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  1. Unfortunately that method in the video isn't the best way to ship build models. You are asking for it to be damaged and heartache! I just shipped to WNW from NZ to Isle of Man and they arrived in fully intact all I used was plastic shopping bags and a plastic tub. The issue with method in the video is that any impact to the carton is transferred through all the foam into the model itself. The model is the weakest point and absorbs the force and brakes. I've posted images over on my Instagram and Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/Davesmodelsnz/) how I did it. I will try to copy over later on, I am just posting off phone so its not really user friendly to do so at the moment.
  2. Your a machine... I would love to see where you have all your builds displayed.
  3. It was never considered as it was a trainer.Yet a prototype UWD was released...
  4. Awesome stuff! So when is the warbird coming?
  5. No worries Ali, I received my kit yesterday and had a good look this morning. The Plastic seems pretty solid and isn't rubbery like some manufactures have used in the past. We never had any strut collapses in the studio. If anything I would look at some of the clear parts.
  6. To be honest the kit won't require it. The kit struts/undercarriage design is very strong.
  7. I paint the bomb yellow first, mask off the stripes with Tamiya Tape and then spray OD over it.
  8. Knowing how Richard operates... I would take this as a gain of salt. Only believe it when you hear it directly from Richard or Kotare directly. Not from someone that is "closely involved"
  9. It hasn't been change. Also I can't see why they would change it, as Border would have to retool quite a large chunk of the kit occurring more cost.,
  10. No its not included. The Lancaster kit is an Early version. You would need to delete the fuselage windows along with other modifications to make it a Late.
  11. You shouldn't need metal undercarriage, the kits are pretty solid.
  12. I doubt that would be an issue if WNW was still operating and released this kit, knowing the standards we had in place. The kit wouldn't of been released if something was sub-par.
  13. Are you so sure about this? I would like to know where you got your information on what Meng had to do... They only tooled a clone of the 32nd engine sprue. They didn't correct or make any fine tuning that the kit required.
  14. If you are looking for a Albatros kit that has both DV & D.Va parts within it, you will need a Jasta 5 or one of the Brown kit boxings. The Manfred and the Standard releases only contain the parts for the stated variant on the box.
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