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  1. Great find, ordered part 1& 2 of the white decals last night. Got an email this morning, they are in the mail! Dan
  2. Beautiful build Carl! Dan
  3. Received my kit from Dukie99 yesterday. We had been going back and forth with it, I didn't want him to pay the postage. He convinced me it was not a problem! I like it.... He said he would "sweeten" the deal..... My wife likes it.............. Thanks a bunch David we will enjoy these!! Cheers, Dan
  4. Beautiful scratch building work! Dan
  5. Beautiful detail work! Very educational build thread! Thanks for the detailed explanations... Dan
  6. Excellent build and story line! Dan
  7. Really looking nice Max, part fit seems very nice. Now the fit of those wing struts may require a tall glass of vino to subdue the need to make her fly prematurely! Dan
  8. Excellent detail work Brian, pit looks sweet! Exhaust shields looks great! Dan
  9. Really enjoying this build and the craftsmanship! Dan
  10. Looks great Carl! Nice and snug! Nice fix on the nose. Dan
  11. Need to leave that cheap whisky alone when you are doing the LG buddy!! Looking great so far Shawn! Dan
  12. I'll take a foot of snow instead of this freezing rain/sleet that we are getting in SE Missouri! Did I say I like snow.... Dan
  13. From what I see so far the greenhouse fits pretty good, there is going to be a lot of masking, I did get the masks with the Big Ed set. I may change my mind when I get to the final fit-up... Dan
  14. Thanks Max, I think if these kits weren't challenging we would feel short-changed! But they are fun and keep us out of trouble...until we buy another. Dan
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