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  1. Hi Kev, Thank you! Yes, sure you can publish it. Ciao! Piero
  2. Hi Steve, Thank you! My Yellowhammer decal sheet was in good conditons. The only problem I've found are the the pale blue/pink roundels... are too big. Ciao! Piero
  3. Hello, this is my last model, an F-4J(UK) Phantom (E / ZE353) with the 74 (F)Squadron, also known as "Tiger Squadron", based at RAF Wattisham in the late 80s. The model is based on the Tamiya kit with the addition of the Black Box resin cockpit, GMT resin J-79 exhausts and engine auxiliary air intake, resin wheels and a resin SUU-23A gun pod. I made the reinforcement strip running under the fuselage along the wing using plasitcard. Other minor details come from the Eduard PE sheet. I've also added some hydraulic hoses and plates to the undercarriage wheel bays. The pitot and AOA tubes are made of metal by Master. A couple of red coloured resin FOD were added to the main jet intakes. The unique camouflage is done using Tamiya and Gunze colors: for the greenish bluish gray I made my own mixture. Decals are from Yellowhammer, but I've used small roundels from a Xtradecals sheet... the Yellowhammer's are too big. CIAO! Piero
  4. Thank you my friends!!! After the G.91R and the F-86E now I started working on something completely different... a RAF F-4J(UK) CIAO! Piero
  5. Hello, This is my Canadair CL-13 Sabre Mk.4 in the AMI “Aeronautica Militare Italiana” markings of the 4° Squadron “Aerobrigata” based at Pratica di Mare (Rome) around 1960. HISTORY Originally produced by North American, the italian Sabre were produced by Canadair and sold to the Royal Air Force. When the Hawker Hunter arrived in the RAF, around 180 Sabre, designed F-86E(M), where transferred to the AMI. Within the AMI the Sabre was the first ever jet with swept wings and was used only in the air defence role. THE KIT The Sabre kit in 1/32nd was originally produced from Kinetic and reboxed by Italeri. I don’t have the Hasegawa kit, but many modellers say that the Kinetic Sabre is a “copy” of the Hasegawa’s one with recessed panel lines… Overall details are good, there is a nicve stressed skin effetc all around the fuselage and wings. Panel lines are a little bit too deep. As extra parts I’ve used Eduard PE sets for interior and exterior and a resin ejection seat from Avionix. I’ve added some details as hydraulic pipes to the undecarriage bays and legs. Paints are acrylics by Gunze and Tamiya range. Squadron markings, serial numbers and stencils are from Tauro Models decal sheets. A couple od RBF tags were added to finish the model. And now the pictures! CIAO! Piero
  6. Hello & Happy New Year! the model is completed and you can see some pics of the model at the following link in the RFI section. CIAO! Piero
  7. Hello & Happy New Year! here my last model completed in the 2018. The following is the link to the WIP Now some pics of the model. CIAO! Piero
  8. Hello my friends, last WIP for my Gigetto. Details of the cockpit are completed. I'm happy with the level od details. The M.B. Mk.6 is from the kit but I redone the black-yellow ejection handles and the blue leg straps. Tamiya and Vallejo paint ahs been used with a fine brush. Here the seat fitted inside the cockpit... note also the red long pitot tube at the end of the right wing. The canopy is made of clear resin. I've added a lot of details inside, as the de-fog system, lights and cables, rear-mirror, and optical camera sights. Ok, with the canopy and the speed-break fitted, my FIAT G.91R 1/B is finished! I'll take some new pics of the completed model during the weekend and I'll post it in the RFI forum section. CIAO! Piero
  9. Hello, work is going on. First of all, the yellow band on tail has been painted using Gunze H-329. Then, the metal undercarriages and resin wheels are on. Some dry fitting is a must to have a good alignment. All the undercarriage doors received some details and hinged points. The lowered resin flaps were attached at this point. Now the underwing pylons and fuel tanks has been glued on. Also here some dry fitting is required to align in parallel the tanks with the fuselage. CIAO! Piero
  10. Thank you my friends! Dark Green is Tamiya XF-61 Dark Grey is a mix 50-50 of Tamiya XF-24 and XF-82. Aluminum is Tamiya XF-16. Clear Gloss is Tamiya X-22 and Clear Matt is Gunze H-20. CIAO! Piero
  11. Hello, back to my Gigetto. After finishing to apply all the stencils, a good layer of clear matt was sprayed on. Here the result. Now it's time to work on the undercarriage legs. CIAO! Piero
  12. Hello my friends, thank you for your kindly comments on my Gigetto! Now, most of the decals are on. They came from a limited-run decal sheet for the italian Gigetto. Still missing to put on some black stencils. CIAO! Piero
  13. after a hot & long summer break I'm back to my model desk. It's time to start the painting phase... my favourite phase. First of all, the canopy and cockpit were masked with tape and paper, then a good layer of a solid grey has been airbrushed as primer: although there are a number of specific products around for this job, I still prefer to use a cheap and reliable acrylic plain color mixed with some clear gloss. Nice landing gears eh?... After 12 hours I checked if there was any fault of filler... luckily everything seems ok... so I sprayed an almost black colour along the panel lines. Grigio Mare Scuro (Dark Sea Grey) and Verde Scuro (Dark Green) camouflage paints were airbrushed using blue-tak rolls. Black was sprayed for the tail fin band and circular antenna on the top of fuselage. The anti glare area in front of the windshield was spayed black too but then I discovered that actually on the AMI G.91R it was Dark Green, so I resprayed in this color. Some post-shading is already done too. Alluminio (Flat Aluminum) was airbrushed on the under surfaces. Black antenna panels were sprayed too. At this time I had to respray in Zinch Chormate Green the undercarriage bays too. Now a good clear gloss layer is a must in preparation for the washing and decal phases. A dark wash was applied. CIAO! Piero
  14. ... Time to check the filling & scribing job. The IP cover with the collimator is fitted. I added a map's bag on the left side. Despite the kit includes PE vortex generators, these parts has been replaced by me using thin plasticard strips and added to both side of fuselage's rear section. PE wing fences has been added to the mid-chord of the wings. Small details as reinforcement plates, heat discharge, drain pipes and anti-collision bacon has been added around the fuselage. A light dark wash was applied to highlight panel lines and any eventual imperfection of the work. ....
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