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  1. This is my entry to the Trainer GB: Academy F/A-18+ of VFC-12 Fighting Omars in Arctic splinter camouflage. Box shots, AM I will be using and the scheme I am going for. Cheers, David
  2. I have participated in several GBs over the years here. I have not always finished my builds in time but I usually do. As I like to build anything that looks cool no matter the era, I usually finds something in the stash to participate and I very much like the variety of aircrafts which are being built within a GB. I participated in the Cold War GB with Fisher Panther and let my enthusiasm take over an started an Intruder after finishing the Panther. I wanted to join the BOB GB with a Dragon BF-110 that I even started, but right now COVID and too much stress at work has killed my mojo, all bui
  3. Hi Lothar, I am depicting AC-500 (152946) of VA-75 Sunday Punchers on Saratogo in 1972. Cheers, David
  4. Thank you Karl for the link. The least I can say is that is quite a complex modification that you have done and you pulled it off beautifully. I don't think I will attempt it but the one thing that bothers me is that the IP appears to be at a right angle with the cockpit tube where in reality it is a bit angled. It will try to change the angle of the IP without making too much of a mess. Progress has been slow because working remotely and helping my kids with their remote school means that modelling becomes more and more remote... I was able to work on the intake. A bit
  5. Hi Jari, Thank you for the info. I had no idea that Vietnam era ablative coating were inside the bombs. I had read that after the 67 Forrestal fire, ablative coating had been introduced and since this is a bird of the 72 Saratoga cruise I thought that the snakeyes would have the ablative coating by then. I think I will still use the bombs I prepared, I don't have the courage to build, paint and weather another 30 bombs. I have found some more information on the bird I am portraying. The AoA instructions indicate that this bird was lost on 21 December 1972 from possible AAA fir
  6. On my end I have 47 1/32 kits and 2 1/24 kits. It is an eclectic mix of WWI, WW2, modern jets and two helicopters. Except for 3 airframes where I have duplicate (Intruder, Tamiya F-16 and Dragon bf-110), I have only one copy of each kit. I plan to build them all. Since I restarted the hobby at the end of 2012, I have built 30 1/32 kits. So I have about ten years worth of kits for which I slowly collect AM. I will certainly add the ZM He-129 and the Kitty Hawk Blackhawk series to the stash in the near future. David
  7. Do-17z for me. The wingspan of the He-177 would be over 100cm in 1/32 if I am not mistaken, i.e. slightly bigger than the Lancaster...
  8. Progress are slow on this one and it is a bit of a grind to build, paint and weather 30 snakeyes (I will only use 28). I have build the Eduard MER. I need only one but build all six of them. There there was a little problem: I realised they were too short So I decided to sacrifice one of the 6 MER and cut 8mm section to extend the other 5, then careful blending and sending, trying to avoid losing as much detail as possible. I cut each MER at a place where the cut will be mostly hidden by the bombs so even if I lose some details not biggie, it is more important to get the
  9. Thanks for posting this, very cool. Your grass is gorgeous, it's almost surreal. This situation is very much a mixed bag for us but overall I have zero complaint. I have as much work as before (if not more) and I can all do it from my home office (which I had set up way before this COVID-19). Having to work for home I reclaimed two hours or commutting a day and I can have breakfast, lunch and dinner with my wife and four kids when normally Monday to Friday it is only dinner (if I am lucky). My three older kids (8, 10 and 12) already want to go back to school and unless you organize their days
  10. Thanks Karl. If you have pictures that you be greatly appreciated. Did you correct the ip angle on your build? If I can get good info on the ip angle I will certainly try to correct it. Petr, the intakes are from Rhino Model works which I got on e-bay a few years back. I know that GT-Resin does A6-intakes and looking at GT-Resin website they look identical (in terms of engineering solution, where you cut the kit to fit the intakes, etc) to the Rhino Model works. Because this bird will have a full load of Snakeyes and building and painting ordnances is not my favourite job,
  11. Since there is still plenty of time left on this Group Build and with the Easter week-end coming where we are very strongly encouraged to stay home despite the gorgeous weather, I thought it would be great to start another build after finishing the Panther. My next project is the Trumpeter A-6A Intruder in Vietnam, which I plan to depict in a bombtruck configuration with 28 Snakeyes hanging down from five MERs. I have plenty of aftermarket for this one, videoaviation snakeyes, AOA decals, AMS resin wheels. I decided against the Avionix resin pit as I want to detail the cockpit usi
  12. I used the Reed Oak black hawk pilots for my MH-47G. I had to modify them a bit to fit but overall I was happy with the result. Whether all the equipments the pilots are carrying is accurate for a MH-47G, I have no idea, but I thought it was close enough and there are not many alternative. I think Live Resin also does black hawk pilots. Cheers, David
  13. Thank you Don. The fit of the kit was very good overall and let's say I did a lot less of sanding, puttying and resanding on this kit than on many IM kit I have done in the past. Fitting the cockpit tube into the fuselage was simply amazing: I had followed the instructions of Paul to the Ts but I was sceptical that everything would fit as it should, but it did. The fit of the tip tanks was excellent with minimum putty to hide the seam, same thing for the elevator and all the moving parts. The only part which was a bit tricky was mating the wing part to the fuselage. The kit provides positive t
  14. As promised, final pictures of the Panther under a glorious sun. One of the best kits I ever built. I used the casted brass legs Paul produced two years ago and given the sheer weight of this aircraft, I don't regret the purchase. I encourage anyone who has this kit to build it, it is a serious treat. Cheers, David
  15. Thanks Red Dog, this aircraft would look good with the folded wings but you need to be a brave soul to fold the wing on the Fisher kit: major surgery required and the wings plus the tip tanks are solid resin, so attaching them to the hinge point would be a challenge. I finished tonight without major hiccup and I am super happy with the result. This is a kit that was worth every penny. I will post pictures tomorrow. Cheers, David
  16. This is the home stretch, I have applied a final varnish coat of Alclad Light Sheen on the airframe and I am getting all the final pieces ready for assembly. bombs have been lightly weathered using the salt technique (hard to see on the pictures) and the band mark has been painted: bang seat and transparencies and bits and bobs: Finals pictures soon. Cheers, David
  17. Thank you Ray. Actually the MRP liquid putty worked really well, it dries quickly and does not seem to shrink to much so to fill up rivets and panel lines it worked really well and it sands well. Use water because it produces a very fine dust which is probably not what the doctor recommends to anyone's lungs, and especially not now. Stay safe, David
  18. Thank you for the kind words. This is really a nice kit and not a difficult one (it is not HpH difficult). I just finished decaling the bird and the decals are very good quality, very thin with good solid color. I was concerned that the white would show the GSB underneath but it is not the case. This is the scheme as seen in the movie The Bridges at Toko Ri. If you google it you find on You Tube all the aircraft footage of the movie, which I found extremely helpful to place the decals (especially the dragon) as the instruction sheet was very very dark and it was hard to see where certain decal
  19. I finished this build over the week-end. Apologies for not updating the WIP, but there was too many things going on in the real life so posting took a back seat. Not my best effort but this is a great kit and the AM available is really good. The weathering is minimal and it actually looks better in real life than in pictures and now sits nicely next to the little ICM i-16 Polikarpov in my display cabinet. All markings have been painted using montex mask (also for the transparencies), which worked really well but patience is needed not to screw up the russian stars. I hope you like
  20. At last some colors. I decided to paint the main airframe GSB and then do the masking for the silver coroguard before glueing the pylons and the movable surfaces to make it easier. There is still a few blemishes I need to correct but so far so good, it is very enjoyable resin kit. More progress soon. I have started with the ordnance, a full bomb load, 2 500lbs and 6 250lbs. Stay safe everyone. Cheers, David
  21. Thank Iain. I have now a complete airframe. The moving surfaces are just dry fitted and there is still a few places where I need to putty and sand but were are close to applying some GSB. She is now under primer (alclad Grey microfiller, sanded smooth). It looks like I will be working from home for the next 6 weeks. As I will be saving two hours of commuting every day, I am hoping this will translate in more bench time. We shall see. Everyone stay safe. Cheers, David
  22. Made some good progress. I finished the cockpit glued it inside the fuselage and then expoxied the wings. I also glued the wingtip tanks. The fit is very good for the wingtip tanks and at the wingroot, not so much at the back and in the front nothing that a little sheet styrene and putty cannot correct. It is a fairly big model and so far this is a very enjoyable build. Cheers, David
  23. OK I have made a start. Dutifully following the instructions I started with the cockpit. The quality of the resin is really awesome and compared to HpH there is very little clean-up required. The IP is made of a photoetch face to be glued on the resin dash with a acetate sheet with the dial printed on it in between. There was just a little problem with that: The dials on the acetate sheet do not match the photoetch face So I got rid of the acetate sheet and used airscale early jet decals and the ginter book as reference. Decals went on the resin dash: Th
  24. I will join this GB with the Fisher Panther. With the fatface Skyraider conversion, this is my only Fisher kit, so I will try to do it justice. I have given the entire kit a thorough cleaning of diluted bleach and will get started soon. Box shot, instruction manual and the reference material I will use. Cheers, David
  25. TAC scale dynamic makes AGM-12B Bullpup in resin. Two on sale on ebay right now. no idea of the quality but they are cheap. https://www.ebay.com/itm/TAC-SCALE-DYNAMIC-RGM-12B-BULLPUP-RADIO-GUIDED-MISSILES-2-1-32-SCALE-32025/253829326907?hash=item3b1968283b:g:Y6UAAOSwc~xbJfHe https://www.ebay.com/itm/TAC-Scale-Dynamics-Bullpup-Missiles-Radio-Guidied-32025-Super-Rare/233302021563?hash=item3651e255bb:g:ShMAAOSw0eNdQaO3 will follow this project which as per usual is awesome. Cheers, David
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