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  1. This is looking awesome. The set I would like the most to see released by Quinta is a 1/32 set for the Trumpeter F/A-18F. I have used the Quinta set for the 1/48 Su-57 and the quality was top notch. Cheers, David
  2. Very attractive scheme and beautiful execution, what's not to like! Cheers, David
  3. Great start to another super exciting project. I wish I had those steady hands of yours for this camo. Great to see you using the blackops resin. I built the gunship version of the Killer egg using the blackops conversion a few years ago and I loved it, good quality resin, great research and instructions. The black ops site has an intro video which is worth watching (https://blackopsmodels.com/). I hope we will see some AM from Black ops for the KH blackhawk series. Cheers, David
  4. Time for an update. I have continued working on this kit over the last weeks but progress has been fairly slow. I have not been able to find new sets of the AMW screws (and my e-mail to AMW went unanswered) so I had the choice of shelving this build until I would be able to find another set or use the rest of my screw heads set. I had used all the flat 0.8mm flat head screw but had a bunch of 0.8mm cruciform head screw and a bunch of 0.65mm flat head screw left so this is what I used. The cruciform head screw may not be accurate for the P-38 and they are now of different size but without a mag
  5. This is looking amazing. I have an Italeri Mirage in the stash and your building tips will be invaluable. I find the combination of the rocket pods with the fuel tank fascinating. I see how it make sense but the idea of combining in a single contraption high explosive, rockets and fuel is an interesting one... Cheers, David
  6. I have now rescribed the left boom. I found in my stash Alliance Model Works screw head and I thought I would use them on the engine cowl as they are indeed prominent on the real thing. I got a little carried away and the problem is, I did have only enough for one boom. I tried to order more from AMW but they are out of stock... I will have to wait. Cheers, David
  7. Progress. I am inching how so slowly to the point where I can rescribe the lost details on the booms (my least favorite part of kit building). I have now glued the resin airscoops I started with the original resin part of the GMF conversion, i.e four half boom portions, such as this one: Then I hacked the boom part away from the scoop Then careful sanding to remove the aft part of the scoop Then fitting on the boom glued with epoxy and after many sessions of wet sanding, putty and primer, it is done and looks reasonable to the naked eye
  8. from any angle, this work of art looks stupendous. I don't find the brass rod to be distracting, it is a very subtle hint at the gold medal this deserves... Sorry to ask because I don't think we have JB weld in Switzerland, but is it a two components clear epoxy? Cheers, David
  9. A bit more progress. This is another step where I deviated from the instructions from Grey Matter Figures. The cover of the turbocharger is different in the G than in the L so you get these lovely resin replacement in the GMF conversion: The problem is that in the trumpeter kit the aft portion of the cover is integral to the top wing and will be glued to the tailboom as you can see in this picture If you cut the kit to insert the GMF part, aft connection of the main wing with the tail boom will be to the resin cover which would have a rather flimsy connection to the main
  10. Quick update today, nothing spectacular, but progress notheless bamboo chopsticks expoxied in the wings to ensure that the wings do not sag. pennies and dimes in the gun bay to ensure I have no tail sitter. Fortunately with the SOW landing gear, the added weight will not be an issue. Hopefully more progess soon. Cheers, David
  11. Here's the pit. OOB it is very simple as all the console details are provided through standard decals. The bare plastic, some of the details on the seat have not been glued or cut off as per Quinta's instructions Now painted in MRP Sukhoi blue-grey and MRP Nato black. Sorry about the picture, I made a mistake cropping the picture but you get the idea Now the good part, the cockpit completed with all the Quinta 3d decals glued on with Mig Ultra Glue. I am debatting applying a future coat and then a wash but I may leave it like that. Not bad for 30 minutes of work. The
  12. This bad boy recently landed on my doorstep directly from Russia (less than USD 50 with shipping) I normally don't build in this scale and make only very rare exception, but this guy needed to be challenged in the display cabinet: It is the Hasegawa kit, build OOB with the kits decals. I will build the Su-57 as a clean airframe (no pylons) but contrary to the F-22 where I closed all bay, I will open the main ventral weapon bay. This will be a relatively quick build as there are not a ton of pieces, but so far I am impressed with the quality of the ki
  13. Hi Nick, The Alclad is not bad but you need to sand it smooth after application otherwise you get a pebbly result. It takes a bit of time but once sanded it is tough as nail and smooth as baby’s butt. Cheers, David
  14. I voted too, awesome idea! Cheers, David
  15. The adhesion of the silver primer is excellent on well washed resin (I give the resin a bath of diluted bleach), but it is very thin, so you see all imperfection on the plastic or resin. Not sure I will be able (or have the patience) to get the surface perfect so I may resort to Alclad primer and microfiller.
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