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  1. I built the A recently for the multiengine GB. I don’t know about the fit of the Aires wheelbays in the UB but in the A the fit of the main wheelbays was great and the front wheelbay was 1mm short but that was easy to correct. The Aires cockpit for the A has gorgeous details and fits very well. Same for the engine details. Masters does very good pitot tubes and armory does excellent resin wheels. My only regret is that for Russian mud movers there is almost no aftermarket ordnance available. If company like Videoaviation or Eduard Brassin were doing Russian ordnance they would make of fortune out of me... Cheers, David
  2. Good start. I built this kit last Summer as a IAF Peten. I posted RFI pictures here. The Masters gun is a must. I had both the Flightpath and the Verlinden set but did not use all parts to retain my sanity. The flightpath set brings lots of nice details to the tail wheel and avionics in front. The main rotor blades would benefit from being curved at bit under boiling water as OOB they are straight and give you a strange look. have fun. David
  3. Hi there, I did not do as much modeling as I was hoping for during the holidays but I did make some progress. I am almost ready to close the fuselage. So far it is a problem free build everything fits well and it's a well engineered kit. The engine will never see the light of day so I just painted it but did not bother with any weathering. The IP is eduard photoetch and the seatbels are HGW. Till next time, thanks for following this build. Cheers, David
  4. Merry Christmas everyone. A day of rest for me playing board games with my kids and wife, good times:)
  5. Not yet but I will find out soon enough if it sands well...
  6. Please enter me as both recipient and donor. I will donate these two kits for two separate prizes Cheers, David
  7. I will participate to this GB with the Hobbyboss IL-2M3. This has been in the stash for a while and I have a fair amount of aftermarket for it. I plan to build a version sporting the 37mm gun pods and pretty much nothing else in terms of loadout. I have the excellent Yefim Gordon Il2 book as reference. Box shot and aftermarket resin wheels Reference I have started by filling all the rivets and panel lines on the tail. As per the Gordon book, the Hobbyboss kit is not necessarily wrong, some Il-2 had a metal tail, but I like the smooth look so I filled the rivets using MRP liquid putty. I will let it dry thoroughly and will then sand it down. More progress soon hopefully. Cheers, David
  8. And it is finished. Aside from the major let down of screwing up the bort number due to careless masking (I now pretend it is heavily weathered...), I am happy to call this one done. I think it is a very good Trumpeter kit with lots a good aftermarket available. I could be tempted to build another one (in a few years...) Some picks and then I will move on to the Eastern Front GB with another sturmovik. Cheers, David
  9. Thanks guys for the kind words. I am on the home stretch. Loading her up with the gun pods and the rocket pods. Dumb bombs and AA missile to follow. Cheers, David
  10. Slowly but surely we are getting close. Underside weathered and landing gears installed. Need to weather the wheels though. Pitots have been installed. I think I will be able to finish this one before end of December and I am looking forward to the next GB (Eastern front) because I plan to build the Su-25 grand daddy, the Il-2M3 in a tank hunting configuration. Cheers, David
  11. Excellent result, this a very attractive scheme. I hope my transparencies will come out a shiny as yours, they look great.
  12. Hi Brad, I plan to pose the cockpit open so the not perfect fit does not both me. For the gun access hatch, I will pretend it is soviet style fit... joking aside when you look at some pictures of 1/1 Su-25, there are a number of panels where they could have used some putty... cheers, David
  13. I am back. I have to admit I lost much of the drive for this kit over the Summer. Nothing wrong with the kit but I could not get going. We also had new baby in February (our fourth) and as she has become more active, my time at the bench as been reduced, but no complaint as she is strong, healthy and a super happy baby most of the time. I have continued working on the Su-25 but at a snail pace. I should be able to finish it by year end but who knows. This is where I stand now, camo is free hand with MRP colors, decals are from Linden Hill (highly recommended). I used Flory wash (sand) on top and will use grime on the bottom. I was not entirely convinced with the MRP color but their grow on me. I will most likely spray highly diluted sand colored paint to tie everythin together and mute the decals a bit. Still working on the ordnance, which are a pain in the neck. Cheers, David
  14. Congratulations, you can be very proud of this one and thank you for the history lesson, it made the WIP that much more enjoyable. Is there any other airframes used in that conflict that you could model in 1/32? Cheers, David
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