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  1. 1/48 Lockheed Electra (Eastern Air Lines) and a P-3 Orion...another great Lockheed airplane! Very cool! Cheers...Ron
  2. The IAF probably has the most confusing system of aircraft numbering of anybody! But the F-4 in that desert paint looked "badass" and they definitely knew how to use it in aerial combat...along with their f-15/F-16 and now F-35. I have that book too...up next on my read list! Cheers...Ron
  3. I have both those "Double Ugly" IAF Phantom books....very awesome! But it does generate more head scratching! Cheers...Ron
  4. The inflight refueling probe and slatted wing were added after the war.
  5. Awesome Chuck! My dad was at Edwards way back when I was a young fella (1958-1964) and I remember watching the F-104A test/chase planes fly with the day-glow orange red paint on them. And the howl of that J-79 when they would pull the power off when landing. Great airplane and Lockheed product! Cheers...Ron
  6. That's super cool! Gonna be awesome with the old gray faded paint from the desert at DM with the orange wingtips and tail. Cheers...Ron
  7. That's awesome! The F-4G Wild Weasel was a badass bird. One of my pilots at Kadena was a former G model pilot. Unfortunately...your drone will end up on the wrong end of a F-22 kill out over the Gulf or in the desert at White Sands Missile Range..... Cheers....Ron
  8. Or a SEA painted "Toad" F-4 that delivered to Israel during operation "Nickle Grass". US insignia/tail codes painted out and Israeli Star of David painted on the intakes and then flown in combat. A bunch stayed painted that way for several years till repainted in Israel to the desert paint. Cheers...Ron
  9. Don't know what squadron you were looking at doing but F-4E 109 of 201 squadron had 7 air to air kills in the Yom Kippur war. Had the long Midas 4 gun muzzle and the EL strip lights on the fuselage/tail. Cheers...Ron
  10. aircommando130


    That's awesome! "resistance is futile"
  11. Awesome! I have that kit too and want to build it as an Edwards test airplane! A few differences from the production 111's...the first few had ejection seats before the escape module and the rear gear door was horizontal when it opened. Yours looks great though! Will save your pictures to look at when I do mine. Cheers...Ron
  12. Thank you...loved every day I served and every mission I flew. Be it moving cargo around the world in MAC or the 19 combat missions into Iraq/Kuwait for Desert Storm I wouldn't trade it for any other experience. Cheers...Ron
  13. The opening in the front where you see the engine is to small. Guys sand it open bigger but I'm afraid it won't be round after I try to do it! Cheers...Ron
  14. That's awesome! The On Mark A-26 was a gorgeous airplane! Maybe some new cowlings for the 32nd B-25 with the right cowl opening....hint, hint Cheers...Ron
  15. There was a guy in the UK that made some 105 parts...I bought them all for my D and G...I have some Cutting Edge parts as well. Don't know if I got the canopy's or not. I have the brass landing gear as well. Such a great airplane... you knew a 105 was on departure when that water injected engine had the hard light afterburner go! Wanted to back date my D to the project "look alike" silver lacquer with the big TAC shield on the tail. But will probably build it as a Vietnam war horse! Cheers...Ron
  16. That was awesome! Those young crews going out to their B-17 for every mission not knowing if they'd come back. I've talked to a few in my aviation career...brave men all. The 100th is flying KC-135R's out of Mildenhall, England and have the "square D" on their tails. Cheers...Ron
  17. Wow! That's awesome! Great air defense missile but looks like lots of grief filling and sanding. Reminds me of my Trumpeter SA-2 I built. Great job so far. Cheers...Ron
  18. Love it...can't wait to hear those big J-79's come to life! Awesome build so far! Cheers...Ron
  19. Very cool work so far! I have the "F" model to build as "Knockout Dropper". Keep the build going or I'll have to rat you out to Gen. Savage! Cheers...Ron
  20. That's for sure! I've got time in C-5A/B...C-130E...MC-130P...MC-130H and some other non AF airplanes. Some tails were always fun to fly and others...better bring more clothes cause she didn't like to fly! Cheers...Ron
  21. As always from you...awesome build! I wanted to take the 48th scale kit of that (monogram?) and build it as a post war air racer. Cheers...Ron
  22. Awesome job! The P-38...another Lockheed "Great Plane"! I'm pretty tempted to pick one of those up! Cheers...Ron
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