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I've not been very successful finishing a group build in time, but a year might be enough. This one sounds like fun so I'd like to try one or the other of two possibilities.


John Wilkes of Tigger Models is optimistic he can release a 1/32 Fairey Gannet soon, it's a double turboprop with far too many propeller blades so I think it counts. If that is available in the next couple of months I'll go with that.


Otherwise it will be a Trumpeter MiG-29A of the Polish Air Force.




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I’m thinking an F/A 18...or two, possibly an A B C D or G I’ve got more conversions and updates than I can ever possibly use...and multiples of Leading edge 1/32 color bird decals for Canadian As and Bs...I’ll see what transpires, maybe a He 111 H6...I’ve got a year right?!

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2 hours ago, Shawn M said:

wow, some great builds planned out here!


Brian, I may have some trop filters for you if needed.


Thanks Shawn! I actually ordered two of them (twin and all) from QuickBoost when I first thought about the project.


Cheers for the offer though, much appreciated

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I'd like to jump in with something, not sure what yet. I'd like to do several models, but my finish rate is dismal,  so,  I have a plan; First, a box-stock model, like a Revell Beaufighter or Mosquito. This would have the highest chance of completion. Next, a more involved project, like a Tigger vac. This might make it by the closing bell. Lastly, one of my home brews, which have a habit of getting to the 80% before ending up on the SOD. We'll see.

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