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  1. Get well soon. Best wishes
  2. “The Guns of Navarone” - Dimitri Tiomkin https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q2oBODkxLT0
  3. Oh, That explains why the Hawker Typhoon book didn't come out.
  4. It's a hobby. If you want to use all your knowledge of color science you're taking your hobby to an art. But if you want to build an accurate model but not concerned about color science you're probably more of an historian. If you're building and painting with no real concern for accuracy you're probably not that obsessed and that's fine too. It's a hobby.
  5. Tamiya is a traditional corporation with offices and warehouses around the world. Chinese model companies haven’t learned about that yet.
  6. I I agree. It took me a couple of years to get good with the software and years more to get really good. But I use Modo which isn't a CAD program and I use camera matching to calculate dimensions when I can't get blueprints. This can be done for free with Blender. The only down side is these programs only save STL files which can't be used for CNC.
  7. It’s interesting that you ask. I’m in a dispute with ANYCUBIC right now for a refund. Fortunately I paid with PayPal and will eventually get my money back but there many people out there wouldn’t. My reasons for the cancellation had nothing to do with their inability to deliver product now. The reviews online were very good and at one time the company shipped a good product however things have changed. A day after placing my order l learned that I wanted a smaller 4K screen which delivers a finer resolution but smaller build size. I tried to cancel the order but they have no mechanism fo
  8. This isn't the right place for this discussion. That might sound insensitive but you are venturing into the politically charged topic of who should carry guns and take the law into their hands. Some would say you would be justified but other would say that if everyone is armed and free decide when to enforce the law things could get out of control very quickly. I think most people would agree that you could gotten into a lot of legal trouble if you had used your gun. I'm have deep sympathy for you because I can understand the emotions you felt. I have strong feels about this issue
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