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  1. I decided to mix my own paint from Tamiya colors for RLM 65/02/71 and I have the colors where I like them for this build. I also have an Aires Cockpit and Exhaust set. I was reading up on the kit and it looks like I will need to get replacement wheels and maybe seatbelts. Looks like there is a fit problem with the center canopy in other builds online so I might have to model it open if I can't get the fit right. Mark
  2. I'm in with an Eduard Bf 109 E1 "Yellow 12" JG 52...……. I'm going to do this one with closed cowling and canopy and work more on my painting and weathering. Mark
  3. Done, thanks Kevin. I hope to get this build into the Eastern Front GB if I can get the parts. Mark
  4. Hello everyone, I would like to model this "Yellow 12 " profile with a late canopy and armor but the Eduard kit only has an early canopy and no armor (like in "Red 16" above it). I've done some searching on the net for canopies and armor but can't seem to find any. Any suggestions from you all about what I can do? Thanks in advance, Mark
  5. The scale drawings were in an old issue of Windsock Magazine, I can't remember which issue. Mark
  6. Hi Kev, Not at all, it actually made it stiffer by filling in the grain. It might warp a much thinner piece though, I'm not sure. I was worried about warping when I was considering doing it this way but I thought I'd try it anyhow and so far, fingers crossed, it has worked out. Mark
  7. So I think my solution for making the wings will work out, thank goodness. I cut the basic shape out of balsa using a paper guide cut out from the scale drawings and made a sanding block for the upper and lower wing... I gave it a coat of Mr Surfacer 500, you can see it's still a little grainy from sanding..... Next, I put on a few thin coats of automobile Spot putty (Bondo) to smooth everything out.... Two coats of Mr Surfacer 500 and it's smooth as glass...
  8. Thanks Kev, This was an experimental aircraft created around the "triplane craze" when many companies were building tri-wing bombers around that concept. Very little information has survived about the 40.08 but it is believed that it might have made some ground hops on the airfield but probably never really flew. I just really like the spirit of engineering, imagination and experimentation that it holds even if it was ultimately a failed design. Mark
  9. Thanks guys! I'm working on an idea for the wings at the moment. The wingspan of the upper wing will be a little under 2 feet 8 inches so I'm going to be making them out of balsa so they will be very light in weight. I should have an update by the end of the day. Thanks for looking in, Mark
  10. Hello everyone, With Wingnut Wings releasing a very fine Gotha G.I bomber, I decided to change up and do a different scratch build. I've still got some time left in the GB and I'm always looking to build something unique. Here is my new project, the Lloyd 40.08 Triplane Bomber, and a few pictures I've gathered from the internet.... It's big and ugly....I love it! Many Lloyd aircraft used plywood covered wings, 40.08 was one of them. Hopefully this will make the wings easier to reproduce. I will also have
  11. Thanks Kevin, I learned a lot from scratch building the parts but I realized that I would have to extremely redo the front of the fuselage so I'll start another scratch build. This time it will be an experimental triplane bomber, the Lloyd 40.08. Thanks, Mark
  12. I've spent some time considering the future of this scratch build and I've decided to put this build on permanent hold. Looking at my limited budget and the materials I have on hand I have decided to start a new scratch build to enter into the group build. Thanks to everyone following along with this one and all of the positive comments, I really appreciate that. I'll start a new build post with the new aircraft tonight after I get back from the copy shop. Mark
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