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  1. Pe Flaps are a pain in the a¥£€ but looking the part
  2. Yes I know it's a war grave and its pilot big talk about it in Maine. There is many stories about them Maine folk lor etc I like said I prob wrong. I live there for many years it's to bad they closed the base . Getting old
  3. I believe I could be wrong that corsair sitting at the bottom of lake sebago was a ferry flight that crashed they say it's a war grave ??? I do know some Firm wanted to rise it but a lot of people made a big stink about it. Oh nice lake been there many times
  4. rigor


    Very cool where did you get the grass strips
  5. Didn't know the kit wasn't available anymore.
  6. They do it just takes them 10 years to do it. Radian, frank etc
  7. I think that Damian is gonna have to hire some employees
  8. No time getting this one done looks great Dan, I think your gonna be the only one that has to bring his own table to the show
  9. Just awesome work. Love to see your display case do you build theses for museum's
  10. Really John are you married if so your a lucky man having so much Bench time
  11. I love that looks sweet. Guess I might chisel money out of my wallet for the new tam kit
  12. Outstanding hope they do more then one production run on theses kits
  13. Looks good to me and welcome to the nut house like Kev said that key board is pretty crazy
  14. Great looking bird there Dale. I just love that color
  15. Not to highjack this build but great info and pics Ryan
  16. That's a bummer chuck I say vac the three main ones
  17. Wow Dale. Looks great. Where did you fine that color.
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