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  1. Yes....CV-6 USS Enterprise I have to make sure I don't water or feed the box after midnight!
  2. I have the 1/200 CV-6 with the MK-1 design update set sitting on top a 1/32 B-24D and a B-17F and a strafer B-25J....at 65 I'm gonna need a "life extension" LOL!!! Cheers....Ron
  3. That is kinda weird being reversed! I still have my old flight jacket like that. I wonder what USAFE base thaat was....I flew most of my time in the Pacific. Cheers...Ron
  4. That cut in half Centurion is cool! Cheers...Ron
  5. Probably was the 1/24th scale Centurion. Looks like the same box art from way back. But then I have consumed a lot of San Miguel and Sing Ha beer since then! LOL! Cheers...Ron
  6. I think that big Centurion has been around for awhile. I built one way back in my Airman days in the barracks as a Israeli Centurion. It was a fun kit back then too! Cheers...Ron
  7. Lookin good! The figures really bring it to life too. The USAF N models don't have that cargo door on the tail boom. There's about 10 of them here at Kirtland all 69 models in various stages of worn outness. Still a cool helicopter though. Cheers...Ron
  8. That's a gorgeous F-105 picture in your post! Now back to regular scheduled IPMS discussion.... Cheers...Ron
  9. That's awesome looking! Why do I think..."Bond....James Bond"......
  10. Wow Tom! There's a ton of work there! Great job! Cheers...Ron
  11. That's gorgeous! I can't even put together a vacuformed drop tank much less a project like that! Love that paint and alge around the bottom. Great job! Cheers...Ron
  12. A lot of "VA disability" claims for bad backs in those pictures!
  13. I was in the Air Force and lived through Tony McPeak......
  14. That's awesome! So cool seeing the illusion of the wings coming down to lock. I really like the Intruder too and have been resisting buying one! Figures and the base add to the full effect of carrier operations as well. Great job! Cheers...Ron
  15. The Razorback P-47 is my favorite! Yours is awesome looking! Kinda like the F-4 vs F-15 for cockpit visability for the pilot... but rugged and awesome looking! Cheers...Ron
  16. That is one beautiful MIG-29!!!! I've thought about buying one to build and paint it up like that for Ukraine as well! I'd have to display it on a different shelf though. The sidewinder seeker heads on my F-15 would start growling if they were close proxcimity of each other! LOL!!! "Let's Go Ukraine" Cheers...Ron
  17. Did anybody else catch the musical throwback to "The Right Stuff" as he was taxing to the runway with the Lockheed hypersonic aircraft? And the reference to "the fastest man alive"? Cheers...Ron
  18. That's for sure! Loved the movie as well! See it in IMAX if you can! Cheers....Ron
  19. That's awesome! I wonder if you could cut the back out of a Hasegawa A model F-16 and graft it to the Academy F-16I kit to build a F-16B in 32nd scale???
  20. That guys website is awesome! I may try some of his tricks with my 1/200 CV-6 USS Enterprise. Cheers...Ron
  21. Awesome work! Love that desert paint and the rivets showing through the insignia. The oil on the bottom with the desert dirt in in is very real as well. Great job! Cheers...Ron
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