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  1. Hi I think that AM manufactures will go bankrupt .....Allll handmade ... I like !!! I remember your Mi III E/ R , modeling in one’s own sense ....an interesting thread to follow Alain
  2. Hi Among all the wishes of our fellows here, may I suggest you something about the F 4 E ....You already developed nice stuffs dedicated to the Tam's F, 4 E, but something that could be useful to upgrade the E version, are the slatted wings (at least the outer wings).. For now, there are two options for us: the "wingman models" (ex Isracast that shows its age ) and the GT resin set ....I believe such things worth it to think about............... thank you for reading ......it's an SOS Alain
  3. Hi one more time , I say : what a detail inside these gear bays , I am stunned !!! but .... where is your own sense of details , your DIY skill ??? ...I am kidding of course , don't take it wrong ..... Alain
  4. Hi An expensive resin set, for what!? ( in this present case ) .... At least the F 14 interior photo edched set from Eduard (ref 32529 ), because the decals provided by Tamiya are awful, and aren't of the today's level... that’s my opinion Alain
  5. Your project to build a silver F is a good challenge, don't give up, down grading the G version, isn't that hard , I did it on the single seat D ( the one with the shark mouth ) , and I am not that we call a " skillful modeler."...Well , these are no decals available at the 1/32 ?? !!! I remember I up sized 1/48 decals to the bigger scale, and did my own masks (Star n bars, letterings etc....) the stencils were from my spare box .... let's go Alain
  6. one last thing , to complete the picture , the F aft instrument panel , doesn't look like to the G one Alain
  7. I guess you already know this (don’t you?) but the F version is not a G with a silver paint, there are some differences (I mean external differences) Some of them: remove the back fairing, the two air scoops on both sides at the rear of the fuselage, etc.... there are a couple more on the wings (speed brakes???!!!) on the nose, these series vents on the left side , list is longer than these one , experts will complet it Alain a quick search, I came across this , it’s a D , but the changes are valid for an F , https://www.hyperscale.com/features/2001/f105dda_2.htm
  8. nice stuff , and well replicated cockpit , sure it will find its people , that remind me the Esci F 16 and F 104 cockpit Alain
  9. hi The shape of the canopy is a vicious problem. Many people are unaware of this problem and live with it. In fact, the canopy has a circular shape, instead of that of the kit which is semi-circular. (The kit frame is too wide open, while it should be "tighten" at its base... I don’t know how to explain it, it’s very subtle, just look closely and compare the kit part and the real thing. but like I said, we can live with this problem maybe this photo can help to understand my says Cutting edge made this correction a time ago Alain
  10. hi yes , indeed , very nice cockpit !!!!!!!! Alain
  11. Hi Nick I hate missiles ,( not yours of course that are well done ) I hate these stuffs , they are time consuming , , they bored me , that's why , I never ( don't say never ) or rarely hang them on my builds Alain
  12. We never have enough of Phantom.... well done!! Alain
  13. Hi Good job so far Well I think that the gear Bay is the most challenging area ,everything must be created, and there are quite a few things in there Alain
  14. I am impresed by the details on the Res Kit gears !! never saw such stuff before
  15. Hi I scratch built mine from the Tam 's kit .I used Isracast (or Wingman models.. same stuff) outer slatted wings, Eduard PE part for the exhaust nozzles, I ordered the Red fox cockpit, but this set is dedicated to the Revell kit, and the Instrument panels are not adapted to that of the Tam's one, (Revell parts are too large compared to the Tam's one) I struggled a bit with the rear IP to fit it , but I am happy with the final result . antennas ( chin , and vertical fin tip are " homemade ) decals from "Speed hunter graphic , cockpit ( side wall , rear bulkheads are scratch built ) "the challenge worth it ..................Ah !!! seats are from "Sparkit models " a must have"...... finally, I didn’t spend too much money on goodies Alain link from a Franch Forum , my pctures here on LSP are no more available http://fighters.forumactif.com/t103329-conversion-f-4-g-phantom-1-32
  16. Hi I don't like the way that Tam tackled to the canopies, I already built a couple of Tam's Phantom, at each time I experimented troubles at this stage, that's why, for my current F 4 S, I ordered Aerocraft model's parts to solve the issue Alain
  17. Hi It smells pain here... at least soon.. just a little thing you have to do, is to "break" the top of the vertical fin, indeed, the angle is too "sharp" if I can say, take a look at the real thing, you will notice that the upper leading edge is "softer", you will need less than 30 seconds. I say that, I say nothing good job !!!!! Alain
  18. hi Thank you mate ............. of course you could , that's nothing insurmontable Alain
  19. Hi I did .. Japanese will always amaze me, my car isn't as clean as this F 4... well...... maybe the Greek ground teams should take example
  20. Hi First of all, " Grunticus " , I apologize for spoiling your thread Well, these "gadgets"are called KS 127 A , optical sight (you can see beautiful images on the book "under the skin" dedicated to the Greek recce RF 4) (you should have this book ... "a must have".) It seems that they are used to direct the lense of the LOROP pod by the RIO (to be confirmed or developed by an expert)).... these parts on my construction are scratch built as well as pod Alain thanks for your comment and for sharing this video
  21. Hi the cockpits look very nice your efforts paid off , well done !! on your last picture , did you notice the small " drain " on the fuselage ( just before the formation light )it could be worth to add it ... why not what about a RF4 EJ in the SEA paint scheme ? Alain
  22. Hi I like the Japanese F 4 E , even, in their light grey scheme , they seem attractive .....I think , it's a shame that there are no aftermarket decal options ,...... except ( I agree , it's not that bad ) the blue , and the " digital " paint schemes provided by DXM decal ...... Alain
  23. Hi flight deck of the"Bois Belleau" .......may be help you
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