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HK Models 1/32 Avro Lancaster

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Got some more work done on my Lanc today. Started by adding some extra detail by  drilling out some areas in the gun turrets before they get built.





I then did what Nigel from LSP did by modifying  the rear tailplanes so they are correct. This takes a bit of time but needs to be done.

A479ECEA-5FC6-400F-805C-C2C015A351C5_zps A3577644-E10C-4DCB-9A2E-634825BF2E54_zps

Finished tailplanes and flaps.


   that's all for today 

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Got some more done on my Lanc tonight. Started on the cleaning up the fuselages many tabs that need removing. Planning on using the grey plastic for the Port side and the clear for the starboard side.



The fuselage next to my WNW SE5A I have just about finished. This baby is huge.


I then built a couple of the merlin engines and the main wheels.





That's it for tonight. Thanks for looking.

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Nice work there.  I too am looking forward to seeing how this turns out.  I am sure it will be a stunner.  I think drilling out those holes pays dividends with the end result.  The small details will add to the overall effect.


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I have finished 1 of the engines and painted it. This is the oob merlin with no added plumbing. Going to build 3 of the engines this way and 1 with lots of added detail. this engine wont be covered up. Also waiting to see if any other companies like Eduard bring out add ons or a resin one.




Thanks for looking.

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Nice motors, if the kit lets you, maybe just have a panel off to show some detail on the other engines like this:




also if you plan on going with the Small Bomb Containers the Lancaster carried a lot of the time, PM me as i have a manual on them that will be helpful in scratchbuilding them.



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On 1/12/2019 at 6:03 AM, richardchapman5 said:

Today I had a play with our Cricut cutting machine and made masks for my Lanc. I used my reference book on the dambuster that gives the correct sizes of the roundels and lettering used by the RAF during WW2. The large wing roundels decals that come with the kit appear to be far to large as they measure 8.2 cm across where I believe they should be 6.68 cm. the filling pics show what I did.

Reference book page.


Cricut cutting out masks.


what the masks look like on the kit. This is the basic bottom mask and just a test fit.


Thanks for looking.

SAM MDF book p.140:  "Upper wing roundels were 102in diameter Type B". 84in roundels are for Manchester and Lincoln.

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Got some more done on my Lancaster. Started by fixing the landing lights. I drilled out the moulded lights and placed some 1mm plastic card behind to place some lights on. I will then fill the lights with Kristal clear to replicate the clear covers.

Moulded landing lights.


Lights drilled out.


Plastic backing.



I then built both wing section. Adding the wing tips needed some work by sanding and test fitting. The port wing tip fits better than the 5BC66AD5-91E3-40DC-A07F-4977E886E2F9_zps

you need to add the wing support to get a much better fit. Finished wings.


I then worked on the upper  wing flats. I removed all the ejection pin and the minor detail. this takes a while due to the amount of pins and there location.


I have decided to wait and see if our friends at Eduard or some other manufactures come out with a PE replacement set. that's it for today. Thanks for looking.

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Got more done on the lanc. Drilled out the area under where the lanc heating vents are then placed 2 mm square plastic tube to give better detail to this area.





I then built the wing flaps. Noticed large hole at end of wing that needed to be covered. covered it with .2mm plastic card.






thanks for looking.

Edited by richardchapman5

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