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  1. Cool topic. I will build an IAF F-15i Ra’am. Cheers, David
  2. Dukie99

    Make the others jealous

    Mark, are you planning an Alicat for the Desert GB? Very cool!
  3. Dukie99

    B-25J Betty's Dream(ing) of a French Kiss

    Awesome work Carl, every installment of this epic build is better than the previous one. Cheers, David
  4. Dukie99

    Forum Upgrade

    I like the clean look on the iPad. Thanks a bunch for doing this, I know it is a lot of work. Cheers, David
  5. Desert in the lead, I see a Sufa or a ra’am in my future:)
  6. Dukie99

    Happy 4th

    I celebrated the fourth last night with my three kids (they are all US citizen thanks to Mommy) at Union Point Park in New Bern, NC. A Marine band played for two hours before the fireworks and that made my day. Amazing musicians and performers, we had a blast! Cheers, David
  7. I voted for Revell to do a Swiss Hunter. But if Desert Ship means IAF aircrafts are in and so are aircrafts used in the iIrak and Afghanistan theater, then I would be very happy with that choice as well
  8. Very nice progress! So good to see all these G4 being built, it will be super useful when I get to build one. Cheers, David
  9. Dukie99

    MH-47G 160th SOAR Nightstalkers

    Guys, thank you for the kind words. I am working steadily on this one and I am enjoying myself. Lots of parts clean-up and preparatory work for various assemblies. I made a start on the engines, continued installing formers in the cargo hull and working on adding details to the ramp area. I have also started working on the cockpit and trying to understand how to make the Reedoak figures in there. I am using the blackhawk pilot and co-pilot and they are molded sitting on some nifty looking armored seats. These seats are probably inaccurate for the MH-47G but I don’t know for sure because these birds are heavily modded from one bird to the other. Removing the pilots from the seats is not really an option so I will the pilots as molded, but this means I need to make a custom seat holder because these seats being slightly wider than the kit seats or the WW seats, I cannot use the kit or the conversion seat holders. I made a start on the seat holder and mocked up the cockpit to how it looks (everything is dry fitted). I think this will look eventually great if I don’t botch the figures. I am leaving on Saturday with my kids for three weeks of vacation in North Carolina, so there will be no progress for a while on the big bird. Cheers, David
  10. Dukie99

    Fw 190 A8/R11 Nightfighter Finished

    This is really looking great
  11. Dukie99

    B-25J Mitchell

    And it is done. I loved building this kit, it is beautifully engineered and not difficult to build. The fit of the transparencies and of the wings is just great. It made me want to tackle my B-17G and I will definitely get a Lancaster (or two). If the quality is the same as the B-25, it will be a treat. Here are the RFI pictures, taken under the beautiful Swiss sunshine Thank you all for the encouragement during the build and to the guys who are also building a B-25 for this GB, keep on trucking, this will make for an awesome GB Gallery. Cheers, David
  12. Dukie99

    HK Lancaster.

    Graham, this is looking really awesome and I will definitely build a Dambuster. Thank you for putting this conversion out. I read Dam Busters from James Holland earlier this year as part of my "preparation" for the HK Lancaster and the courage and fortitude showed by the crews (and many did not return) is incredible and inspiring. James Holland also does a good job explaining all the intra-service politics leading to the raid, the trials and training and putting the raid in perspective. I would also want to have a regular Lancaster besides the Dambuster, but I will start with the Dambuster. If it comes on time for Christmas, that would be perfect. Cheers, David
  13. Dukie99

    Fw 190 A8/R11 Nightfighter Finished

    Excellent paint job, I like the mottle a lot.
  14. Looks great. I will follow with interest as I always wanted to build a “sink the Bismarck†Swordfish and you do not see many of these kits being built. Keep up the great work. David
  15. Dukie99

    How do you feel about using masks for markings?

    When given the choice I prefer masks over decals. I would love to see masks for the panther or the fat face skyraider. I don’t own a silhouette and I don’t think I have time to invest in mastering it so I would gladly buy good quality masks.