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  1. RichieB

    English Electric Lightning MK.6

    Really, really lovely build and great subtle weathering, Bravo!
  2. Many thanks for all the very kind comments chaps. Next up (95% sure!) is an early F-15B. If anyone knows how to upload video from Flickr (tried the 'share link' method but it just copies the first image) please let me know and I'll post a quick video of the cockpit lighting! Til next time..
  3. RichieB

    A-6 A Intruder VF-75 "Sunday Punchers"

    Superb Intruder, love the weathering absolutely perfect!
  4. Many thanks Jan, and I still haven't got round to giving it to him!
  5. Many thanks for the very kind comments chaps, they are all greatly appreciated. This forum has been inspirational and informative in equal measure and a great showcase for the masses of talent out there that help make this such a pleasurable hobby. I commend anyone who has yet to start a build thread here to have a go, you will not regret it! Ivan - love the photo! Gerhard - The acrylic rods were heated in an oven to about 150 deg C then bent over a large tube. I had to do this over a number of attempts to avoid putting too much pressure on the rods when bending them. You may need a straight edge to straighten the ends so they fit in the holes neatly. Be aware that the rods I used were quite thick (10mm) to support all that weight (lots of resin bits) and they expanded to ~11mm so I had to file them back down at the ends!
  6. Chaps, Sincere thanks for all your kind comments, much appreciated. I've add some more pics in the Ready for Inspection section if you want to see them (link below). Revell F-4E Finished!
  7. Hi everyone, This is the Revell 1/32 F-4E kit with some aftermarket help from GT Resin in the form of exhausts, belly strap and intakes, new nose from Sierra Hotel, Aim-9Js from Cutting Edge and a cockpit from Legend. The aim was to depict a late 70's USAFE jet from the 50TFW at Hahn AFB using AirDoc decals, put her in-flight and add some lighting to bring her to life. This was sort of a learning project for me, picking up on the excellent tips found in this forum, trying out some new techniques and learning from my mistakes (of which I made a few - see build for details!). In the end it took 2 and a half years to complete so the ratio of builds to acquires is way out of kilter. Anyway, on to the pics... And with lights on... Overall, a challenging but fun build of the impressive Phantom! Build thread is here ... https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/58988-132-revell-f-4e-what-could-possibly-go-wrong/&page=1 Many thanks for looking!
  8. and ................ she's done! and for all those wondering if the lights still worked...... Phew! I could probably keep tinkering with the weathering etc etc but in truth, after 2 and a half years its probably time to move on. Biggest wins - turning the lights on, spending time getting the weapons and drop tanks right, finally building a great big F-4. Biggest score-draws - some of the stencils silvered and I couldn't fix them (probably needed better prep), fit could be better in places. I learned a lot about decals, dry-fitting, weathering paint jobs and when to build detail into big scale (and when to not bother). Still there's always next time which in my case will probably be an early F-15B in candy stripes. Thanks for watching and all the comments, much appreciated. Have fun out there!
  9. Many thanks Maru, starting final assembly now so hope to have this completed soon (he says!). Bruce - many thanks for the info. I will probably add a brown band to the Aim-9s as I've seen this on some photos but I'll probably leave the silver band as I quite like the add colour.
  10. Many thanks Ron & Maxim - light weathering it is then! Chek - You are absolutely right about the missing detail but I didn't have the time or energy to try and add it. Your method sounds brilliant though I fear is a level of effort far beyond my time/patience border! Good luck and would love to see a picture when you've finished it.
  11. Quick update, engine exhausts have been painted up using Alclad and various washed to add a weathered and stained look. The exhausts are from GT Resin and are much better than the kit ones. They also fit nicely, unlike the Aires ones. The associated exhaust tubes are already fixed in the aircraft and have a similar level of detail (though you won't see much after I've inserted the rods that will hold it in flight). Getting there!
  12. Many thanks chaps, this forum is great for inspiration and the rest I just make up as I go along! Bruce - Thanks for the timely observation, I hadn't really checked as I just assumed Two Bobs knew their stuff, maybe not! Any steers on what that band colour should be, I'm presuming black or brown? I've marked up the sparrows using Two Bob decals as well. They look great on (presuming they are the right colours!) but you need to split them up a bit as they come as 2 large decals for each missile which is a bit of a pain to get right in one go. Again, might add a touch of dirt as they would have been underneath the aircraft and subject to all the muck through up by the wheels and airframe. The Tamiya missiles are quite nice really and fit the Revell kit just fine. The front two Sparrows have magnets on so they can be removed easily but because Revell put the slots in the wrong place on the rear stations I've decided to fix those in situ.
  13. Good question Sgt, I have to say that I've sort of avoided that moment when you realise whether your homemade electronics have survived the build! Mostly because I'm trying to finish the model in a manner where the lighting is a nice addition not the end game otherwise it could feel like show's over when the switch is thrown and nothing happens. LEDs are pretty robust but my main fear is the soldered joints as its not my strong point (perhaps literally!). Not too far away now from the home truth.
  14. I've never been a fan of clean jets and by that I mean with nothing hanging off them (though a clean, clean jet is probably my least favourite!). Something about a fully loaded jet that just means business. To that end the Revell F-4 provides you with 4 Aim-9s and 4 Aim-7s but they are not the right marks for the early years so it was off to the spares box to raid some Aim-7Es from a Tamiya kit and some cutting edge Aim-7Js as no-one seems to provide a correct plastic version. This seems odd as loads of cold war era pictures seem to have this type of winder and it was exported widely. The cutting edge resin pieces are very nice but very fiddly, especially the front fins where I had to guess where to place them. I also managed to lose one of the fins so had to fabricate another one from plastic card. As cutting edge don't provide you with decals I had to use Two Bobs missile sheet instead. These are great and add a nice touch of detail. I might add a little bit of weathering just to add interest but they were generally well looked after. The Revell kit also comes with a jamming pod, an ALQ-119 I think, and since the front Sparrows will be removable I decided to paint this one up as an alternative fit. The piece looks reasonably accurate though the decals are a bit rough and ready. As they sit under the jet I dirtied it up a little more than the missiles.
  15. Thanks chaps. A small benefit of not having a lot of time to do this stuff is that you have a lot of time to reflect on what you want it to look like and doing it in small steps allows a little more of the 'next-day viewpoint' to quell 'in-the-heat-of-the-moment' additions!