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  1. Beautiful job Yves. The nose on that kit is a bear to work with but you got it and the weathering is spot on
  2. Ouch. I really don't do zimmerit. These tanky things are supposed to be a stress-free diversion from things with seams and propellers. May have to practice on something first.
  3. Thanks for that link. Will check it out for sure
  4. Thanks guys There's not a lot of space in the nose gear area because of the gun detail. But I just noticed the ammo cans have a bit of space to hide some more lead solder and that will be right in the nose
  5. I agree Wolf, with the amount of metal with just primer it looks like they were trying to just crank them out. It's going to be hard to make detail pop in such a monochromatic palate.
  6. Thanks guys. Slowly picking away at the PE there's the canopy latches and masks applied. This piece has actually been painted but I don't have a picture yet You have to get inventive on this kit for where you place weight to get the nose down. The engines end up being hidden but since they help line the props up I decided ti build them as an exercise _and_ to add weight. I added some lead fishing weights in the engine block gap and I noticed this dead space at the back of each engine (bell crank housing in a car engine). I took some fine lead solder and scrunched it up
  7. Yeah, it's my favorite Axis tank, always loved the wedge shape and the Panther wheels (2nd favorite Axis AFV). I have zero refs so will have to use the box and pics in the instructions for color refs. I'm not sure there's anything definitive anyway. If you go looking for King Tiger interior pictures there are plenty. But most of the color shots are restorations and they all look different.
  8. Just received this. I may or mat not turn this into a build thread but at the moment I'm having enough difficulty getting to the bench to work on my P-38. I did take a quick look in the box and it looks about the same sort of thing as the other 2 in my pile (Panther, King Tiger) but this one at least has shells and racks as separate pieces. I'm going to have to stock up on the Tamiya Red Oxide primer
  9. The Jagdpanther with full interior is on it's way to me as I type this.
  10. Hey, it's all right. they had knee pads on
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