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Great Wall Hobby P-40B Tomahawk in 1/32


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Maybe they have some idea of what they want to do and a 3-D printer so they could put something on their display stand.  Could’nt they have generated that in the last week?

32 minutes ago, Jennings Heilig said:

Not sure what that mock-up is, but I can state with 100% certainly that they have just (within the past three weeks) started research on the P-40.


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I agree that it's great to see another manufacturer getting into LSP's. I expect more companies getting into the action over the coming years.

The even larger scales also have enormous marketing opportunities for all subjects, so we shouldn't be that surprised that it's starting to happen now!

I predict the biggest growth in the hobby over the next decade will be WWII aircraft in 1/24 scale, with 1/16 armour close on it's heels.

1/32 scale will become even more common place as a main scale too,  just like 1/48 became many years back.

These are exciting times, just wish I could live another 30 years to see it all!!!  B)  

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