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  1. Super smooth paint finish, Eric ! (Although, on my ipad screen, the red has a pinkish hue that does not look too « italian », but then, between lighting, camera and screen rendition, the probabilities of sameness to the original are nil ...) Hubert
  2. To slow down the polymerisation of CA (not block it completely, mind you), you can also store your tubes/bottles in an airtight box, in which you have also added some of these silica gel sachets aimed at trapping moisture, and that you find in almost any packaged goods imported from PRC ... And then, even better, store the box in a dry, cool place, like your fridge (plus it gives you an opportunity to grab a beer each time you want to glue something ) Why ? because CA setting is usually triggered by moisture in the ambient air (and therefore blowing on an assembly which uses CA is not a completely stupid idea ... ) Hubert BTW, the airtight box will also show that CA fumes are getting out of seemingly tightly closed bottles, and whiten the inside of the box over time ...
  3. At least it is the year, not your age ... But it also assumes there will still be 20p coins until 2450 .... Hubert
  4. Ok, then what about that Dr 1 on the Dolphin boxart ? Hubert
  5. The same ones that are selling T-shirts ? Hubert
  6. And they also have a deck for the 1/96 Constitution, and the 1/96 Kearsage (so you guessed these are not the ones I ordered ) Hubert
  7. I just wish you hadn’t mentioned the Scaledecks’ name ... Now I have two of their decks on their way to home ... and might ask them about doing a 1/200 Mikasa deck ! Keep it coming Hubert
  8. So, tell me, do you really LIKE the Harrier ? Nice (and prolific by my own abysmally poor standards) collection Hubert
  9. It also answers THE other big question : « what do you need instructions for ? » Neat work Hubert
  10. The Bs and Ds left the factory NMF until 1962, IIRC. On the field, it took longer than what is written in most books for Project Lookalike to be applied to all airframes. Even in Europe, where the corrosion and watertightness issues of the NMF appeared and prompted the silver paint solution of Project Lookalike, you still had NMF aircrafts as far as 1963/1964. I certainly remember pics of NMF F-105s in Bitburg and Chaumont dated 1963 or 1964. As for the stores on the above pic, I’d venture they were painted silver, from my interpretation of the pic. Hubert
  11. Good job on this one. Especially well done cleaning up the joint at the wing leading edge, without loosing the corrugations. Love the end result ! Hubert
  12. Well done on both models ! Of course the one in the fisrt pic is much better, considering its complexity ... Looking forward for your next one (plastic or resin thing I mean ) Hubert
  13. Great work ! And yes, you need to solder this brass tubes frame Hubert
  14. See what you are doing to us Peter ? We are starting discussing the accuracy of the rendition of a stencil on a 1/18 throttle quadrant Hubert
  15. Gosmacked ... just when one thinks you have excelled, you come topping this up with more outstanding work ... Hubert
  16. Bery nice and clean work, as per your usual, Eric. Hubert
  17. The kit is based on flawed drawings, so, here is a non-exhaustive list from top-of-mind memory: - the fuselage is too short by 5 mm, putting th wing root in the wrong position relative to the cockpit - on the F1/F3 kit, the wing thickness at the root is wrong, and missing the proper camber; the underbelly tank is too wide; the MLG too long; the windscreen and canopy are too wide; the rear fuselage too pinched at the level of the exhausts; the top fuselage spine too wide; the position of the front LG bay too far back; but then correcting this can be done by moving forward the whole intake trunk, which, as designed, leaves a gaping 5 mm between its lip and the nose intake rim (you will then have to adjust the position of the cockpit tub relative to the intake trunk, whose curve upwards to feed the top Avon will have been moved forward as well) Still, it is better to have this one than no kit at all, but if you want an accurate no-surgery Lightning F6, go on the hunt for the Echelon vac, which is gorgeous. Hubert
  18. It's a very nice kit, fairly rare and OOP as far as I know. Looks like you paid a "normal" price for the kit, its size, quality and rarity. As for your fist question, I know that our stash accumulation makes us collectors rather than builders, but, personnally, I buy kits with the firm intention to build them, not just collect them (and yes, I have the Cessna in the stash too ). So it is very much up to you to decide what to do with it (You can always store in the stash pretending you'll build it one day, and end up collecting it for future resale ) Hubert
  19. IIRC (and happy to get corrected there by those more knowledgeable ), the T-28 flaps are always down on the ground as the they have built in them the first step to get on board. So absolutely needed fix ! Hubert
  20. Phabulous looking Phantom ! I saw in you build thread you mentioned silvering stencil decals. Don’t worry : it happens on the 1:1 ones as well Hubert
  21. The Bermuda Triangle seems like a good place for SOD kits Hubert
  22. A definite eye-catcher ! And also a sign that work, adversity and perseverance have nothing to do with size . You prevailed in the end, and it was certainly worth it. Brian ! Hubert
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