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  1. Hello, hot summer is growing and the modelling is slowing down... Here a little update, the cockpit and "hell hole" are glued inside the front fuselage section... not a difficult task. A "net" covers the "hell hole"... very little will be visible at the end. The external sides ha been putted and sanded to cover the sinking marks. To obtain a good alignment of all the parts that makes the front fuselage section, it is very important to fit this ring inside the front section. CIAO! Piero
  2. Hello, a little update here. The cockpit's side walls are done. Interesting, the right one is almost black... For the IP I've used the colored PE parts from Eduard set. Side consoles with switchs and knobs are kit's part brush painted. Here the "hell hole" parts painted too. Finally, the front wheel-bay parts ready to be glued. CIAO! Piero
  3. Thank you my friends, I'm happy that you enjoy my MiG-23BN model. See you soon with my USN F/A-18C. CIAO! Piero
  4. Hello my friend, if you want to build a VFA-22's plane... go! When I started the Hornet I was mumbling which one between the VFA-22 and the VFA-94 I'll do... because I have both the Twobobs's decal sheets for the VFA-22 and the VFA-94. I'll build the CO jet for sure. CIAO! Piero
  5. Hello, some action with the airbrush ha started as well... a good layer of flat black paint act as primer. Light gray follows... very thinned. some Light Gray on the front UC bay's parts too... just a little bit... ... followed by a layer of Flat White. A Clear Gloss cote will protect everything before a dark wash. CIAO! Piero
  6. Hello, taking the Black Box cockpit set as a reference I decided to modify the plastic cockpit parts adding details using pieces of plasticards. Most of the details, right or wrong, will disappear behind the ejection seat. For the SJU-5/6A ejection seat I'm going to use the resin one from Aires. For the "hell hole" I'll use the resin parts from Black Box set. The front undercarriage bay came from the kit... for me the details are quite good enough. Now it's time for some paint. CIAO! Piero
  7. Hello, this is my MiG-23BN, black 9139, of the 28th fighter-bomber squadron, Czech Air Force, based at Caslav Air Base. . The port wing of this airplane was replaced with another at the end of the 1990 or beginning of 1991, and therefore has slightly different shades of the basic colors. The reason for the heart-shaped patch is unknown... In this this way, 9139 also flew without the bird-head marking, and only had the city crest on the armour plates. This airplane suffered also a bird-strike and repairs includes the replacement of the port intake ramp and bleed air vents that was sprayed in non-standard green paint. The model is based on the Trumpeter MiG-23MF converted in the BN using the HpH resin conversione set. Some other details came from: Eduard's PE sheets Two Mikes resin cockpit Master's metal pitot tube True Details's resin KM-1 ejection seat Quickboost resin ventral fin Quickboost resin control stick Quickboos resin FODs Decals are a mix from the kit, HpH conversion set and Linden Hill's decal sheet. Colors are a mix of Gunze, Tamiya and AK Real Colors acrylics. Enjoy the pictures. ...
  8. Superb Delta Canard Alain!!! CIAO! Piero
  9. They were a little bit different... with reinforcement for bird-strike and to carry UK cluster bomb BL755 a little heavier than the US CBU Rockeye.
  10. Hello, I have just finished my MiG-23BN and I don't want to lose my desire to do modeling. So, here my new project, an USN F/A-18C. Academy kit and some aftermarkets items will help me in the works. Instead, DACO's book "Uncovering the Hornet" will feed my nightmares... But, first of all I have to solve the problem of which decal sheet I'll use... Two Bobs or CAM?... Because i'm going to do the low-viz example, the most obvious thing that catch my eyes is the difference of the shade of gray of the decals... Than the shape and details of the "fighting redcocks"... Last, the size of the "stars and bars" and some stencils too... After a good cup of coffee... I've decided that I'll use the Two Bobs's decal sheet. CIAO! Piero
  11. ok, here we have the canopy, KM-1 ejection seat and the control stick. Pitot tubes are already glued on the model. Tomorrow the 23BN should be finished... i hope. CIAO! Piero
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