely. I never could definitively determine if this paint scheme had the protective paint on the fuselage to cover exhaust stains so instead I just depicted exhaust stains. Kinda hard to tell the difference! On to the pics: More to come, Thanks! Mark
  9. b757captain

    Chaotic Skies..Are YOU in one of these !

    If BAL is for balloon, what is he H? Helium? Or Hydrogen? Just wondering.
  10. b757captain

    SB Deal of the Day

    Heads up for those interested: Sprue Bros Deal of the Day - 1/32 Academy FA-18D for $109.99! August 23rd only. I got one! Cheers, Mark
  11. b757captain

    KH T-28 Flap Fix (not a full build thread!)

    The last time I was up close to a T-28 was about a year ago and I forgot to look for the entry process. I don't remember seeing a step but it could be a recess with a hinged door in the flap. Makes sense since I've never seen a retractable step and the plane is tall and (relatively) huge up close.
  12. b757captain

    KH T-28 Flap Fix (not a full build thread!)

    Thanks guys!
  13. b757captain

    KH T-28 Flap Fix (not a full build thread!)

    Kitty Hawk made several errors in the flap and aileron shape. First problem: the lower leading edge of the flap comes to a sharp point: Second problem: The inner edge of the aileron (and adjoining edge of the flap) are angled so as to be vertical to the ground in relation to the wing dihedral: From an engineering standpoint, these angles are impossible - the aileron would bind with the flap when deflected upward. Third problem: the flap hinge point are also angled relative the ground. Fourth, the wing cavity for the flaps has a really odd shape which will be difficult to fix. I missed getting photos here, but both of these problems are not an issue with the fix. The Fix: I wasn't trying for accuracy in the flap well, just a better representation of the proper flap position when down. So out with the sandpaper! I fixed both flaps in about 30 minutes. First up was to sand the aileron edge so it was perpendicular to the wing chord: Before sanding - line shows what to remove to square it up: There was plenty of material here, I didn't need to add any plastic stock. Next sand the corresponding edge of the flap to match. When the test fit looks good (with the flap in the retracted position) now it's time to round off the sharp edge of the flap: Sorry for the blurry pic - I thought it came out better and now it's too late: The entire leading edge should be rounded. Not too much, just enough to allow the leading edge to tuck up into the flap cavity. Again, there was plenty of material to take off. Next up is plenty of test fitting. I had to trim a small portion of the flap hinges on the wing. Keep rounding the leading edge of the flap until the upper camber of the flap rests against the underside of the upper wing skin. The plastic could be thinned here if you want but I didn't think it was needed. A very small portion of the inner forward edge of the flap needs to be trimmed to fit against the fuselage. Here's a pick of one flap per the kit install and the other after the fix: And closer pics - lower view (look close and you can see the sliver I had to trim against the fuselage): And upper view: And both flaps permanently installed: To my eye this makes a huge difference in the overall look of the plane. I decided against going all out and detailing the flap well and I still need to clean up the hinges, but this won't bug me anymore and now I can sleep tonite! Cheers, Mark
  14. Hiya gents, I'm well underway on the build of my KH T-28C and though going well so far one thing about the kit has really bugged me. The flaps!! Kitty Hawk did a pretty good job overall on the rest of the kit but the flaps are just plain wrong! What am I talking about? Well, Flaps 101 (basic lesson) there are 4 (generally accepted) types of flaps - plain, split, slotted and fowler. Plain are what you see on a P-51, split on a Spitfire or P-40, and fowler flaps on a P-38. The T-28 has slotted flaps which means the flap pivot point is somewhere close to the lower edge of the forward part of the flap body. As the flap is extended the flap body rotates around this point, the upper radius tracks along the upper wing flap fairing edge and the lower part rotates up into the flap cavity. Here are pictures of the flap installed on the kit in the retracted position: Lower view: And upper view: The flap doesn't fit well in the retracted position as it is too long for the cavity. I had to sand the outer edge down just to make it fit for the pics. Most photos of parked T-28s seem to have the flaps extended so that's what I'm doing. Unfortunately this is what the flap looks like if built per KH: Lower view: And upper view: This is what they should look like: So what causes this, and how do yo fix it? Stay tuned. Cheers, Mark
  15. b757captain

    T-28C Question

    A question for the experten: I'm currently working on the KH T-28C and I've been stymied trying to find references for the correct configuration for seat cushions. The kit provides seat bottom and back cushions but I'm trying to find out if the pilots wore parachutes that substituted for the cushions, and if the seat back cushion would instead have been a life raft pack. There is just no or bad info on the interwebs as most photos are of civilian restored aircraft. Thanks, Mark