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  1. The scale drawings were in an old issue of Windsock Magazine, I can't remember which issue. Mark
  2. Hi Kev, Not at all, it actually made it stiffer by filling in the grain. It might warp a much thinner piece though, I'm not sure. I was worried about warping when I was considering doing it this way but I thought I'd try it anyhow and so far, fingers crossed, it has worked out. Mark
  3. So I think my solution for making the wings will work out, thank goodness. I cut the basic shape out of balsa using a paper guide cut out from the scale drawings and made a sanding block for the upper and lower wing... I gave it a coat of Mr Surfacer 500, you can see it's still a little grainy from sanding..... Next, I put on a few thin coats of automobile Spot putty (Bondo) to smooth everything out.... Two coats of Mr Surfacer 500 and it's smooth as glass... Here it is on the scale plans, I'll need to refine the leading edge a bit but I think that will do it. This was about a days work on this wing. I'll spend some time on the rest of the wings over the next few weeks and should get them done relatively quickly...…. Thanks for looking in! Mark
  4. Thanks Kev, This was an experimental aircraft created around the "triplane craze" when many companies were building tri-wing bombers around that concept. Very little information has survived about the 40.08 but it is believed that it might have made some ground hops on the airfield but probably never really flew. I just really like the spirit of engineering, imagination and experimentation that it holds even if it was ultimately a failed design. Mark
  5. Thanks guys! I'm working on an idea for the wings at the moment. The wingspan of the upper wing will be a little under 2 feet 8 inches so I'm going to be making them out of balsa so they will be very light in weight. I should have an update by the end of the day. Thanks for looking in, Mark
  6. Hello everyone, With Wingnut Wings releasing a very fine Gotha G.I bomber, I decided to change up and do a different scratch build. I've still got some time left in the GB and I'm always looking to build something unique. Here is my new project, the Lloyd 40.08 Triplane Bomber, and a few pictures I've gathered from the internet.... It's big and ugly....I love it! Many Lloyd aircraft used plywood covered wings, 40.08 was one of them. Hopefully this will make the wings easier to reproduce. I will also have to make an Austro-Daimler V8 engine. Much fun ahead. Thanks for looking in, Mark
  7. Thanks Kevin, I learned a lot from scratch building the parts but I realized that I would have to extremely redo the front of the fuselage so I'll start another scratch build. This time it will be an experimental triplane bomber, the Lloyd 40.08. Thanks, Mark
  8. I've spent some time considering the future of this scratch build and I've decided to put this build on permanent hold. Looking at my limited budget and the materials I have on hand I have decided to start a new scratch build to enter into the group build. Thanks to everyone following along with this one and all of the positive comments, I really appreciate that. I'll start a new build post with the new aircraft tonight after I get back from the copy shop. Mark
  9. Thanks everyone, I've picked up a few more items for the continuing build...... Merc. D.I engines from the Albatros B.II Early kit (I put the Hazlet Radiators in another bag for safekeeping) and Aviatik resin Gotha Wheels..... The Horizontal Tail has a different shape.... And the rudder has control horns with the cable passing through the vertical fin.... The aileron control cables for the Ursinus didn't run along the lower wing like the G.I, it looks like they ran along the top wing trailing edge with 2 control horn cables meeting at a single point at the trailing edge.... Notice how much shorter the lower wing is compared to the top wing. Any experts out there know what color the UF is on the logo? I will keep on keepin' on.. Mark
  10. Thanks everyone, I've spent a few days looking at the Ursinus and am still not quite sure about how the control lines for the flying surfaces are arranged for it. I think I will be putting the build in a short holding pattern for now with the hopes that Windsock will release a "Gotha at War" volume that has more pictures or even better, detailed scale drawings! If nothing pops up in that department soon then I'll just continue the build the best I can. More soon, Mark
  11. Thanks Ray and Kevin. I had started out building the Gotha in 1/48...…. But when I saw the GB announced I decided to build it in 1/32. I have not posted much on the site but I have always received so much help from the members and staff I feel I owe my best effort contribution. I really value this site and forum! I've been putting some thought into my build now and I think I'll be amending it a little. I will definitely be building the WnW Gotha G.I, I am so impressed that they have released it for everyone to enjoy! Just so I don't have an overlapping build I will be changing mine slightly to model the 1st incarnation of the G.I called the "Friedel-Ursinus Type FU". This way I can have the Friedel and the G.I in my collection. WnWs release of the Gotha G.I is perfect timing for the stage that I am at in my build as I can easily convert it to the FU without much modification at this point in my build. I am very pleased with how accurate I was able to make the center cockpit area in comparison to the WnW kit and instructions but the FU version had a few variations. The FU had a different cockpit covering, engines, tail and wings than the G.I. The cockpit covering was a simpler design and there were a few redesigns along the way. One particular variation is the engines. The first version had the radiator in the engine nacelle and the nacelle was a little "boxy" I'm going to go with the second version with exposed engines and Hazlet radiators so I can really detail them up. Onward and upward! Thanks so much for looking in and the encouragement! Mark
  12. Wingnut Wings just announced they are releasing a Gotha G.I and UWD! Excellent!! Not to fear, I will be continuing and finishing my scratch build. I just received the last of the goodies I needed for the cockpit today! more soon, Mark
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