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  1. Awesome work. Keep on at it
  2. JeffH

    AIMS 1/32 Bf 110 G canopy in clear resin

    email sent
  3. JeffH

    1/32 Revell FW-190 F-8

    There are 4 that I know about, Hobby House, The Hobby Center, Orleans Hobbies and Great Hobbies Hobby House is my usual hangout but I've been to them all. Orleans, Great Hobbies are more oriented towards R/C with a small selection of aircraft and armor. Hobby House has a section for planes, armor, cars and trains with a little less stress on R/C. Hobby Center had good stuff but I think they have scaled back to an online presence. Hobby Center even had a small selection of AM at one point .
  4. JeffH

    Kitty Hawk has announced an Fw 190A-5

    I have the joy of seeing that under the hood of my 2003 SL500. The upside is they had such quality problems during that period the resurrected MB give (original) owners from that era 20% off parts and labor to get things fixed right and use authentic MB parts.
  5. JeffH

    1/32 Revell FW-190 F-8

    A really simple exhaust stain method I picked up from Floyd Werner's Master Class DVD mix up about 3 drops Tamiya dark earth with a drop of black and a _ton_ of thinner so that it's the consistency of gray water Spray the mixture in successive coats in the direction of airflow building it up. The mixture is so thin it takes about 10 passes to be able to see anything but you can stop any time it looks right. Just be careful the paint doesn't pool between the layers (short, quick strokes at slightly lower pressure due to the thin mix does the trick) The Tamiya 'Make-up for Models' kits have a good 'soot' mixture but I usually have trouble controlling the application of the stuff HTH
  6. JeffH

    Social Modelling. Who does it?

    This place (LSP) is about as social as I get. Some might find that sad but I'm like Dean. I'm pretty happy in my own company. Maybe from being an only-son with 4 sisters; I guess.
  7. JeffH

    New to Airbrushing

    Cleanliness really is next to Godliness
  8. JeffH

    me 163 HASAGAWA

    My LHS has had one gathering dust on the lower shelf for a while. I didn't bother to check the price but its probably more than I paid online for mine.
  9. JeffH

    Supermarine WALRUS by HPH

    Stunning Job!
  10. JeffH

    Make the others jealous

    I figured that Brian, But to the casual observer looking at it on my shelf who would know?
  11. JeffH

    Make the others jealous

    I just picked up the HpH ships catapult from a fellow LSP member. I'm thinking it's a possible soft-entry point into a full-meal resin deal later on. Too bad I couldn't put the Walrus on top of it. Or could I?
  12. JeffH

    Don't ya just hate it when....

    hmmm does anybody have the www.Escadrille.ca domain locked up?
  13. JeffH

    Fw 190 A8/R11 Nightfighter Finished

    Great job Grant. I picked this kit up the other day
  14. JeffH

    Make the others jealous

    Dean .... Frikkin Perzactly I know there's going to be a mountain of sanding. I wanna apply mechanical force to the problem It's nice to see somebody breaking ground and knowing it will work. i have a jeweler's vice to hold the work piece so I'm good go. And a B-58 would have pride of place on top of my resin stash lol...even if I don't do Jets. Those things were art
  15. JeffH

    New to Airbrushing

    I find the same as Brian. I bought my Infinity based on looks alone I think but I have drifted back to my HP-CS. The H&S just seems over-engineered and the needles are way more fragile