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  1. Hey Ben, congratulations!!!! That's awesome news. You will be struggling for a bit to squeeze in modelling time for a bit, but it's a pretty amazing thing. Cheers Jim
  2. Inspirational stuff ... those wing sweep bags are the best I've seen, ever. Bravo! Jim
  3. Terrific work as always Chavdar ... well done. Jim
  4. Wow, that looks really terrific! Jim
  5. This'll be super ... I did some armature work on my tomcat diorama but nothing as ambitious as this. Reckon you'll really enjoy it, it's an wesome challenge but tractable with some elbow grease (which you clearly have in spades). Cheers Jim
  6. Bloody phenomenal work Vaughn ... I'm amazed! Well done. Jim
  7. This is really rocking Troy ... can't believe how quickly you're going, and your work is top notch. Took me months to get to where the fuse was together! Jim
  8. Chuck, awesome work as always ... I have several of your builds bookmarked and to me, each is the definitive resource on that kit. This one will be as well (probably co-bookmarked with Wolf though I must say). Jim
  9. So now that Maru has won a kit, are we going to see a WIP?? Jim
  10. Awesome Milan ... even here on LSP it's rare to see a build that looks so much like the real thing. Jim
  11. No F until September?? Guess I'll just have to wait ... not that I'm likely to finish my current build before then at the rate I'm going I suppose ... Jim
  12. Thanks Meindert! Those are great shots. Jim
  13. For my tomcat launch diorama I just did a lot of google image work. You will find a lot of different vibes for the deck ... some look more of a light grey, others much darker. Some have prominent tyre marks, others they're scarcely visible. Staining and bleaching seem to be common. My advice would be, look at a heap of photos on line, and pick some characteristics you want to replicate. Then (IMHO) you need at least six layers of weathering to make it come to life. Good luck - you're a great modeller and you'll definitely make it sing. Jim
  14. I know there are only a few of us ... and I know it'll never be as popular as the new P-51 - but I have to say, I'm dead keen to see more of the new Revell super hornet - sprue shots, previews - but I've found almost nothing on line. Isn't it supposed to be out about now? Jim
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