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  1. Mr b

    1/32 Intruder A

    Thanks alot guys. Much appreciated for the kind support and motivation. This build was with a lot of emotions for me as I lost a close friend whiles building it and it is also the last model that I will build for a while with a full work bench and tools. I will be leaving for my new temporary home in Darwin Australia for the next couple of years come this Friday.Will keep visiting the forums and will start building when I settle in. Anyone knows of the hobby and its following in the NT, or anyone living in the NT pls pm me. Sorry no additional pics for the gallery. I was in a major rush and still am, so I passed the Intruder on to its new owner without taking pictures. If he does send me some, I will update it here going to be a bit hard with plastic withdrawal symptoms ...wish all you guys the best to complete your builds for the wonderful gb and once again thanks for the support whiles building the intruder kind regards brian param a.k.a Mrb
  2. Mr b

    IAF A-4N

    Nice one always a treat to see scooters
  3. Mr b

    1/32 Intruder A

    Thanks alot folks, much appreciated for the nice words. Managed to get my glue unpacked. Will tend to those repairs n finalize it asap. best regards and thanks guys
  4. Mr b

    1/32 Intruder A

    Thanks man brad.... it went to the gb....got few shot taken there by others..... on the way back....one wing came loose....need to repair it and....take some shots.....for the gallery n RFI...might just keep the wings extended.....too flimsy....anyways will see...the final pictures will reveal my final choice..hehehe Rgds n happy modelling....
  5. Mr b

    1/32 Intruder A

    Thanks a lot folks The goose is cooked....better pictures later....for the gallery n RFI...hope to take it along for the local group build tomorrow.......overall quite a nice build.....not much of modelling in the near future.....for me.....once I get settled and send for my things, will hopefully restart..... in the meantime, hope you enjoy my mud mover.....thanks to Mark in Belgium for obliging with those wonderful decals.... best regards and happy modelling folks brian
  6. Nice one. Buit a f.2a with an aires cockpit which is very nice...had some issues with the harness instructions...but well worth it in the end... hope to see yours done up soon. The lightning is a classic interceptor n a great subject rgds
  7. Mr b

    1/32 Intruder A

    Hi folks been awhile, busy packing, rapping up my job....etc.....got some work done......this will be the final push, the gb is this coming Sunday....and more over need to pack up my supplies....I really want to finish it....wish me luck all just needs fixing....easier said then done hehehe probe , windshield and gear on..... did some lines....nice gear design n molding.....looks good so that’s about the update, next once should see the bits on n on its display.......wish me luck...... happy modeling folks
  8. Mr b

    1/32 Intruder A

    Hi guys thanks for the motivation.....n good words..... jari - thanks for the info, but I will leave it be....as I am already running behind schedule..... it also a so a sad time for me, early last week, a very dear friend and modeler past away suddenly....he was a close friend and a very talented modeler as well as other things. Life is so fragile and uncertain....he had everything going for him.....and taken in his prime....rip brother u always will be with us.... managed a bit of work, getting the smaller bits done n it’s taking forever......next will be the weapons....and hopefully final assembly.....as you guys pointed out, it is big.....not much in exciting pictures also decided to paint on the slash (not to sure if it’s the right word).....the decal did not look too good.....it was a pita to mix the green to match.....but I think it’s close enough... hope to have a decision on the wings by the next update. Stay safe n god bless rgds
  9. Mr b

    1/32 Intruder A

    Hi ho folks managed some bench or table time...... all dirtied up..... engines are in and covers are tested in place....they don’t fit too well.....also I got one of the exhaust rings wrong way on...will tidy it up.... panel and the shroud is in......testing the wings, still can’t decide it’s to be folded on extended......maybe one of each......it’s going to be in a case n left at my family home.....as I don’t think it can follow me on my relocation.. looks kinda nice with wings extended...... Still fair bit to go..... rgds n happy modelling folks
  10. Looks really good nice work
  11. Outstanding......really nice work going on there rgds
  12. Mr b

    1/32 Intruder A

    Thanks David, love the SU-25 nice work you got going there......yes, mud movers are great.....will await your build thread..... hope to restart some work on mine soon..... rgds
  13. Nice choice....I built the 1/48 offering, only issue was the front windshield....lovely details.....always wanted one in 1/48, but never had a chance to buy or build one..... hope to see see your progress on it.... rgds
  14. Mr b

    1/32 Intruder A

    Pics my work room is like a oven, today ....so it’s too hot to do long sessions....managed a bit....so...here it is all ready for weathering..... decals worked very well...... also put together the gear....looks pretty....might dress them up with some wires.... around a month before the group build event, and around a month and a half before I move overseas....for a few years.... gives me me a few weeks to finish it off and pack n store all my modelling stuff......and I think it goes without saying I got lot of junk.... rgds
  15. Mr b

    1/32 Intruder A

    Nope nothings is in yet. Not even started on the gear yet. thanks for the nice words guys. I have more or less completed the decaling. Too many stencil for my linking, so not all went on.... might paint on the green slashes on the canopy frame as the decals look suspect. Due to some screw up on my part.... pics soon, after that is to dirty it up, get going on the gear...and weapons...and the final put together..... will put some pics on soon. rgds mr b
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