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HK Models 1/32 Avro Lancaster

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AD890CCC-D53B-479C-AB46-2A23696DD560_zpsHello All. This will be my first build with LSP. I’m planning on building HK,s Lancaster. Have got the kit and I am very happy with it. There is tons of room for improvements. Have started to look for and order after market parts. I’m guessing there will be a number of these products coming out in the next couple of months . Have ordered Airscale instrument panel and ammo belts from Live resin. Waiting for Airmaster brass 303 barrels to come to Aussie stores. Looking forward to see what Eduard bring out and hope they have a Brassin Merlin engine as well or might have to by the mosquitos engine and do some mods. HGW should bring out some nice seat belts. Going to make my own masks with my wife’s Cricut machine for most of the markings. Planning on doing a lot of scratch building and adding lots of extra parts and wiring. Have also started to acquire a number of reference books and photos from the net.The plane will be built as G for George. Thanks for looking.

Airscale instrument panel.


Live resin ammo belt for rear turret.


References book collection so far.


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That all sounds great Richard, may I too welcome you to the GB, I know we're all going to have a lot of fun and see some masterful builds to boot.  I doubt I'll have time to include my Lanc in this GB but when I build it, it will also be an Aussie Lanc, though from 467 squadron.  My association with it is explained in my website www.ordinarycrew.co.uk 

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Today I had a play with our Cricut cutting machine and made masks for my Lanc. I used my reference book on the dambuster that gives the correct sizes of the roundels and lettering used by the RAF during WW2. The large wing roundels decals that come with the kit appear to be far to large as they measure 8.2 cm across where I believe they should be 6.68 cm. the filling pics show what I did.

Reference book page.


Cricut cutting out masks.


what the masks look like on the kit. This is the basic bottom mask and just a test fit.


Thanks for looking.

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Richard check out this review of a build from Jeroen Peters on LSM it's only 2 parts so far but very detailed and there are already quite a few errors he has picked up which should help you decide what to replace/scratchbuild.





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