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1/18 P51C Mustang "Lopes Hope the 3rd"


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It's funny how long you can sink into things like the PE prep that doesn't seem to be going anywhere, then all of a sudden out comes a beautiful, highly detailed fret of parts.... I really need to learn how to use the program to design my own stuff.


I'm glad to see you're back on Rhino Peter, and from the looks of it you haven't missed a beat! I love that background picture feature.... that's how I created the new forward fuselage for the B-17. The radio is looking amazing already..... I'll be very keen to see how it comes out printed.


Fantastic work,



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This is fabulous! The Mustang III is easily my favourite aircraft, although I prefer them in RAF or Polish markings. :)


This will be another amazing journey. Hopefully you might consider compiling all this in another book. Such a tremendous resource.


Thanks for this!



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Hi folks :)



This is incredible...

Are you writing the book right along in the process??



I hope you can keep the momentum...





..well I will be documenting the build here just like I did the Spitfire and that will be an ebook very shortly, so hopefully Kev might put himself through it all over again in a few years to do this one too :)


just finished the first of the other two radio sets - think this is a BC-457-A Transmitter..




..and in the real airframe..




..still got a few screws to add and some other tweaks..








..thats it for now, time to start the other one..




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evening folks :)



Not fair. I need a 3D printer, bad!! What software is that? Rhino?



Hi Tim - yes, it's Rhino 6 - available for a 90 day free trial :)



Good show.  Will any of this be offered in other scales?


Thank you.





Hi Mark - well I don't know about 'offered' but the beauty of this technology is that you can scale it to anything you want, so whatever parts come out of the other side of me attempting them, theoretically just need rescaling and printing. I doubt all the detail will come out in 1/18 so may be even more at risk at 1/32.  There is nothing to stop me sending the file to someone to print if needed, or even doing it on shapeways (though I have yet to try that)..


.. I finished the two radio's - there are a few bits missing that will be done in PE to go with them, but I am calling these done..




..now I need some help :) Ford in their infinate wisdom decided to call their new 2017 car the P51 Mustang, so all my internet searches for wheels & tyres (& dimensions) are just getting me car pictures...


I found a good side profile and started to make the hub..






..what I really need are dimensions - does anyone know the hub & tyre dimensions? I think I can work out the diameter ok, but it is the hub width and tyre cross section I am struggling with...


It seems there are no drawings of either as they were both produced by Good Year and they hold all the drawings (which to my knowledge have not surfaced)


It's a long shot, but anyone know? that or I will just try it by eye...


thanks in advance



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This is the closest I could find Peter. The single dimension on drawing is 4.01 in. This is drawing 117-33101, Chassis assembly, Main Landing Gear.








Like, like, like!



Gunnar, that is 100% perfect, thank you so much :)



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just like the Spitfire, more questions than answers ....


..I started on a new wheel based on Gunnars drawings - none of the spoke work is done on this one yet, it's just the forms of the hub & tyre for now. I took some artistic licence with the tyre as they seem more flat sided than the perfect circle in the drawing..




..now it's time to try and sort the tread - look at this picture of Lope's Hope - note the tyre tread and the sheer number of tread blocks...




..now look at what most diamond tread P51 tyres look like, and what most AM for models provide..




.. much bigger diamonds..


..I found this set of AM on the net with a cross pattern, which while is not the expected diamonds seems to have the much smaller tread features..




..and I found this tyre - a "Firestone 33 SC Tire. Diamond Tread, NOS from WWII." - no aircraft given, but perhaps this is the real version of what Lope's Hope is wearing, or is there a smaller diamond pattern?




..I am confused as usual..


..any thoughts?





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