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  1. working on roll-radius, imprint tracking and stuff... turns out this is not easy!
  2. You are asking questions that I have no certain answers to =) I hope somebody else can contribute... I will look into this as I continue my research.... maybe ad the serial and details for 3-6073 to the decals?
  3. They were only carried on the wing-phoenix pylon and was first used 1986 in the Iran-Iraq war, even today IRIAF fly with a mix of 4 Phoenix and 2 Hawk or 2 Hawk and Sparrows
  4. a few more hours, then cleaning! the grid is 1x1 cm!
  5. The missiles arrived from shapeways today, ranging from cute in 1/72 to "are you really sure this is the right size" in 1/32. They are aftercuring in the window right now (some extra UV never hurt any STL printed stuff) before I clean and give them the first layer of primer tomorrow. Pictures will be posted of each stage (the HAWK is really really big in 1/32!)
  6. ps... Mine will be cheaper than WP Aaaand if I understand correctly the WP set http://www.wolfpack-d.com/catalog/htm/wp32/wp32011.html won't contain the missiles? (still looks beautiful tho)
  7. YAY I found you! (shapeways won't tell me who ordered the missile) I will send you a par of cast missiles with markings free of charge if you PM me your adress when we get them done!! Still gonna do them in 1/72, 1/48 and 1/32 (bring it on Wolfpack!)
  8. We have decided to produce these in Resin instead BUT I will need some help in producing the markings, so I will keep this thread alive And it is a good place to let you know how the masters and the casting proceeds Thanks for the input! /Lars
  9. =) that is perfectly understandable, but somehow I get the impression that a lot of the 32-scalers don't really mind the "complicated" stuff =)
  10. CC 3048mm/32/pi=30,319016659006061463972356922464mm diameter. that is the easy part! being clever and thinking about things like deeper holes for added ground cover... now that is just impressive! *takes notes*
  11. Getting all the measurements down, understanding how they were meant to interlock and then making the thing repeatable... the fun I have
  12. You mean mean man! Figuring out how to make a PSP-roller has taken a lot of the night (not yet there yet but it is close) I made a roller to replicate the matting in a Swedish Boeing Vertol in 1/48 scale for a fellow modeller: we will see how he likes it =) /L
  13. well... that is the question... would there be enough demand to cover the extra expense and work? Hmm... maybe we should put up a: will produce if we get X preorders?
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