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  1. Hello, some progress with the painting phase. After a black layer acting as base some white was spattered into the center of the panels. The main camouflage was applied using Gunze H307 for the upper surfaces and Gunze H308 for the sides and lower surfaces. Adding drops of white at the above colors the mixture has been sprayed randomly all over the model. The dark anti-slip stripes over the LERXs was applied using the specific product from Ammo by MiG using a strong brush. All the details as the RWR, ECM, chaff launchers, metallic parts has
  2. Hello, I have a a question for you my friends. When an F/A-18 (A,B,C,D) is parked with the engines turned off, the dorsal speed-brake can be left raised in open position? In the book "The Modern Hornet Guide Exposed", Jake Melampy says that with the engines turned off and no hydraulics pressure the speed-brake can be raises by hands but it will be closed due the gravity if it's not locked by a brace. In the DACO book "Uncovering the Hornet" there are some pictures showing parked Hornets with raised speed-brake with no brace and the engines seems
  3. Thank you guys!!! I'll go with the VFA-22 CO's bird included in the TwoBobs's decal sheet. Soon some updates on the painting phase. CIAO! Piero
  4. Hello, a new update on this model. The IP cover was panted and weathered. I replaced the HUD's glasses with thin clear plasticard sheet. Then I removed the molding line from the front canopy section. After a good polishing session the part was glued into the fuselage. A thin stripe was applied in front of the windshield to simulate the defog vent. Here some details added to the speed-bake vane. Now my Legacy Hornet is ready for the painting stage... CIAO! Piero
  5. For me this kit seems a big improvement compared to the Revell's Tonka kit... my memory is fresh with my Tornado IDS kit experience. Here in Italy the price on the new kit should be 100€. I'll let you know a review as soon as the kit will be on the shop's shelf. CIAO! Piero
  6. I understand you point of you, today it's a pity that with a new kit we don't have the "correct" weapon load. But, at the same time Hasegawa almost always never put the weapon at all... and their kit are not cheap. Tamiya a little more, but is not cheap at all. As for the AM producers... we already have a good one UK-based AM that produce a lot of 1/32nd Post-War RAF Weapon Sets... with 1000lb iron bombs, TIALD pod, CPU-123 LGBs, Storm Shadow stand-off missiles, and even the Alarm missiles that only the Tornado were cleared to use, so why not for some new resin Brimestone
  7. first impression looking at the sprues. Many pieces that contain the parts to make different version. But, if you are looking for the typical weapons of a RAF's GR.4: No TIALD or Litening laser pod No double-launcher rails for the inboard wing pylons No BOL launchers rails NO Brimestone missiles NO standard fuel tanks NO Alarm missiles Instead we have these parts for weapons that are not needed for a RAF's GR.4: 2 x 1000kg JDAM 2 x HARM missiles 2 x German ECM Pod 2 x AIM-9X (???!!!) 2 x AIM-120
  8. Hello, here it is... https://www.facebook.com/ItaleriModelKit/?hc_ref=ARQYLtvH3v62I-CURxq98vkrfP0Ih6ArsXtA8h_iqLbwKtL_sjVh_p5x-ok72vXzVyQ&fref=nf&__tn__=kC-R Available from November
  9. Hello, my first advice is to wait for the new Italeri's Tornado kit. All the above issues of the Revell's kit should be addressed with the new kit. I built a Revell's Tornado IDS few months ago... in my opinion it requires too much effort and money to obtain a decent Tornado replica. But, if you want to go with the Revell's kit, I could show you my way to do hte wing glove seals for my italian Tornado IDS. When you insert the wing the tape will fold around the wing's profile sealing the gap... Harder to say then to do. CIAO!
  10. Because I want to build my F/A-18C with the wing folded, the plastic parts of the kit are just awful and the way the wing's sections fitting leaves a huge gap that is absolutely unrealistic.. so, I decide to trash the kit parts and scratch build the new ones. Here the result. CIAO! Piero
  11. As you can see on the pics above, some surgery with thin stripes of stirene was required to fit the radome. Moving to the back of the jet, some panel lines needs to be moved or reshaped compared to the pics and scale drawings on the DACO's book. Some strength panels are added. Here the final result of adding details to the rear section.
  12. Wow!!! It's been 2 months since my last update... sorry for that. The summer in Italy was really hot and it's almost impossible to do good modelling... anyway I was consoled with bbq & beer Le'ts going to see some update here. Starting from the right side of the nose section I lowered the rear RWR's antenna (red arrow). Then I removed a couple of panels and a panel line (green arrows). A PE "slime-light" was added too. On the left side of the nose I build a new plate for the from RWR's antenna. As for the tight side, I rem
  13. Can't wait for March 2021...
  14. Thank you guys. I know its all about a personal choice, and yes, I'm going to "flatten" the dorsal spine as much as possible until the plastic's thickness will permit this. I don't know if at the end the difference will be visible... but I'll try and let see. CIAO! Piero
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