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7 minutes ago, Lee White said:

Combat does, it is very crude. I posted pics somewhere here on LSP a while back.


EDIT; Here it is- 





Thanks Lee,  I do remember that now. Bit of a disappointment for sure. Looks like the PB pics are gone

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On 12/5/2018 at 12:37 PM, mozart said:

I sent this photograph yesterday to K1, it's bits of my (stalled) Avro Anson vac build.  I explained to him bits that I have done, bits that I'd like to do and a massive amount of bits that I HAVE to do:




Kev has agreed that it's less than 25% finished, so this will be my (first) entry for the GB.  I started a thread for it back in 2016 which Kev will resurrect once the GB starts, bit of a head start but not much.  When, not if, the Anson's complete I may do a Dragon Bf110F as well.


Max, it will be great to see you work some more on the Anson!  I know all the work you have done so far, yet those parts laid out like this look deceptively like an almost unstarted kit! Just shows how much work a vacuform can be!



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15 hours ago, chrish said:

True...but I was thinking of a in flight model, shot up being escorted by Revells's Bf 109 G6 out of Germany...(The book cover I'm sure we've all seen? A higher call)

Think I can pull that off in a year? That's an optimistic project...I do have all the components though.


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On 12/3/2018 at 3:00 PM, Padubon said:

I think more Lancasters are going to be build here than what the Brits did in WW2!

I am in for one.


I am ready for January. Santa has a warehouse 1.8 miles from my house called Sprue Brothers.

Lanc, brass .303s, decals and instrument panel. All I need is time.



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