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Here are your 1/32 scale V-22 Osprey kit and your 1/18 Moskito, Harrier and Focke-Wulf kits...


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Just stumbled at Ebay acrosse a vendor offering 3D printed kits of an 1/32 scale V-22 Osprey and a number of even larger 1/18 kits of the Moskito, Harrier, Super Hornet, Intruder, Goshawk and the Fw-190. Also a good share of sci-fi kits as well as extralarge 1/6 kits to fit to action figures. Black Hawk door someone?


Well, nice collection. So who now has the guts and workspace to tackle one of these? :punk:



Not related to the seller, just watching the wonderful world of Ebay sellers and model vendors.



- dutik

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I got a few of the 1/18 prebuilt when they came out.  And Dave is right.  I had three and they just looked too toyish next to my built models.  Sold one, got a Stuka still hanging and an Avenger sitting in the corner.   Now a 1/18 Phantom?  I might be tempted.  But not at those eBay prices. 
Oh, and the space.  Yea, too big.  Phantom would probably go on a pole out in the yard.  

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6 hours ago, JimRice said:

I have a 1/8 scale 3D printed Stearman waiting in cue.  It will be a ceiling hangar in my shop when done.  But I have to get my shop built in my barn first, as well as my model room in mancave in house.  We just moved in a couple months ago.  

I need more info on this! Not that I’m in the market, but I just love everything Stearman. 

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I try to support such enterprise whenever I can and as far as my budget allows. But I expect the producer must do his homework right and give me a good kit. I can tolerate the production media's or material's shortcomings and rectify these during build as much as I can, however I would not bother with any kit with so many shape issues.


Some products listed -the Star Wars stuff in particular- look better than others but some are really miles away from the real shape. That is not what I would accept when it comes to such price tags. 

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