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  1. hi very nice series of Migs , I particularly like the Egyptian j-6 with this unusual two shades of grey camo one question about the Lim 6 : is this your own conversion ??, I don't remember that Trumpeter realized this version Alain
  2. hi excellent job !! is the main wheel well the kit part ?? , do you plan to add the wires for the futur cast Alain
  3. of course not !! it would be a sacrilege !!!!!!
  4. damned !! we can see such beauty only in the US ,you are lucky guys
  5. im.pre.ssi.ve !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what a job !!!!!!!!!! Alain
  6. hi the kit looks nice , this will be a quick build of an interesting AC , I will follow your thread , thank you for sharing !!!!!! .... Alain
  7. hi they rather look like this , instead of the previous picture ...
  8. yes , because of its low price , no add on , a way to save money Alain
  9. hi wow !! no excuse for a lack of inspiration , I can't believe that there are so many scheme options , I guess that decal manufacturers will have plenty to do !!!
  10. man says that this kit is a nightmare , well , your build seems to be "a stroll" , you nailed it within a few posts ...... well done Alain
  11. hi I plan to build the Mk 2 , so I will follow yours with interest , .....At the first view, the instruction sheet looks very " confused " ( if I can say) , one have pay attention, to avoid any mistakes
  12. very nice Mirage , . congrats , you did a very good job !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Alain
  13. hi what a stunning job !! till now ,I didn't pay attention to the T bird , maybe , should I !!!, French AF used it for years for pilots instruction . you show me the way for improvements ( I like the gear bays !!) , it's a very inspiring thread , thank you for sharing , can't wait to see it finished Alain
  14. hi the exhaust nozzles look great !!!!!! , now a few pictures to enjoy................ Alain
  15. hi too much kit that would keep me busy for more than of the rest of my life . I only build two or three kits per year , I let you imagine how many years I need to clear my stash I presume that almost all of us are in the same situation .... happy modeling !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Alain
  16. encore !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. sorry to say that comrade , but you forgot the two nuts on the left corner under the right cylinder above the black pipe , a scandal !!!!!! no really ??? it's inhuman .....incredible
  18. Hi I never thought about it .......it's an attractive and challenging paint scheme however !!!
  19. hi wow !!! that looks ..." drastic " especially view in profile ,from what did you refer to get this profile ??? last question , does it remain some plastic after such sanding .... I have the kit waiting in a corner of my mind , "Madmax" already showed us the way , but it's interesting to see yours Alain
  20. hi if you are only looking for detailed pictures , , take a look on " walk around " web sites , sure , you will find infos , if you are looking for " literature" , Mushroom publication is nice
  21. hi Nick it's always a pleasure to see this bird ( Eagle , ..the right name ) ..can't wait to see her completed Alain
  22. hi do you know the modeler's creed ? dry fit, dry fit ,dry fit , especially with this kit , there is always some tiny bit of plastic that must be sanded off , scratched , removed etc..... to get a good fit ... you will think about this when you will glue the wings to the fuselage ( or maybe , you will be lucky ) Alain
  23. hi gents thank you for watching !!!!... to answer to questions : one provided me the main components ,I should rather say essential components : nose cone , IP , shaft disperser canister and other small parts ... the nose cone was originally made to fit to the old Revel kit , so I have " reshaped" it to get this "step" on the under side ( see the white putty on the under side ) . a bit of "scratch build " is needed here and there ... wheel wells , gear doors , "canard " ( Kfir reminiscence ) etc .. and of course , thing that gives her this graceful line , namely , the fuselage extension ( 19 mm) I think I fixed the wind screen issue , not really perfect , but far better than the " tinkered " kit part Alain
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