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  1. Mr b

    1/32 Intruder A

    Thanks a lot guys for the nice words and motivation....much appreciated......been busy ....and today managed another update. the cockpit is moving along the panel. The finish is based on artistic impression....not painted to replicate a real panel. the tub, same here artistic impression... the shroud ...nicely detailed as oob a mock up....hope to finish the cockpit soon..... rgds and happy modelling brian
  2. Mr b

    1/32 Intruder A

    Thanks SHawn i have got the engines done up.... moving along to the cockpit. hate the masking job ahead. the seats....still deciding if a crew should be included thats all for now rgds
  3. Mr b

    Rules of the Road

    I am in with a 1/32 trumpeter Intruder A best regards all brian
  4. Mr b

    1/32 Intruder A

    Pics of today’s work building up the engines....quite a bit there...... and finally its huge ..... rgds
  5. Mr b

    1/32 Intruder A

    Thanks shawn i have made a start today. Man the thing is huge. Will post a picture update soon. Rgds
  6. Mr b

    1/32 Intruder A

    Hi Folks, It’s a New Year and I am planning to start my 1/32 Intruder. Decided to get cracking as it will be entered into 2 local g/b - one on Vietnam and the other on carrier crafts. Been ages since I entered a local group build, so I’ll try my best to enter both and kill two birds with one stone the kit will be mainly OOB and thanks to Mark on this forum, I have nice decals to use on the kit. Not going to correct the seats....might just put two crew figures in there..... pics of box and decals. Hope to start by next week hope all goes well....got a new PS4 for Xmas.....eating into Modelling time....I must admit best regards and happy modelling in 2019....to all brian
  7. Mr b

    1/20 Nichimo Cessna-172 Skyhawk

    Wow I like this alot the figure is a nice touch
  8. Mr b


    Looks great Jerry rgds brian
  9. Mr b

    P51A hobbycraft 1/32 scale

    Wow the weathering is out of this world....lovely....i really like the whole piece and how it comes together rgds
  10. Mr b

    P-51D Dio

    Very nice
  11. Mr b

    Omani Hunter, Call her done!

    Lovely work thus far very effective looking camo
  12. Mr b

    1/32 Revell P-51D

    Thanks alot folks much appreciated rgds and happy modelling to all
  13. Great finish lovely woek
  14. Mr b

    1/32 Revell P-51D

    Thanks alot for the nice words Gerhard Happy Modelling best regards brian