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  1. How’s your Lancaster coming along?
  2. How’s the Lancaster coming along? Interested to how its going.
  3. Love this aircraft and wow this is an exciting looking build. Can’t wait to see how it comes along. PS lots of photos please.
  4. Stunning work learning lots from this build.keep up the great work mate
  5. Great extra plumbing work. Looking great mate.
  6. Hi Matt. Love your paint work. Any chance you have some photos of when you used the oil paints.would love to see how you do this because it looks great mate.
  7. Got some more work done on my Lancaster. Nearly finished the Port wing. Just need some parts added then weathering and its done. The engines still need fitting. Added the red surround where the life raft is place. That's all for now and thanks for looking
  8. Thanks for that Steve, Ill fix that up mate.
  9. Engine nacelles in place and engines all coved up and props nearly finished. Exhaust stains added. Not sure if they are to heavy? what do you guys thinks. thanks for looking.
  10. Some more completed on my Lancaster. 1. rear tailplanes Starboard wing with engines fitted and decals applied. Gear doors fitted with added riveting added before painting. that's it for now and thanks for looking.
  11. Yes on most Lancaster they are black but have references photos in B/W of WW2 lancs that show the inside wheel wells are much lighter colour than the black wing colour so just went green to break up the black.
  12. Have been away for a while but got more done on my Lancaster. Have just about finished the starboard wing. I have decided to close the flaps for a number of reasons. The standard kit detail is poor and has many ejection pin marks. Eduards PE flap set is ridiculously priced and as I am planning to place the completed kit on the wall it will be much easier to construct a stand that mount on the wall and hold the lanc. The undercarriage went together easily and appears quite strong. The engine nacelle that the undercarriage fits into is another matter. I should say the real problem is fitting the nacelle into the wing as the fit is very tight and needs a lot of attention to get it to fit correctly. I have also completed the rear tailplanes and painted and weathered them and then added masks to paint the fin flashes. 1. undercarriage fitted. Mask for fin flash. The top wing with shading and brown camo. Paint completed. Mask for roundel. Weathering the tailplanes with Flory models wash. Completed the surface of one wing. That's it for now. Thanks for looking.
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