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  1. I'll be modelling one of mine as the last pre-production prototype. I have the Cessna kit as well, so I'll be casting the prop from that kit in resin. Not sure what I'm going to do about the spinner, though..
  2. Interesting photo....you may want to check the prop that comes with the kit. I *think* the kit's prop is a constant speed prop, whereas the one in the photo looks like a fixed pitch. I'd check my kits, but they're both packed away in a box from my recent move..
  3. What's your technique for the carpet?
  4. No way....took me years to find it!
  5. I'm one of those modellers who has the kit but isn't building it.......yet..
  6. G'day Derek.. If you need any assistance with the decals, let me know. I have a thing for civvie Mustangs, and have done decal sheets for ZK-CCG (The Mobil Mustang), and VH-FCB in the Ansett Air Race scheme.
  7. Following this one with great interest!
  8. What program did you use for the design? I've been using Inventor for my BN-2, but it has some limitations I haven't yet come up with a workaround for..
  9. I'll be watching with interest....I have two in the stash.
  10. I built one many years ago as a kid. It had pride of place on my shelf until an ex-friend picked it up and threw it across the room, after wondering out loud if it would fly... I have three in the stash, one original Matchbox, and the other two Revell repops. There are soooooo many civvy schemes available that I'm sure I'll pick up a few more as I see them. Following this one - I'm very interested in picking up what can be done with these kits.
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