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  1. RandyB

    Six Camels!!

    Thanks for the info Dean! I thought I'd read that he was... So, I guess that may have played a role in the decision to go with WETA as a distribution channel. And, as history has shown us, it didn't work out so well. For us in the U.S., Spruebrothers just landed a role as the U.S. distributor for WNW. I've had good transactions with them in the past. I just want a Camel before they all sell out. :-D I don't know which one - I don't know enough about them to really have a preference. Cheers, -randy
  2. RandyB

    Six Camels!!

    Isn't Peter Jackson still a partner with Richard and Tania Taylor in WETA?
  3. Barry... That is horrible news. Keep your chip up, our thoughts are with you. -randy
  4. I'm going to second what Thierry said... Setting aside accuracy and ease of construction, Trumpeter has set the bar pretty high with the breadth of their releases. When I got back into modeling 15 years ago, Trumpy's list of releases, especially in 1/32nd scale, was jaw dropping. A 1/32 Su-27B (and UB) was unheard of, as was a 1/32 Hun... not to mention the Avengers, Dauntlesses, etc. I'd have to say, all things considered, what I think the favorites from Trumpeter are: Avengers Dauntlesses Me 262 series Swordfish I like their later jets and have several of them. In my mind,
  5. When I tear mine down every night after an evening of painting, I make sure to seal the threads of that little bitty nozzle before I replace it... I have some beeswax that I got from somewhere - the pharmacy or supermarket most likely - and I turn the nozzle threads in the wax (being very careful not to drop it, it's very small) and then replace the nozzle in the airbrush body. Do not over tighten the nozzle, it's very easy to do. I had that same issue with my HP-C+, and sealing the threads fixed it for me. Cheers, -randy
  6. Hi Brian, If you can find them, Hasegawa makes a set (actually three sets I think) of photoetch saw/scribers under their Tritool line. They come in various shapes and sizes are are very handy for scribing and sawing various parts and shapes. Hobby Link Japan used to carry them - and they are backordered/out of stock currently. If you see them elsewhere, grab them. Otherwise, JLC and Radu Brinzan make some great, very thin razor saws. I have each of them and they all serve their purpose for a variety of situations. Here are some links to get you started: http://www.umm-usa.com/catal
  7. Hi Peter, Having not used them myself, at first I thought they were related to the Aircraft Colors range of paints... which didn't work out well with me. However, I did find a review on Britmodeller.com: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/48915-lifecolor-acrylic-paints/ Apparently, good old water will thin them just fine. Of course, Lifecolors own proprietary thinner will also work, but I'd opt for the more inexpensive option. :-) Cheers, -randy
  8. Those are Cartograf decals. They make some very nice decals, I don't think I've ever seen a bad set of decals from Cartograf.
  9. Bah. It's all good. It's fun figuring out all of this stuff...
  10. No problem... I'm not sure Contact-Resine is still is business. I know that they made a comeback in 2010 with a 1/24 (?) Sopwith Camel. I tried their website, and that is defunct. Although Design Marketing Int'l is still selling their stuff - perhaps Patrick is CR's storefront? Just thinking out loud on that last bit... -randy
  11. Ooooh... so perhaps a Nick, a Mossie, and maybe even an Me 110G (or even a 210)? That would be very cool!
  12. Do tell! For those of us on the other side of the pond who couldn't make it...
  13. Nope, it never materialized. :-( Chris did the preview for us way back when - and I think he still has one of the test shots... Here are a couple of previews of it when the test shots showed up: http://www.largescaleplanes.com/preview/Redux/p47/p47.php http://www.ipmsusa3.org/reviews/Kits/First_Looks/REDUX_P-47_Razorback/REDUX_32_P-47D_Razorback.htm http://kits.kitreview.com/p47d32reduxpreviewbg_1.htm
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