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  1. Following this one with great interest!
  2. Great to see this one back on the front page!
  3. What program did you use for the design? I've been using Inventor for my BN-2, but it has some limitations I haven't yet come up with a workaround for..
  4. I'll be watching with interest....I have two in the stash.
  5. I built one many years ago as a kid. It had pride of place on my shelf until an ex-friend picked it up and threw it across the room, after wondering out loud if it would fly... I have three in the stash, one original Matchbox, and the other two Revell repops. There are soooooo many civvy schemes available that I'm sure I'll pick up a few more as I see them. Following this one - I'm very interested in picking up what can be done with these kits.
  6. Following...lol I've got an ANET-A8 with a few mods and more to come. Out of the box it doesn't print all that well..
  7. G'day Setal..

    I'm after a couple of engines and mounts for the 1/32 Extra to put into my BN-2.  How much (roughly) would it cost to post to Australia?




  8. So today I mucked about with the 3D printer and made the first nose pieces. As this was an experiment, I wasn't too fussed about the quality, because there is a bit of a learning curve to getting this right, and we (me and my son) still need to upgrade some parts of the printer. Anyhow, there is a bit of splitting between the layers, and they're warped (which is a by-product of using tape on the print bed...one of the upgrades we're doing..), but they've shown me areas where I need to improve the shape. So kind of a success.. Unfortunately, they're not good enough for me to glue together, sand and paint - the warping leaves a massive gap!
  9. Some more work...I've started the nacelles and made a partial cutout for the windscreen. Definitely not to scale - the nacelles are way too small, and the cockpit window is just a guess at the moment. Really need to find my small steel ruler!
  10. You've been going to Cap'n Wannabe's School of Paint Finishing, haven't you...
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