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  1. The attack on the original designer is unwarranted IMHO
  2. Sorry @Jennings Heilig you're full of S&#@! You don't know what you're talking about here... That person is one of my best friends as I got him in contact with Neil. Neil needed another designer and my friend was made redundant from his design role and had no income. Yes, he was doing the Freelance work here in NZ. I've seen the CAD work of the Fuselage he was doing, and it looked fantastic. Unfortunately, he wasn't able to survive on just doing the Phantom for HK and had to get another full-time job to pay bills and and keep his head above water. There was no darkness or lame excuses, and he happily handed over the files to HK when requested. It's not the first time I have seen you talk trash about this designer and this project. Shame on you as you do not know the full story and your not an Official Representative of HK Models, so you should no have the authority to make claims like that.
  3. Got a link to it? I couldn't find it on their website.
  4. Yes Thierry, you are correct it is different, but it does have a Shark Mouth. I just noticed that my first post is missing some text as I posted from my phone. I just edited my post to include what I thought I typed originally.
  5. CAM Decals also have a sheet for it -
  6. Photos are not of the same scheme above, but there was an F-4E that had a Shark Month. Sorry that scheme is incorrect!
  7. Stress skin is shown on the wings during wartime factory images. There was an image published in a magazine that showed this. Wingnut Wings had this image on their booth on display at Telford too.
  8. I thought the stencil face side was normally used facing into the interior of the component and not seen? Are there any photographs showing the stencils on the outer side of the aircraft?
  9. I will be doing a D-Day bird. Not sure what yet!
  10. Should have told me you wanted one Anthony! I would have picked it up in Telford for you. I got one too... No Shipping and Customs Fees
  11. Use boiling water to fix that. Tape the wings leading edge to a steel ruler, boil some water and put the wing in a large container with the water and allow it to cool naturally.
  12. I did mine free hand... Its a pretty easy camo scheme to do actually. Just work with low pressure and build it up. Excuse the old image! I do need to take a better one that isn't hosted on Photobucket!
  13. Dave J

    HK Lanc review

    For those that have read Jereon & Cees review on LSM already, but not in the last 24 hours... They have just updated the original post with more content. Turrets and Bombays are now covered. They are already working on the next lot of info for the update. https://forum.largescalemodeller.com/topic/6004-hk-models-132-avro-lancaster-mk1-part-1/
  14. I got the kit and Telford and only looked at last week, and I was thinking the same thing. You would only need a few sprues to make a second one!
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