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RAF FG.1 XV571 WILD HARE Phantom Conversion

Anthony in NZ

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10 hours ago, Anthony in NZ said:

This is probably a better pic, I just shot some Mr Surfacer 1200 on just now  to show the new access panel locations better.  Still a lot to go looking at this...



Impressive work Anthony. What do you use to achieve your rivet spacing?



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On 2/12/2023 at 1:54 PM, easixpedro said:

Sheese. Everything about your work is so crisp.  …I love everything about this build.

Thank you sir!  Loving your B-24 immensely too!


On 2/13/2023 at 12:27 AM, Derek B said:


Impressive work Anthony. What do you use to achieve your rivet spacing?



Derek I use a 'Rosie the riveter in 1/48 and 1/32 scales.  Sometimes I have to match the kits original spacings and so use a strip of Tamiya 6mm tape and mark the spacings on it.  Its all a bit make it up as I go to match photos

Hope that helps?


On 2/14/2023 at 3:29 PM, amurray said:



Though still with us Frank is not able to respond to messages to him.  Time takes its toll on all of us.

Oh really??  Is he not well?  I REALLY wanted to thank him for his inspiration!! :crying:


On 2/14/2023 at 9:10 PM, IainM said:

Meticulous does not describe it @Anthony in NZ.......
Looking gorgeous!!:clap2:

You're too kind mate.  I see all the issues when I look at it still....


On 2/14/2023 at 10:25 PM, DonH said:

I thought I saw a rivet in the wrong place, but it was a speck on my screen.

Awesome work as always!


Thanks buddy


Not a lot to report...still.  Working on the upper wings as much as I have been able to this week as its been busy with other things.  But as much as I love doing this I am getting a bit over it!  Soooo much prep work.  I hope it pays off in the end. I'm a bit further behind on the other side as I really want to glue at least one side on for mental stability reasons LOL


The upper left wing is almost finished now.  The access panels need finishing off as well as the inner wing leading edge BLC doors then I can glue this upper wing on....finally!



All those hours since last weeks update and it dosent look a whole lot different!


Thanks as always for tuning in


Cheers Anthony




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On 2/18/2023 at 9:06 PM, mozart said:

Simply phenomenal Anthony but I fully understand your need to move this on. 

Thanks Max...yup I feel like I am igroundhog day!


So this update still dosent look like I'm much further ahead than last time. I thought you all might want an update to prove it didnt get too much and I threw it in the bin! But there really isnt much to show.  I finally managed to finish the port upper wing details, I got a pretty nice edge up to the fuse so it came time to glue it on.


Finished upper wing surface details



Nice edge before glueing



As per @chuck540z3 and a couple of others suggestion I braced up the inside of the wing join....thanks guys! I can see that would be a potential for disaster after completion with the potential for cracking.



And glued on.  I used extra thin CA and let capillary action do the rest, then shot some Mr Surfacer 1200 again along the join.



At this point whilst I work on the other wing surface I took the masking off to check everything was still ok and in tact and deal to any dust issues befor it became a problem.  Thankfully there seemed to be no dust inside the cockpit which was a relief.

Finally I have been dealing with any surface issues on the fuse.  Some mismatched rivets and little issues.  I scrubbed the surface and panel lines one more time and gave a super thin mist of 1200.  As you can see also Phantom dosent have that 'pin cushion' effect anymore but much more even.  I know it seems like I have redone these surface details around the fuse too many times.  But that is just the reason why I wouldnt use the WH set, it was just so incosistant and innacurate it really needed doing again and again until I was happy with how it will all look under paint.  Still a long way to go, but its all progress!


I will just let these next pics speak for themselves.








Thanks for watching gents....I think we're getting there?


Cheers Anthony




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My goodness that looks gorgeous!


Some of the finest modeling I have ever seen. What a massive accomplishment and it just gets better and better.


The panel line scribing and rivet work blow me away. How do you correct scribing mistakes? Fill with CA and re do? I am wondering if the superglue/gunmetal pigment combination I have been using for filler might be good for errant scribe lines because I do not think it will chip/flake like plain superglue. Going to test out that hypothesis soon.


Anyhow, curious to know how you do it because your results are so darned good.


Great to see the big bird spread it wings!

Edited by Greg W
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I’ll be using the thesaurus that I bought for finding new superlatives for Peter Castle’s work for your build too Anthony, but the “gorgeous” used above by Greg is a pretty good start! 

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