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  1. Hi Dave, I was actually thinking of starting my F/A-18+ kit. I have a ton of aftermarket but no am decals so I would be honored if I could use decals made by you. pm me if this is alright with you. Cheers, David
  2. Thanks Chuck. The drop tanks come from the 1/32 Revell Hunter kit. I went through a lot of kits in the stash to find something that was close in shape and dimensions and the Hunter drop tanks were the best match. I corrected the shape with Miliput and added the fins from plasticard and recycled pylons from the Flightpath detail set to graft them on the drop tanks. For reference, I used the Isradecals publication "AH-64A/D Peten and Saraf", which is very comprehensive with detailed walk around of both the Peten and the Saraf. I would say that in 80% of the pictures in that book showing Apaches in flight, the bird is sporting the drop tanks. I don't think there is any picture where the IAF Apache are carrying rocket pods. For me the drop tanks were the nr.1 mod to do to make it look like a Peten. I would love to do a Saraf, but that would be a much more ambitious project. I honestly think the kit is a very good base and it's too bad there is not more AM for it. Imagine an Aires pit, Brassin Hellfires and Quickboost Longbow radar, then I would start a D in a heartbeat. Cheers, David
  3. Hot on the heels of the two Cobra builds, I have just finished the old Revell AH-64A in 1/32. I built it as an IAF AH-64A Peten. Let's say it is my approximation of a Peten, I certainly do not claim exact accuracy, but I tried to include the main features of the Peten: the larger sponsons with the flares dispensers, the chaff dispensers under the winglets and the droptanks which you see all the times on the IAF Helos. I used an old Verlinden detail set (where the PE was missing, bummer), the flightpath AH-64A detail set and the antenna, pitot and chain gun are from Masters. The dcals are from Sky's decals. The flightpath set is very good and worth the effort: the wheels, the hellfire and all the wire cutters (nose, wheels, underside, topside) are from the set and do make a huge difference on a kit which is a bit barren but which fits well and has great raised rivets. I am very happy with it, not perfect by any means but I hope you will enjoy it. Cheers, David
  4. Thanks for the info, I am warned:)
  5. Woah! That is one stunning build. The weathering is amazing. How is the kit, I was thinking of picking up the Italeri Desert Storm issue when it finally comes out. Is the fit of the Aires pit and cans good? Congrats, David
  6. Excellent work and I love the background story. I built this kit as a Mi-24P (using upor conversion) and I agree with you that it is a very well engineered kit and a pleasure to build (just like the Hip). I wish the same Trumpeter team would tackle the Mi-28 or the Ka-50/52. Quite a feat of navigation for the Impalas to fly at low level to intercept moving targets which were probably also flying quite low. Looking forward to the next update. Cheers, David
  7. I wish I would be wrong because I would love nothin more than building a Falkland Seaking but the kits DRA05111 to DRA05113 and DRA05115 to DRA5117 are all 1/72 kits...
  8. Kent, I will make myself a Mojito and pretend I got to Cuba for the week-end on the wings of your creation.
  9. I play Carcassonne with my three kids (age 11, 9 and 7) and it is a lot of fun with lots of extensions available. Recently I started playing with the two older ones "Memoir '44" where you can replay the famous battles of WW2, last week-end we played the scenarios of "Pointe du Hoc" and Omaha Beach. Very good way for the kids to learn about WW2 and the game is very interesting to play for adults and younger ones and good replay value. Cheers, David
  10. And the Zulu is done. Not as happy with the Zulu and as I am with the Whiskey, but it is all my fault. When I applied the primer, I did not protect the hole where the turret plugs in and as a result some paint dust flew inside the cockpit. Not a ton but enough to be noticeable, bummer. As others have found out, the kits stencils completely blend with the paint job. It was too late for me to use Dave's decals. Here are the pics, I hope you enjoy even if it is far from perfect. The Zulu kit is brilliant, it is a treat to build. Cheers, David
  11. I loved that game but my all time favorites were Gunship 2000 and after that Jane's Longbow 2... I remember the adrenaline rush when hugging the terrain you would suddenly stumble on a Shilka or spot a Havoc on the horizon... good memories:)
  12. Defmodel (http://defmodel.com/) has a set of seated pilot and gunner for the AH-1Z plus other assorted goodies (gun barrels and FOD cover). Looks good on the render but no idea as to the quality of casting. Cheers, David
  13. I have subscribed to this one. Super cool project and very nice start. Love to see the period photos, very inspirational. I have not yet pulled the trigger on the KH blackhawks but I fully intend to build one of each version. Will you be using Werner's Wings Irene! decals? Cheers, David
  14. The Whiskey is finished. Super happy how the transparencies turned out, more pictures along the Zulu when it is done. Cheers, David
  15. Whiskey on the home stretch...
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