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  1. So now I have two complete sets, with a third on the way. That should do for the moment....I'm waiting on some embossing powder to arrive so I can move to Phase 2. I will be using the original plastic parts for the model - these resin copies are just for practice.
  2. After a few - quite a few - failed attempts, I think I've come up with a solution to the casting issues I was having. The first seat back I cast came out almost perfect, but then I found that no matter what I did, I couldn't get it to cast properly. The solution was to force the resin into the mould using a pipette. Same story with the seat base. I'll have to re-do the mould for the seat base, but that's a pretty simple task.
  3. I really should have cast the seat base at the same time as the back....silly me! Oh well, more casting to be done today..
  4. G'day Ron.. The Nichimo 1/20 Cessna 172 has been OOP for a long time. There's also a Marui/Tilt 1/36 kit which is even harder to find. If you find one on ebay, be prepared to spend ridiculous money. Luckily I've got mine....they're my retirement fund!
  5. Not much to report today... I did manage to cast 2 seat backs, however I learnt a bit of a lesson. The less resin you mix, the easier it is to completely stuff the ratio of Part A to Part B. The one on the left is useless - it's still tacky after 24 hours. Might have to use syringes to get a more precise mix..
  6. So the first thing I've done, apart from finding a less "flashy" kit, is to slightly modify one of the seat backs by removing the headrest. This was not present in ABW in the late 80's. Then I glued the modified part to a rail, and glued that into the bottom of a plastic cup. Reason being, I'll be casting more than a few resin copies to experiment with applying a sheepskin cover to the seat. I want to see how embossing powder goes - hopefully I won't have to fill in the detail on the seat back.
  7. G'day All.. It has been a loooooooong time since I actually finished a model. Closest I've come lately is the ARII 1/72 Beechcraft Bonanza. A crap kit - nothing fit, one of the gear legs was short-shot, the prop was missing a blade....it basically sucked. It now sits in the back of my cabinet where hopefully nobody will ever notice it. Anyhow, last year was a prick of a year for me (and for everyone else..). One of the worst things to happen was the passing of my dad on May 2nd. We have been unable to have a funeral due to COVID, but that's being taken care of later this year. His
  8. Looking great so far! You use a similar technique to that I've used in making r/c model wings, in that you've cut and sanded all the wing ribs together. First I've heard about shuffling them around to keep them even though! I'm just wondering if you couldn't wrap the wings in tissue paper, then shrink the paper by soaking it in water. That would give you the rib detail naturally. You would have to build up a small area around each of the mounts for the struts and rigging such that they match the height of the ribs. That way, you could punch holes in the tissue and not have to
  9. Half span...but I did forget to allow for the fuselage..
  10. At least you didn't spend $225 on the Silver Wings kit!
  11. Kevin.. The lower dihedral of the Tigermoth is 4°, and the wingspan is 8.94m. Simple trig (well, actually, drawing it in Autocad..) says you need to prop up the wing tip by 9.5mm in 1/32 scale.
  12. Kev, those latches are overcentre latches. There are plenty of drawings complete with dimensions of different styles of o/c latches around, although probably not that exact style. A quick google found these, which look similar.. https://www.7ent.com/products/overcenter-latch-pair-sac0093.html
  13. Geez, that's a long time to sit. While not on the shelf of doom, I have had some significant and ongoing personal issues this year that have caused me to well and truly lose my mojo. I'm slowly working my way back, though.
  14. I have one of those in the stash. IIRC, there is only one part for the horizontal stabilizer. How did you overcome this?
  15. Never seen this done before. I'll be following with interest!
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