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  1. I don’t know but it is what it is and just have to work with what you get I’m afraid. I am still enjoying the this kit.
  2. Got some work done on the merlins. The next engine I'm planning on adding extra plumbing. I have placed the outer nacelle to the wing and added some Nato black to see the fit. I have test fitted the inner nacelle to the wing. L wing with both engine dry fitted. that's all for today and thanks for looking.
  3. Have cancelled the Eduard PE cockpit set and got a refund.
  4. Got some more done today. I have finished one of the outboard engines and the surrounding frame work that holds the engine and oil tank. This is straight OOB. I then did some dry fitting of the engine narcelle to the wing. This is the view of the engine looking into the underside of the nacelle. that's it for today and thanks for looking.
  5. I have just ordered the Eduard PE set for my Lancaster. Stupid me didn’t have a look at the instructions on the Eduard site before I prepaid for the set. I must say after looking at the instructions I am extremely disappointed with what Eduard have in this kit. All of the replacement radio panels are dead flat apart from some grab handles. There is 1 small add on to the seat and the oxygen holder and a couple of other minor add ons. The instrument panel also looks very flat. I think Eduard have dropped the ball big time and just rushed this set out. VERY DISAPPOINTED.
  6. Today got into one of the engine nacelle. The underside is completely filled in where you should be able to see the rear side of the radiator and engine, so I sawed and sanded some plastic away. The nacelles side by side to show what I removed. what it should look like.
  7. Got more done on the lanc. Drilled out the area under where the lanc heating vents are then placed 2 mm square plastic tube to give better detail to this area. I then built the wing flaps. Noticed large hole at end of wing that needed to be covered. covered it with .2mm plastic card. thanks for looking.
  8. Got some more done on my Lancaster. Started by fixing the landing lights. I drilled out the moulded lights and placed some 1mm plastic card behind to place some lights on. I will then fill the lights with Kristal clear to replicate the clear covers. Moulded landing lights. Lights drilled out. Plastic backing. I then built both wing section. Adding the wing tips needed some work by sanding and test fitting. The port wing tip fits better than the you need to add the wing support to get a much better fit. Finished wings. I then worked on the upper wing flats. I removed all the ejection pin and the minor detail. this takes a while due to the amount of pins and there location. I have decided to wait and see if our friends at Eduard or some other manufactures come out with a PE replacement set. that's it for today. Thanks for looking.
  9. Thanks Finn. I will definitely PM you for that manual on the containers. Thank mate.
  10. I have finished 1 of the engines and painted it. This is the oob merlin with no added plumbing. Going to build 3 of the engines this way and 1 with lots of added detail. this engine wont be covered up. Also waiting to see if any other companies like Eduard bring out add ons or a resin one. Thanks for looking.
  11. Looking good mgunns. I must say I’m not looking forward to all those bombs. Thinking of making the rectangular incendiary bomb canisters instead of 250 lbs.
  12. Got some more done on my Lanc tonight. Started on the cleaning up the fuselages many tabs that need removing. Planning on using the grey plastic for the Port side and the clear for the starboard side. The fuselage next to my WNW SE5A I have just about finished. This baby is huge. I then built a couple of the merlin engines and the main wheels. That's it for tonight. Thanks for looking.
  13. Got some more work done on my Lanc today. Started by adding some extra detail by drilling out some areas in the gun turrets before they get built. I then did what Nigel from LSP did by modifying the rear tailplanes so they are correct. This takes a bit of time but needs to be done. Finished tailplanes and flaps. that's all for today
  14. coming along very nicely and your weathering looks spot on.
  15. coming along very nicely and love the paint work.
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