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  1. hi great looking A 7 , I like the paint job , and weathering !!!!! This version , is rarely seen at this scale , yours deserves much more comment !!!! ( positive comments ..of course !! ) Alain
  2. hi John that looks great !!!! do you plan to glue the ........fairings !!?, or as you said " the aileron control horn " to the wing , I think it would it more convenient !!! ( except if it complicates the cast ), or it will be a separated part , charge to the modeler to glue them at the right place ................!!!!!!!!!!!!! ????????????? Alain
  3. guys , I would say " the patience is the mother of all the virtues " !!!!!!!!!! a last word for you Isaac ( iaf - man ) " thank you for sharing your pictures on " prime portal " cheers Alain
  4. congrats mate !!! now you know why birds sing
  5. hi Nick building a F 16 kit !!!??? or playing Dr Frankenstein !!!! ... all issues have a solution !!!!!!!!!!!! well done !!!!!!! cheers Alain
  6. without doubt , the Fairey Gannet , an unlikely design !!!!!!! I would pay for her at the big scale
  7. thanks for your explanations Nick !!! I was looking on the web for Mi F1 on the ground , among all the photos I 've seen , only a few , shows the flaps and slats extended , except on the AC taxing , or taking off ..so , if I understand , the rule , is that there are no rules isn't it ........................ Alain
  8. Hi Nick If I am right ( but you are the expert ) the trailing edge flaps are rarely seen deployed on parked AC , they are extended on particular phases , as take off or landing right ????? . Alain http://www.grubbyfingersshop.com/walkaround_galleries/Dassault_Mirage_F1c_Walkaround_33-LA_French_Belgium_2015/content/Dassault_Mirage_F1c_Walkaround_33-LA_French_24_GraemeMolineux_large.html just for fun , a video dedicated to our SA friends
  9. Hi John i feel you are motivated !!!!!!! we will get a full option kit ..... good job !!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Hi .!!!! Is it hard to paint these walkway strips ?? that's what I would do Alain
  11. Hi John It would be a shame to hide your work , I hope that all these details will keep "sharp" once cast
  12. hi John these gear bays look very nice , great efforts !!! it's a challenging area , I took a look on "walk around " photos , indeed , this is a real mess inside the main wheel well , yes , great efforts , especially since , you could have overlooked them , as the big doors bay are often seen ( sometime ????) closed on parked AC Alain Ps : I know your care about details
  13. Hi gents thanks a lot for your feedback ,and "sharp" explanation ... Well we have several ways to represent this walkway , all are convincing ...I thing that the Mig 's product , is very nice for current AC ( I keep it in my mind ) ....Quang : , I like the riveted strip , nice effect !!! ... Mike : the thin sandpaper , is a good idea !!! ..in any cases , thanks you guys for the tips Alain
  14. Hi gents a question : what were the non slip walkways on WW2 RAF fighters ( and not just ) made of ???? I suppose it was a kind of rubber !!??? riveted or glued on top of the wing root ???!!!! we can often see this "walkway " just painted on models.. for my part I plan to represent this walkway with a bit of tamyia tape ...what do you thing about it thanks Alain
  15. none of them !!!!!! Su 30 too big ..Eurofighter ? not "sexy " F 35 ???? too ugly ................. I am kidding ...of course
  16. hi okayyyyy !!! should I be reassured !!!!???? I presume that "Jetmad " is a victim of its own success ........ , the production line can't keep the pace ......If you Gary , you haven't got yours , after almost a year of pre order , I suppose I have to wait a little bit more mine .. what else can i do ??? wait , and wait .. but as "Mattcour said ,: " it is worth in the end !!" I cross fingers Alain I presume that there are some other people here concerned by the same problem .. aren't we ??,, so maybe we should flood with mail "jetmad" " hey man , what about my copy !!!!
  17. Hi gents last September , i ordered to Jetmad my Wiggen . my order number is 11085 ..... the kit , (if I understood correctly) , was scheduled to be delivered at the beginning of 2022 ...good !!!!! I got a few mails to warn me to the progress , and situation ...good !!!! but , for now , I am still waiting for my kit ......So , you guys who have ordered your "Wiggen" circa September 2021 , with an order number around 11085 , have you already get yours , or like me , you are still waiting for the Graal .... Thanks !!! Alain
  18. Hi good job John !!!!! that looks nice !!!! how many parts did you break before you get the good one
  19. Hi well , decidedly , the F 18 F is an impressive AC !!! (maybe the " top gun " movie has something to do with it ) man , you did a great build , I liiiiiike !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Alain
  20. hi your items look very very nice , details are "sharp " , excellent job ..I am impressed !!!!!!!! !!!!!!! well , I am not a F 15 , or F 16 guy ,(maybe I should !!??) If you don't mind , may I suggest you to look into the F 4 phantom , the Tamiya kit , despite of its age is a good reference , but is not on the current standard , no need to talk to some special version , I think about the Greek AUP version with the specific cockpits , or the " fast nose " recce version , I also think about detailed wheel wells.... etc ... okay , I am preaching for my own interest , but consider that the F 4 has a lot of fans here , and elsewhere ... thanks cheers Alain
  21. hi John is a pre order already open ,? Alain
  22. hi Nick I missed this ..... well , your mojo is still there .. , the mottling is " subtle " good job Alain
  23. damned !!! what a beast !!!!!!hat off !!!! outstanding job
  24. hi great !!!! it's an impressive build !!!!!! .. where does the tow bar come from ? from the box ???????? Alain
  25. okay , guys , thank you , I'll wait for better days , or maybe I 'll go with the BB "flat" nose .... as they did ( it seems ) Alain
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