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  1. JeffH

    Make the others jealous

    I figured that Brian, But to the casual observer looking at it on my shelf who would know?
  2. JeffH

    Make the others jealous

    I just picked up the HpH ships catapult from a fellow LSP member. I'm thinking it's a possible soft-entry point into a full-meal resin deal later on. Too bad I couldn't put the Walrus on top of it. Or could I?
  3. JeffH

    Don't ya just hate it when....

    hmmm does anybody have the www.Escadrille.ca domain locked up?
  4. JeffH

    Fw 190 A8/R11 Nightfighter Finished

    Great job Grant. I picked this kit up the other day
  5. JeffH

    Make the others jealous

    Dean .... Frikkin Perzactly I know there's going to be a mountain of sanding. I wanna apply mechanical force to the problem It's nice to see somebody breaking ground and knowing it will work. i have a jeweler's vice to hold the work piece so I'm good go. And a B-58 would have pride of place on top of my resin stash lol...even if I don't do Jets. Those things were art
  6. JeffH

    New to Airbrushing

    I find the same as Brian. I bought my Infinity based on looks alone I think but I have drifted back to my HP-CS. The H&S just seems over-engineered and the needles are way more fragile
  7. JeffH

    Make the others jealous

    Carl, great for cutting strip and 'L' for internal framing. The length of the blade is a bit of a constraint but you can't beat it for cleanliness of the cut and repeat-ability of process And speaking of the 'Dreaded Walrus'; I have the same 3 kits Rick has and I spent a couple hours yesterday looking at bench-top sander outfits. Too big for my work space. I think I'm going to try my Dremel mounted on the Dremel Drill press attachment I have for it.
  8. Great work so far. Keep going. I too have this conversion on the heap and looking forward to seeing your progress
  9. JeffH


    Great job. Love the scheme.
  10. JeffH

    Fw 190 A8/R11 Nightfighter Finished

    Very nice paintwork for sure.
  11. JeffH

    Revell Bf-109 G-6 Early

    Very nicely done!
  12. Kent, that is simply outstanding work. When I saw the first picture I thought you were going to say it was your 'inspiration' for the build it looked so real.
  13. JeffH

    1/32 Revell FW-190 F-8

    Welcome aboard one eff Jef. Great work so far
  14. JeffH

    Pacific Coast Fw190A-4 release

    Hmm. just bought one and it's shipped out of Sandy, Utah....the old home of Great Models. Any relation? I don't mind, I bought a ton of stuff from GMW although some others had a bad experience I recall
  15. JeffH

    WWII Invasion Stripes - P-51 Mustang

    Maybe the other part of the order about shooting down anything without stripes spooked the transport and glider drivers