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  1. Thanks guys! Display options are kinda slim so for now it's hanging from the ceiling. After I found a few large meathooks, just in case!
  2. If you mean this car? I didn't want to take anything away from the Lanc! Thanks Frederrick! The battery pack for the lights won't fit in the bomb and I just wasn't in to making a custom setup. Sometimes you just have to hit the easy button
  3. Thanks! Not so sure about putting magnets next to a battery pack though. I think some electrical tape will do just fine Thanks Mozart! Thanks Craig! I did enhance it just a bit with the instrument panel but you can't even see it! Thanks Jack!
  4. Thanks Steve! You're right, the tires are a little too gray - I used Mr. Color Tire Black, which seems to me to be closer to Gunship Gray but I haven't found a suitable alternative yet, at least without mixing my own. Thanks Nick! The exhaust staining was a random light airbrushing of overlapping whites, grays and black until it looked right to my eye. No special secrets there. As to the weaponry, I have a tendency to rush through the bombs and things and just forgot the seam Thanks Dennis! Thanks Mike!
  5. Thanks Rick! Thanks Ron! It's a nice fairly relaxed build - you'll enjoy it. Thanks Reuben! Thanks Mike!
  6. More pics: Gotta touch up the gun barrels Cockpit with mood lighting on! Kit detail in the wheel wells is pretty nice. I hid the battery pack for the lights here in the bomb bay so I can access the switch and can change batteries when needed. I do need to find some black tape though! Cheers, Mark
  7. Hi guys, The Lancaster is finished - sort of - more on that later. So, in the quest to reduce the large pile of kit boxes in my stash, I decided to open the largest of the boxes and out popped a Lancaster! Built mostly from the box except for the Eduard Zoom instrument panel and some LED lights from Amazon. I figured that though I wasn't going to do any super-detailing in the interior, a little mood lighting would help show off what is there. The kit mostly fell together, good engineering from HKM except for a weird fit issue sliding the inner nacelles into the wing. In retrospect
  8. I generally do a full gloss clear before decaling for two reasons - one, for better decal adhesion and less silvering, and two, it gives me better control over washes and weathering. I'm always open to better techniques though, Definitely no paint drying before hitting the model in this case. My technique is to usually lay a mist coat followed (after flashing) immediately with a medium wet coat and if necessary a medium to heavy wet coat for depth and color opacity. Been painting cars, boats, airplanes, models (plus probably a few other things) for years - the techniques
  9. This makes sense considering the heat wave we have had this summer. My garage a/c (15,000 BTU) normally can make the garage comfortable almost all days but lately it won't even make a dent. We had multiple days where the humidity drove the heat index up to and over 115 (that's F, though it sure felt like C!) Reminded me of my years living in Dubai! I did manage to fix most of the Lancaster and combined with the washes and weathering I applied it turned out mostly ok. There's a few spots I'm going to fix - and since this thing is so massive a few spots I'm still finding!
  10. The whole problem started with the MRP Gloss - it's just too thin to fill over a flat base coat. I blew through 3 bottles in no time flat and didn't feel like spending another $30 to keep going with the MRP gloss. Maybe there was a reaction with the Mr. Color gloss but if so it's the first paint I've seen that does. Mr. Color to me seems to be impervious and tough as nails. This may be more likely but I've never had humidity issues with other paints like this, and the MRP base colors went on with no problem. This summer has been brutal heat and humidity-wise. I do have an
  11. Ok, I'm still learning the ins n outs of the new format. 1. I don't see a way to edit a post after it publishes. What am I not seeing? 2. The reason of needing to edit is I can't remember the new method for posting images (from Imgur) and can't find a sticky explaining it. Help! Thanks, Mark
  12. Hi guys, In my ongoing attempts to replace my venerable go-to paints (Model Masters) I have tried a variety of alternatives. True North (horrible), Hakata (horrible, though I have been led to believe I might have gotten an early batch), Tamiya and Mr. Color (love both, though I hate mixing - Tamiya - and Mr. Color numbering system is mind-numbingly haphazard). So for my HK Lancaster I decided I'd try MRP paints. Heard lots of good things here about them. All seemed to go well, though the paint lays down really thin (!) and with some colors it's difficult to be sure of full coverage
  13. Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! A little more work than usual but still enjoyable. Mark
  14. Thanks! I thought about doing some extra wiring, etc., but in the end decided it wasn't going to show up well since the skins are semi-opaque. I was curious why ZM did this but after looking at how HK did there Lanc clear fuselage it makes sense to me. A super clear see-thru fuselage does allow for more internal detail but the reflectivity of the skin negates most of it - ZM with their semi-clear skins looks better even though it does blur finer detail. Cheers, Mark
  15. Hi fellas, I finally got around to building the ZM Ho-229! I bought the kit when it first came out and waffled for several years deciding what direction I wanted to go with it. I decided early on that it just didn't have much "curb appeal" finished with a full camo paint scheme. Additionally, there was just so much internal detail that begged to be shown off - I finally decided on half-an-half. I finished it straight from the box, paints were Model Masters throughout and as far as the build itself, standard ZM - fit was superb but there were some tricky areas! Definitely follow the
  16. Hi fellas, I'm working on the HKM Lancaster and have run into a fit issue with both inboard nacelles. I'm only at the dry fit stage but both nacelles (assembled with the landing gear bay fitted) will not slot into the openings in the wings. In fact the wing opening seems to be too narrow by over 1/8th of an inch. I've tried swapping nacelles, both have the same fit problem. I figured I would ask before I start cutting plastic - I probably screwed something up! Thanks! Mark
  17. All you guys missed by a mile! F-111, all variants.
  18. Without going into shape details or discrepancies because I'm not an expert on the A-26/B-26 but one thing immediately struck my eye. The engines are 7 cylinders per row aka R-2600 - I am pretty sure the Invader had R-2800s, 9 cylinders per row. I'll still get one, fix all the problems and maybe even buy replacement engines. Good, bad or otherwise it's probably the only Invader we'll ever see in 1/32. Cheers, Mark
  19. Thanks Dude! I couldn't resist on the scheme since the 2-seater only has one actual scheme. Gotta get creative!
  20. Thanks! Mottling was done by hand using MM RLM 75 thinned to about 30/70 and really low air pressure to minimize the overspray/spatter. Oh, and a pair of magnifying specs and a few stiff drinks!
  21. Thanks Michael! My opinion - the detail is far better with the ZM kit and assembly is very straightforward. A very pleasant build! Thanks Kev! Thanks Mozart!
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