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  1. Dukie99

    MH-47G 160th SOAR Nightstalkers

    Time for an update. Major milestone this week-end: after lots of prep work, I was able to glue the canopy on and the forward pylon. Still some seam clean-up to do, but it is really taking shape now. Lots of bits and bobs to install on the fuselage once the seam sanding is fully done. Some pictures: inside the canopy, will not really be seen but I know it’s there pilots installed canopy installed overall shot, this bird is massive Cheers, David
  2. Dukie99

    Kitty Hawk's new Black Hawk!!!

    Live Resin is coming up with a full crew (2 pilots, 2 gunners) and three GIBs (Guys In the Back) for the Blackhawk and they look stunning. Unfortunately the Blackhawk will not be out before Christmas.
  3. Dukie99

    MH-47G 160th SOAR Nightstalkers

    Time for an update. I am still fighting the nose to improve the appearance of the joints between the windows and the resin frame, lots of masking and sanding and puttying, taking it slowly as I do not have any spares. To keep this moving, I worked some more on the engines and finally installed the shrouds around the engine exhausts. The shrouds are glued at the root of the engine berth with epoxy and the braces are made of hypodermic needles. I still need to paint the needles in airframe color but I think they look the part. Happy with the results, these shrouds make the bird look even more badass, especially looking from behind. The next challenge, completely unexpected, is the aft landing gear. Trumpeter gives you landing gear made of metal, the problem is that metal (at least in my copy) is completely crumbly. Upon installation the entire metal landing gear broke in four pieces. No way to repair it, the metal has no structural integrity. All I can do is use the pieces as a model to scratch build new aft landing gear from styrene. I will not aim for 100% accuracy because you will not see much there and the model is so large and heavy that once it will be in the display cabinet I don’t think I will ever turn it to look at the wheel bay. A few hours of work will take care of that issue... Cheers, David
  4. You are definitely a great Wizard! I think I would have lost my mind somewhere in the middle... can’t wait to see it with some paint on and in situation, it will be awesome.
  5. It does not really matter as far as I am concerned, anything I would start during the Christmas break will not be past the 25% mark comes January 1st.
  6. I suggest December 24 as a starting date so whoever finds a Lanc, a Lib, a Toryu or other multi engined goodies under the tree can start right away. What ifs should be in. Just my two cents. Cheers, David
  7. Dukie99

    Lancaster purchase

    Thank you Kagemusha, this is helpful information. I usually paint the markings on my models so I mainly purchase these decals for the nose art. I have started assembling period pictures of the Phantom so hopefully I can come up with a realistic wartime rendition of that aircraft. Cheers, David
  8. Dukie99

    Lancaster purchase

    My wife told me last night she would get me the HK Lanc and the Liberator for Christmas (obviously some preparatory work was necessary to get to that statement...), so I volunteered to do the ordering (since it is not completely necessary for her to know how much they cost). I am going to use the HK Lanc to build Phantom of the Ruhr (already have the decals) and I will most likely build it OOB, except for seatbelts and gun barrels. I will most likely get the WNW Dambuster when it comes out but I am in no hurry as I will need to build the HK Lanc first to justify a second Lanc to my wife.
  9. Dukie99

    DesTROYer's 1/35 AAAvn CH-47D Chinook

    Great progress, I am more or less at the same stage in the MH47G I am building for the night fighter GB. I don’t understand why we don’t see more of these built, I think it is a great kit. Are you going to mask the inside of the glass nose? Cheers, David
  10. I vote for a short break to let the B-24 and the HK Lancaster land under my Christmas Tree...
  11. Dukie99

    MH-47G 160th SOAR Nightstalkers

    Thank you Carl. This afternoon I finished installing the vac form windows. From a distance it looks OK but there are a lot of little blemishes and areas where the joints to the windows need improvement, but I think it is already better than the resin windows. More pictures soon. Cheers, David
  12. Dukie99

    MH-47G 160th SOAR Nightstalkers

    Thanks Andy. I had not planned to tint the windows because I don’t know how to achieve the right effect. Viewed straight through the windows have no tint but head on there is indeed something of a reflective film So I will probably leave them untainted. Cheers, David
  13. Dukie99

    MH-47G 160th SOAR Nightstalkers

    Made very slow progress on fitting the vac form windows. I am glueing them with 5mn epoxy, and I glue them one at time, there is a total of 13 windows and I am half way through, so far so good but I will have a bit of sanding to blend everything. To keep things interesting, I have finished the power eggs and glued them on to the fuselage. I painted them before glueing as some parts would hard to reach after glueing. The forward parts are sand filter which I bought on Shapeways. I had to do a bit of carving to fit around the engine base but otherwise the fit was very good. I still need to install the shrouds but that’s for later. Pics: and a 1/1 bird with the sand filters installed: cheers, David
  14. Your are a wizard! Great show. cheers, David
  15. Dukie99

    MH-47G 160th SOAR Nightstalkers

    The vac form windows have arrived together with the Chinook stencils, so I gave it a go I chain drilled all the windows The Radu micro saw to cut out the windows then diamond files to clean everything then dry fitted to the fuselage and more sanding to make it comform as much as possible to the fuselage, will save time later on. then painted the interior and exterior of the nose in Tamiya NATO Black. I will let it cure overnight and then the hard part, fitting the vac form windows. That being said I am happy with my progress, the fit of the nose is actually very good and I manage to cut the windows and all the sanding with braking any of the frames. Hopefully the vac windows will allow me to get a much more realistic look not on’y In terms of transparency but also the aspect of the windows which smoothly blend into the fuselage as seen on this pic More progress soon. cheers, David