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Kitty Hawk Models OS2U Kingfisher *COMPLETE*

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Well gents, this is it, Kitty Hawk Models brand new 1/32nd OS2U Kingfisher!    This will be a demonstrator model for Glen @ KHM, to display at shows and what-not to promote the kit.
The kit itself has been VERY anticipated not just by me, but as I can see by the reaction on the forums and social media, by a LOT of others as well. Im pretty sure others here will be doing an IBR of the OS2U, so I will not be going into every single detail that the kit has in it, as the minutia of the kit will be covered in great detail Im sure.
I will go over what I normally would on a WIP, as this is a build review first and foremost, to give those interested in the kit and opportunity to see how the kit builds up.
On to the show then!
This one will be strictly OOB since its a manufacturers demo, but I have yet to determine the scheme, as I believe Glen has something special in mind for this.
The kit in OOB form is QUITE nice, and I can say I honestly have NO affiliation with KHM, other than building these types of demo models, and this kit might have some of the best molding features I have yet seen from this new gen of KHM LSPs.
As my standard WIP fair, I like showing what we have up front. The kit itself is really well molded, has excellent surface detail, and so far I find no mold issues, short shots or other manu flubs.
The glass parts come in the now standard KHM separate box inside the kit, keeping them safe and out of harms way.
The instructions are now the standard 8x5 or so booklet style with clear and concise directions, also containing all of the OOB scheme profiles as well. Some very attractive schemes chosen IMHO:



Decals are also well done, and in register, and include IP decals, as this method seemed to work decent as an OOB solution on my Bronco as well:


On to the plastic then!
The kit looks to be well engineered, and has some very fine detail to it, including raised rivets, and even some raised panels, and recessed panel lines:







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Nicely done crew boarding latter:






















Thats all for now folks! Ill be starting this one in the next day or two, as even though Im going back on call on Thanksgiving, I have Thurs, Fri Sat, Sun off, so I think I will start the Kingfisher in earnest!!

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