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  1. I got my big D model down off the shelf the other night to look at it again. I ordered the resin turbochargers for it off ebay. I was going to build it as a "Carpetbagger" B-24 but found a guy on ebay that makes decals for the "Lady be Good" in 32nd scale. I had read the new book about her brief history and the aircraft being found and the crew being recovered (minus1) The book is "No Way Out" by Steven Whitby Had to give your big "D" another look Tom! Cheers...Ron
  2. That's awesome! Ready to bomb a bridge near Hanoi! You have built 5 Intruders??? That's a lot of space unless a couple have folded wings. Great job...love the crew too. Cheers...Ron
  3. Great job! "Playboy"...wasn't that the name of the Huey in Apocolypse Now? Only thing I would add to the well worn look is some of that Vietnam red dirt around the skids. Cheers...Ron
  4. Wow that's awesome! The winds of war are starting to blow...the AVG flying the shark mouth P-40 in China and shortly after scrambling a couple P-40's during the attack on Pearl Harbor. Great job...love that metal finish. I'm with ya...I have a lot of respect for guys that can pull it off. Cheers...Ron
  5. Stripped down Israeli F-16's! Back to the origional "lightweight figter" the Air Force advertised it as back in the 70's. Lot of Israeli F-16 history flying in Arizona. Saw that one with a MIG kill. Pete...maybe you can get a ride in the backseat of their B model for an hour being a "Viper alumni" Cheers...Ron
  6. Does it come with a 32nd scale Kelly Johnson to help build it??? That's awesome! Cheers...Ron
  7. Some gorgeous models there! I like the B-25 diorama and the Tornados. Would like to see the RF-4E and the Pearl Harbor P-40! That Dambuster diorama is awesome as well! Thanks for sharing. Cheers...Ron
  8. right click...save, right click...save, right click...save....I'm getting a cramp.... Great pictures Chuck! We were supposed to send a HC-130J out for that but it had a grounding maintenance problem and didn't make it. Cheers...Ron
  9. Beautiful submarine! The figures in coats all bundled up just show the cold water they were working in the North Atlantic. Cheers...Ron
  10. That's awesome! The paint....rigging with insulators...looks like oil film on the torpedo and I really like the guy at "parade rest" watching the torpedo loading. Great job! I have a lot of respect for the submarine service. I went aboard the USS Bowfin at Pearl Harbor and can't imagine those guys being cramped in the submarine for days on end. Cheers...Ron
  11. Was..."hold my beer" said just before lighting the fuze??
  12. The F-104 is a gorgeous airplane. I remember seeing them fly at Edwards AFB when I was a young fella. Thank you Kelly Johnson! Great job on that G model! Looks fast just sitting there. Cheers...Ron
  13. Captain Pete "Maverick" Mitchell would be proud! Cheers...Ron
  14. Beautiful USS Barb! Looks like she's cruising off the coast of Japan waiting on the guys that planted the demolition charge on the railroad tracks to blow up the train! Cheers...Ron
  15. I have the 1/72 scale as well. Building it as the USS Barb too. I have an autographed copy of Thunder Below" by Admiral Flucky Cheers...Ron
  16. Gorgeous Phantom! Just enough grime and dirt too. The only clean Phantoms are Blue Angels and Thunderbirds and some AF ANG squadrons F-4's when they flew them. Great job! Cheers...Ron
  17. Gorgeous! The hot section looks fantastic and really makes the F-100 look like it's been on a few missions. Cheers...Ron
  18. She's a beauty! General Savage would be proud! Cheers...Ron
  19. That's an awesome build! Needs a captured Afrika Corps kubelwagon to go with it! Cheers...Ron
  20. I'd like a MH-53 as well. But the E is the cranked tail 3 engine 53 not based on the older airframe the AF Pave Low was based on. I'd still like one though. Bon Jovi....wanted....dead or alive! Cheers...Ron
  21. The mustang no matter how their painted is a gorgeous airplane! Well done! Cheers...Ron
  22. Gorgeous Stuka! Paint...interior is awesome! I have the Airfix 24th Stuka to build... still trying to figure out my paint scheme! Early green or desert sand.... Cheers...Ron
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