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  1. Thank you guys! i went for something funny, the external fuel tank PTB-1500... I never saw a fuel tank such "ugly" but at the same time is irresistible for me! So, the shape of the plastic parts are ok but I want to add more details. First job is to build the APU "hole" that goes through the rear part of the tank. Than I've added the welding lines along the fuel tank. Some other details like tubes, valves and access panels has been added too. After that a good layer of flat black has been sprayed overall, fo
  2. Thank you! It's time to work on the cockpit: the plastic part are ok, but some details can and must be added. The ejection seat rail has been built from scratch. The circuit brakers box has been cutted and rebuilt with plasticard, resin switch and cables. A pair of pre-coloured plates has been added too. The IP and consoles has been replaced with pre-coloured PE parts from Eduard set. Some resin switches and knobs has benn added too. Here the final result. The cockpit fit very well inside the upp
  3. Thank you my friends! Some update on the engines nacelles. With all the putty and sanding the surface details has gone... so its time to rescribe the panel lines and rivets: tools and references for this task. Here the result of the task... some details in the engine covers has been already restored too using little bit of plasticard. A thin layer of neutral grey has been sprayed to show the uniformity of the area. CIAO! Piero
  4. Ok, as I want to do a PAF MiG-29A here some specifics references for this bird: a beautiful decal sheet from Techmod Decals and a comprensive book from Polish Wings series dedicated to the early years of the Fulcrum in PAF. Going to the kit. First of all the Trumpeter MiG-29A kit is better when is compared with the old Revell kit, but also the Trumpeter kit has some errors/mistake in shapes and size. The main fuselage part includes the wings and is splitted with the lower part of the fuselage longitudinally. Personally, I like this solution.
  5. Hello, with the new year is time to start a new project, a MiG-29A (9-12) Fulcrum. At the beginning I was thinking to do a Czech Fulcrum, but now I've decided for an ex-Czech Fulcrum sold to the Polish Air Force. In the '90 the original Czech's camouflage was retained, and because my Fulcrum will be one of the jets during the exercise "Eagle's Talon" in the 1997 a white band was applied at the time around the rear part of the fuselage. Starting set includes the Trumpeter kit of course and some good books as references. Some aftermark
  6. Thank you! Yes, resin switches and knobs came from Anyz sets. If you make a MiG-29A using the Trumpeter kit you'll NEED the Quickboost resin radome. The correct length of the radome in 32nd scale is 56,6 mm. The length of the Trumpeter plastic radome is 53,5mm. The length of the Quickboost resin radome is 56,5mm. Look at the difference in length and shape between the resin part and the plastic part. Tomorrow I'm going to start a new topic in WIP section. CIAO! Piero
  7. As said above, the A and the M versions are two almost two different aircraft: cockpit, LERXs, auxiliary air intakes, airbrakes, wheel bays... and so on are really different between the two versions. I'm building a Trumpeter MiG-29A and a friend of mine is building a Trumpeter MiG-29M at the same time... the plastic moldings are completely different, as the real aircraft are. Unfortunately, there are some shape and size error on both the kits... as far as we are seeing the A kit is better than the M kit. CIAO! Piero
  8. Hi, I'm building a Trumpeter MiG-29A in 1/32nd and I've used the Eduard's PE pre-coloured interior set. Also I've added some switches and knobs to the cockpit to give some 3D effect, here the result. CIAO! Piero
  9. Wow! Thank you for your complimens on my Hornet. If you want, here the RFI Topic of this model. CIAO! Piero
  10. Great update Ben! What amazing job you did on the ejection seats and striped handles! CIAO! Piero
  11. Hello, when I got the FIAT G.91 kit from Dayglow Models there wasn't a website. At that time I was able to get in touch directly with the manufacturer. Maybe I could try to ask to him if today is available a website. CIAO! Piero
  12. Thank you my friends!!! CIAO! Piero
  13. Great job on this Fulcrum Marcel!!! CIAO! Piero
  14. What "high level quality" for all these models... CIAO! Piero
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