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  1. ClumsyDude

    S-3B Viking - scratchbuilt

    Hey Ben, congratulations!!!! That’s awesome news. You will be struggling for a bit to squeeze in modelling time for a bit, but it’s a pretty amazing thing. Cheers Jim
  2. ClumsyDude

    F-14B UPGRADE 1/32 Tomcat

    Inspirational stuff ... those wing sweep bags are the best I’ve seen, ever. Bravo! Jim
  3. ClumsyDude

    Bell 206 B BG Air Force 01

    Terrific work as always Chavdar ... well done. Jim
  4. ClumsyDude

    F-16 Thunderbird #1

    Wow, that looks really terrific! Jim
  5. ClumsyDude

    HK B-17...D??? 14/7 bath time :)

    This’ll be super ... I did some armature work on my tomcat diorama but nothing as ambitious as this. Reckon you’ll really enjoy it, it’s an wesome challenge but tractable with some elbow grease (which you clearly have in spades). Cheers Jim
  6. ClumsyDude

    SA-23E Mitchell-Hyundyne Starfury

    Bloody phenomenal work Vaughn ... I’m amazed! Well done. Jim
  7. ClumsyDude

    1/32 A-10 sporting the 107th FS tribute scheme

    Super crisp, I really like it! Jim
  8. ClumsyDude

    Tamy F4U-2N build

    Love it Harv ... great weathering. Jim
  9. ClumsyDude


    Thanks Harv! Managed to get ... zero bench time on account of having two little girls who are home from school holidays. Oh well! Cheers Jim
  10. ClumsyDude

    DesTROYer's 1/32 RAAF F/A18 B Hornet A21-103

    This is really rocking Troy ... can’t believe how quickly you’re going, and your work is top notch. Took me months to get to where the fuse was together! Jim
  11. ClumsyDude

    Tamiya Spitfire Mk IX Kicked Up A Notch: Last Post

    Chuck, awesome work as always ... I have several of your builds bookmarked and to me, each is the definitive resource on that kit. This one will be as well (probably co-bookmarked with Wolf though I must say). Jim
  12. ClumsyDude

    LSP Christmas Raffle Winners!!!

    So now that Maru has won a kit, are we going to see a WIP?? Jim
  13. ClumsyDude

    F-15E --- 1/32 --- in PARKED mode

    Awesome Milan ... even here on LSP it’s rare to see a build that looks so much like the real thing. Jim
  14. ClumsyDude

    Any news on the Revell super hornet?

    No F until September?? Guess I’ll just have to wait ... not that I’m likely to finish my current build before then at the rate I’m going I suppose ... Jim
  15. ClumsyDude

    Any news on the Revell super hornet?

    Thanks Meindert! Those are great shots. Jim