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  1. Ivan Ivanovich

    HpH conversion set 1/32 MiG-23BN is officially out

    It's really strange (and somewhat hard to comprehend) both pod and NLG doors have slipped HpH's attention. For whatever the reason may be... Other than that, it's a really nice conversion set.
  2. Ivan Ivanovich

    Kitty Hawk 1/32 Mirage 2000-5F !!!

    In a nutshell/quick recognition features : The D radome is pitot-less and features rather prominent dissipator strips. In contrast, the 2000N has a pitot boom, but lacks the dissipator strips. The Kitty Hawk 2000N CAD is wrong in that regard; the basic shape of the radome is virtually identical, though. Also, both CADs are depicting the wrong type of wing tip RWR aerials which are associated to export M2K with the Thales Integrated Counter Measures Suite. The N/D should have the original Serval RWR fairings. However, I suspect the Serval fairings will be a common feature to all M2K boxings - the 2000C CAD depicts them. Further visible features of the 2000D: additional fuselage spine mounted chaff/flare dispenser, additional set of EW antennas directly below the vertical tail fin cap. Mirage 2000N radome close-up: (2000N radomes -> black coating) Mirage 2000D radome close-up: (2000D radomes -> dark green coating) Mirage 2000N vertical tail detail: (from top to bottom - fwd "Caméléon" jammer antenna, rear "Serval" RWR, rear hemisphere "Caméleón" jammer antenna) Mirage 2000D vertical tail detail: (from top to bottom - fwd and rear hemisphere ICMS EW aerials, fwd "Caméléon" jammer antenna, rear "Serval" RWR antenna) Stbd wingtip "Serval" RWR: (Armée de l'Air Mirage 2000B/C/N/D/-5F) Mirage 2000D fuselage spine "Éclair-M" cartridge dispenser module: Bonne soirée:
  3. Ivan Ivanovich

    Kitty Hawk 1/32 Mirage 2000-5F !!!

    Just wondering whether the Mirage 2000B will also be among the projected M2K boxings. So far, Kitty Hawk has only published revised CADs of the 2000N and D. The latest CADs suggest that the baseline two-seater fuselage has been designed with a dedicated fwd fuselage insert to accommodate the shorter radome of the Antilope-5 radar. In contrast, the 2000B would require a different insert to accommodate the original RDM/RDI radome. Be that as it may, I, for one, will be perfectly happy with a 2000N and a 2000D.
  4. Ivan Ivanovich

    Belgium Mirage V help please

    <vader> I find the lack of a two-seat Mirage III/V BD disturbing. </vader>
  5. Ivan Ivanovich

    Belgium Mirage V help please

    Mirage 5F: Mirage V BA: Pre-ECM mod Mirage V BA: Renaissance Mirage V BA conversion: (also comprising revised parabrake/ECM fairing, chaff/flare dispenser and IP) The rearward-facing scoop seems a good bit too short, though.
  6. Ivan Ivanovich

    German F-104G red lights (spine & belly)

    The anti-collision beacons started being retrofitted in 1974. Applicable versions: Luftwaffe/Marine F-104G (fighter bomber config), TF-104G and Marine RF-104G F-104F, F-104G (AWX) and Luftwaffe RF-104G (AG 51/AG 52) never received them. I'd replicate the beacons using clear 2K epoxy and mould them into shape with a small spatula and a toothpick while the epoxy is still curing.
  7. Ivan Ivanovich

    East Germany Mig-19PM, "What are those colors..?"

    The German DHS/F-40 series is an authoritative reading when it comes to Bundesluftwaffe (F-40) and NVA LSK/LV (DHS) subjects. Exactly. No such funky camo schemes on LSK/LV MiG-19s. Partial NMF -> Chemically milled skin structures had an aluminsed topcoat applied, followed by an overall gloss clear varnish. The dielectric covers of the RP-2U radar were finished in Mittelblau/Medium Blue. Mittelblau 1667: Photograph of "335" taken in 1969 after its retirement from active service (prior to being sent to Preschen): Note: Typical Soviet-style tactical number in red with black outline instead of the regular LSK/LV stencilled bort number application. (suggesting "335" had undergone PDM at the Odessa overhaul facility not too long ago)
  8. Ivan Ivanovich

    East Germany Mig-19PM, "What are those colors..?"

    For what it's worth... "335" and "391" had the tactical camouflage applied many years after the MiG-19 had been retried from active service in May 1969. "335" serving as gateguard at Preschen (until 1980): The tactical camouflage was applied after 1980 when "335" was transferred to the "Traditionsvorstartlinie Bautzen" museum. Colours: Olivgruen 2425 aka "Chlorbunagruen", Ck-Braunoliv, Ck-Hellgraublau: Active-service LSK/LV MiG-19PM -> partial aluminised topcoat/varnished NMF.
  9. Ivan Ivanovich

    Need help with an F-100 Super Sabre

    "It changed/It depends" Timeframe is the key. Beginning from 1970, aircraft that went through depot repaint had the demarcation line moved further forward - FS 448.5. Anyway, you'd still find a/c with original pre-1970 SEA camo (FS 495 demarcation line) during the early 1970s. (FS=Fuselage Station) You may want to look for period photographs of your selected decal option in order to determine the actual position. HTH Pre-1970 demarcation line at FS 495:
  10. Ivan Ivanovich

    KH 1/32 F-11 Tiger

    Glen would have let us all know if KH had resurrected the F11F-1. I'm afraid the mere fact that the F-11 is still listed as a "future release" or "pre-order" item by several online retailers, including Hannants, can be solely attributed to the lack of proper shop data maintenance. I can't find Glen's original posting in which he informed us that Kitty Hawk has shelved the project after the European and Asian distributors had indicated they had ZILCH interest in the Tiger...
  11. Ivan Ivanovich

    HKM 1/32 Lancaster Kit review

    Exactly, "Lancaster" has a fairly negative connotation among many elderly people in Germany who experienced WW2 at close quarters. Pretty much the same for the "Typhoon", by the way. C'était la guerre... Rumour has it that real estate prices in certain regions of Germany have started to hit rock bottom when WNW announced to release another Lancaster.
  12. Ivan Ivanovich

    HpH conversion set 1/32 MiG-23BN is officially out

    You might also want to add one of the Aires MiG-23 nozzle sets (#2136/#2146) to the bill. Unless you don't mind staring into a yawning void. Simply omit the outer nozzle petals...
  13. Ivan Ivanovich

    HpH conversion set 1/32 MiG-23BN is officially out

    [Update, 5 October 2018] Earlier today, Mirek confirmed that the Delta-NM bullet fairing will not be included in the set. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Is it just me or is the Delta-N fairing missing? Couldn't spot it in any of the available photographs... http://shop.hphmodels.cz/cs/chemie-a-doplnky/203-mig-23bn-conversion-set-for-trumpeter-kit.html Despite being a fairly small part, it's one of THE characteristic features making a BN a BN. In operational use, the Delta-NM fairing were only removed if the a/c was to be equipped with MBD3 tandem bomb racks.
  14. Terrific job on your F-104G. I love it!. <thumbsup> Save for the lower TACAN antenna immediately aft of the radome and the stbd temperature probe, I can't spot any missing odds and sods.
  15. Right. The floor sits too far up, but the console top level is fine. As a consequence, the console sidewalls (not to be confused with the cockpit sidewalls) are on the short side.