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  1. The aircraft that Dennis Mentioned 66-0240 is no longer at the Vermont ang base in Burlington Vermont I have a buddy that works at the base I'll see if he knows where it went
  2. Italian all the way. But the German scheme on the box art I like to
  3. Be cool if you painted a landscape where it's hanging
  4. Awesome I would like to know also what paint you used
  5. Yes that's one of the ones I want is 1/32 he 177 and 1/24 me262 night fighter
  6. Sad news really hope someone picks this up there a few that I want. Tigger ??
  7. First I thought it was MDC. But now that I thing about it I believe it's grey matter, getting old
  8. rigor

    B-58 1/32

    Cool not a big jet guy but damn I want one
  9. There was a thread on this where it is I not sure but I would love to have one
  10. Cool idea Kevin now I just need to buy a cutter
  11. That's killer looking John nice work as always
  12. Wow awesome camo. That's a good looking bird you have there sir
  13. Man you do clean work. This would make a killer resin upgrade sets
  14. Bunch of lushes just beer for me
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