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  1. robertmro

    HK Lanc pilots seat

    For anyone who wants the correct size for the trim wheel this is a pretty close approximation.
  2. robertmro

    HK Lanc pilots seat

    Hi Don, Unfortunately it’s not that simple. On on top of that the pilot’s seat is on display under all that perspex. It bothers me and I get enjoyment from making the corrections. Robert
  3. robertmro

    HK Lanc pilots seat

    Hi Lances, Here's were I'm at. It's still, pretty crude but will be very accurate. Robert
  4. robertmro

    Scale Measurement Calculator

    What a great idea. I will definitely be giving it a try. Thanks for sharing. Ronert
  5. robertmro

    HK Lanc pilots seat

    Hi Folks, It looks to me like the pilots platform is too high, that's the distance between the red and green outlines. If anyone has better drawings please pass them to me. Cheers Robertt
  6. robertmro

    HK Lanc pilots seat

    This is what modeling is about. Great work.
  7. robertmro

    Airscale B-24 IP soon to be available..

  8. robertmro

    HK Lanc pilots seat

    Hi Lanc Lovers, I can confidently say that this shows how off the kit seat is. The front edge of the seat is probably in the right place however the elongation of the bucket pushes it too far back. The cg seat seat is tilted too far forward because my main reference is in that position but will be corrected. This is going to be a tricky one to cast. Robert
  9. robertmro

    HK Lanc pilots seat

    Thanks. I definitely will be getting one.
  10. robertmro

    HK Lanc pilots seat

    Update It looks like camera matching to reference photos is going to work. Robert
  11. robertmro

    HK Lanc pilots seat

    Hi Graham, I'm working on one now but I really need some technical drawings and measurements. Robert Mrozowski
  12. robertmro

    Damnbusters 'still' lives on ...

    WATCH OUT! This link is infected with a virus!
  13. robertmro

    An F-4 detail I'd never noticed before...

    Is it a type of trim flap?
  14. robertmro

    Hurrican IIc

  15. robertmro

    Dambusters lives on !! ... (more) ...

    I was going to say the same thing. Great minds think alike.