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1/32 Revell F-4E 50TFW - In-Flight and Lit Up

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Hi everyone,

This is the Revell 1/32 F-4E kit with some aftermarket help from GT Resin in the form of exhausts, belly strap and intakes, new nose from Sierra Hotel, Aim-9Js from Cutting Edge and a cockpit from Legend. The aim was to depict a late 70's USAFE jet from the 50TFW at Hahn AFB using AirDoc decals, put her in-flight and add some lighting to bring her to life. This was sort of a learning project for me, picking up on the excellent tips found in this forum, trying out some new techniques and learning from my mistakes (of which I made a few - see build for details!). In the end it took 2 and a half years to complete so the ratio of builds to acquires is way out of kilter. Anyway, on to the pics...



























And with lights on...









Overall, a challenging but fun build of the impressive Phantom! Build thread is here ...




Many thanks for looking!

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At first I thought - Revell? This must be something dull...

Then I opened your topic here.

This is one of the very few builds that made me go through the whole building thread.

What you did with Revell's mediocrity is absolutely fantastic. The way you approached the whole subject is inspiring!

The finished Phantom is way more that one can expect, knowing the basic kit and the info about your goals in the beginning of the building topic.

I must say, that if more modelers were like you, we would've lived in a different world.

Are there any lows of the build that I can point out? Sure.

But the highs are so many, that I cannot even begin describing them.

I've seen better F-4s in 32nd scale. Never saw a Revell shining so bright.




Thank you for sharing and keep 'em coming.

You obviously have the Force in you. 

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