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  1. robertmro

    Hurrican IIc

  2. robertmro

    Dambusters lives on !! ... (more) ...

    I was going to say the same thing. Great minds think alike.
  3. robertmro

    Dambusters lives on !! ... (more) ...

    Thank you Mike for keeping my hopes alive. I'll keep my fingers crossed.
  4. robertmro

    Dambusters lives on !! ... (more) ...

    That makes me very happy because I thought the project was canceled. I just hope it’s as great as the original.
  5. robertmro

    £299 3D Printer

    The short answer is no. I would recommend that you start by learning a CAD or modeling program and send the files to a service for the printing.
  6. robertmro

    vintage Mirage III pilot by Reedoak

    These are great.
  7. robertmro

    Nice aircraft walkaround site

    I signed up. Thanks for posting.
  8. robertmro

    Lurkers - De-lurk!

    Hi folks, if your talking about me, I just didn’t have much to say. Robert
  9. I believe the wheels are same.
  10. robertmro

    Airfix 1/24 Bubbletop Typhoon Canopy

    Hi Tom The first run had defective canopies. Airfix quickly rectified the problem but as far as I know there is no way to know if you are buying a kit with a corrected canopy or not. However Airfix has been great at replacing the defective ones.
  11. robertmro


    WN says that they have been working on theirs for 8 years. Everyone knew that HK was working on theirs for at least 2. WN could have warned them since they had the lead. I just wish these companies spoke to each other.
  12. robertmro

    HKM 1/32 Lancaster Kit review

    I don't understand German but I still basically understood it. The kit looks pretty much like what I expected. What I've seen elsewhere of the Merlins look pretty spartan. It clearly has endless possibilities for super-detailers and the after market industry and I can already see where I would like to see more detail but it will still make an excellent build right out of the box. I just wish WN hadn't muddied the waters. Thanks for posting.
  13. robertmro

    Making rivets

    Thanks for sharing