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  1. In my humble opinion the Airfix 1/24 Typhoon and Hellcat are two best kits in that scale. They are both extremely detailed and accurate and will give you many hours of enjoyment. Enjoy Robert
  2. I would agree that there is good CGI and bad CGI, this is the latter.
  3. I love it. The only problem is my life wouldn’t be long enough to build all the great kits that are out there or coming soon.
  4. Howard Lydecker did way better effects 70 years ago. Heck, the flying sequences in The Right Stuff (Gary Guterez) were more convincing.
  5. If you pay with PayPal or Amex you can always get your money back.
  6. I hate to be negative but it looks like a video game to me. I wish Hollywood would go back to using miniatures. I hope Peter Jackson finally makes his Dambusters which will probably have better VFX.
  7. If I'm posting here, my sanity must be questioned, that said, here's my experience. Sometime around 1995 I was with my daughter who was 13 at the time in a parking lot near the beach in Ventura CA at a venue for a school science fare. It was dusk and there were a lot of cars but we were the only people around. We were walking to the auditorium when she said look at that. I look up and to my left toward the ocean and saw a triangular shape with what I thought were navigation lights on the bottom. We didn't have a lot of time to study it because it turned from flying parallel to the coast heading north to west over the ocean. It disappeared from view because it had very flat profile and we were then look at it from the rear edge instead of from a more of a bottom view as we originally were. I was still eerie the way it disappeared. I would say the whole experience lasted about 5 seconds. The most impressive part was that it was absolutely silent, it didn't make any sound whatsoever and it was close enough that we would have heard it if it made a sound. At first we thought we saw a UFO but after thinking about it for a few days I decide it was probably a B-2 stealth bomber because one was going to make an appearance at an airshow in Van Nuys the coming weekend and the shape of both is roughly a delta. I've never experienced an official demonstration of a B-2 so I don't know if they are really that silent. Anyway quantum mechanics is almost a century old and our understanding of it is becoming more advance everyday. I only remembered my "UFO" experience because youtube has been feeding me a lot of "Tick Tac" UFO Videos lately. They look pretty convincing but I still can't believe that anyone would trust David Fravor with anything more complicated than a kite. There are also some other UFO videos of older encounters from around 2000 with triangular craft that are very similar to the one I had. Did they see a B-2 bombers or did I see a UFO? I think it's quite possible that we may be getting close to testing something that uses time-space distortion for propulsion. The only part of the DRIVE article that I don't buy into is that the Chinese are ahead of us. They are the new boogyman. 20 years ago it would have been the Russians and before that the Germans. I think it's more likely that someone in their garage will have the breakthrough not unlike the Wright Bros. An old man Robert
  8. Finally have a first test casting of the trimmer pedestal. The seat is still in the works.
  9. I use a 6ft computer table that’s adjustable. There’s a crank on the side. Sometimes I work standing sometimes I work sitting and sometimes I work in between.
  10. For anyone who wants the correct size for the trim wheel this is a pretty close approximation.
  11. Hi Don, Unfortunately it’s not that simple. On on top of that the pilot’s seat is on display under all that perspex. It bothers me and I get enjoyment from making the corrections. Robert
  12. Hi Lances, Here's were I'm at. It's still, pretty crude but will be very accurate. Robert
  13. What a great idea. I will definitely be giving it a try. Thanks for sharing. Ronert
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