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  1. I have met Shigeta San. Delightful gentleman! His associates, likewise! I love every kit he has produced. But yet another Bf109 or Fw-190? I understand that they will sell like hotcakes but I so wanted some other kits from him.
  2. A diagnosis is in fact half the battle. The other half is following your doctor's instructions. Glad you got past the difficult part of figuring out the problem. I wish you a rapid and complete recovery!
  3. Outstanding!!! Looking forward to the additional photos and info.
  4. Wonderful paint job! Love that color!
  5. You are the only one to have picked up on those two things! You really DID read the entire build article, didn't you!?!? What possessed you: Bored? Compulsive behavior freak who can't put down a book until you've finished it? Stunned by my overwhelming modeling skill, dazzling mental brilliance and my mastery of English composition? And judging from the fact you are having hashbrowns for breakfast instead of grits one must assume "you ain't from around here!" In all seriousness I appreciate your comments.
  6. Thanks! This my favorite build of all time, aggravation notwithstanding.
  7. Thanks for the detailed description of kit, contents and fit!
  8. Not to put any undue pressure on you or anything but as this is one of my Top 5 Aircraft of All Time with the Fujimi 1/72 kit being one of my favorite KIT builds, building the Hasegawa 1/48 BLACK MIKE presently and considering fellow club member Dr. Frank Mitchell walked me through his original conversion years ago YOU MUST FINISH THIS PROJECT JUST FOR ME!!! TO HECK WITH THE OTHER LSP VIEWERS!!! DO IT FOR ME AND ME ALONE!!! NOW!!!
  9. This is a magnificent kit build! I was unfamiliar with this kit. Would you please share box art, where you bought it, price, etc. And in general vis-a-vis a 1/48 or 1/32 kit of the same aircraft is the fit aggravating/fair/good/great? Thanks for sharing!
  10. FWIW I have spent the better part of 4 hours restoring the photos to this "Work In Progress" build article. I have to take the opportunity to fire one last jab at Photo Bucket who years ago, without warning, cut off access to all of my (our) photos that populated our LSP articles. They wanted money to restore access. Instead, I downloaded all of my photos (almost 1000 of them) first to my hard drive and then transferred them to Flickr. After doing so, I went back onto Photo Bucket and deleted all of the photos that resided there. I restored the "Ready for Inspection" article ph
  11. I also have the ZM Raiden box. I noticed that also missing.
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