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  1. 20% off your entire order from Flying Leathernecks Decals Starts 22 November at 12 noon EST and ends at 10pm EST on 29 November. No code needed https://www.flyingleathernecksdecals.com/
  2. Pre-order links are open for the AV-8B Harrier Pylons in 1/48, 1/32 and 1/18 scales. These will begin shipping in December. However, as we're currently running a 15% off sale in celebration of the Marine Corps 247th Birthday and our 15th year in business, the links were opened for those that want to take advantage of the sale. The 1/32 LAU-33 are ready to ship https://www.flyingleathernecksdecals.com/p/fl32-2063-av-8b-weapons-pylons-for-trumpeter---pre-order https://www.flyingleathernecksdecals.com/p/fl32-2076-lau-33--500-rocket-launcher-empty https://www.flyingleathernecksdecals.com/p/fl18-1008-av-8b-weapons-pylons-for-hobbyboss---pre-order
  3. Hannants carries our entire line, but only place orders when they're ready. Couldn't provide an estimated time they'll have these if I wanted to.
  4. These were just posted on Facebook with only the following text accompanying them: "Finally...we started test prints for first sprue"
  5. What Thierry said above. I have literally taken a tape measure and plumb line to an AH-1W and have loft drawings from Bell that I used to create my profiles. I still wouldn't recommend using them alone as it was literally impossible to account for the curves on the actual airframe in the 2D drawings.
  6. Pete, The LPod will be coming, along with a corrected crossover fairing for the gun pods, some cockpit stuff and other odds and ends. However, those won't be until Feb/Mar '23 time frame.
  7. These are items we have available or in progress for the 1/18 Harrier from Hobbyboss/Merit The pylons are still in progress and won't be available until December at the earliest. FL18-1000 1/18 GBU-38 500lb JDAM with DSU-33 Thermally Protected (2 bombs)3D Resin $20.00 FL18-1001 1/18 GBU-38 500lb JDAM with MXU-735 Solid Nose Plug TP (2 bombs)3D Resin $20.00 FL18-1002 1/18 Mk-76 25 lb practice bombs (6 bombs)3D Resin $8.00 FL18-1003 1/18 GBU-32 1000lb JDAM with DSU-33 Thermally Protected (2 bombs)3D Resin $25.00 FL18-1004 1/18 Mk-83 1000lb bomb with M904 Thermally Protected (2 bombs)3D Resin $25.00 FL18-1005 1/18 Mk-82 500lb bomb with BSU-86 fin, M904 fuze TP (2 bombs)3D Resin $20.00 FL18-1006 1/18 MK-82 500lb bomb with BSU-86 fin, MXU-735 Nose Plug TP (2 bombs)3D Resin $20.00 FL18-1007 1/18 LAU-7 AIM-9 Missile Launcher (2 launchers)3D Resin $15.00 FL18-1008 1/18 AV-8B Weapons Pylons with BRU-36 Bomb racks 3D Resin $45.00 These items are in development and will be available in January/February 2023 FL18-1009 1/18 AV-8B Harrier exterior detail update (pitot tubes, scoops, vents, AOA probe) $TBA FL18-1010 1/18 AV-8B Harrier corrected chaff/flare buckets $TBA FL18-1011 1/18 AV-8B Exhaust Nozzles $TBA FL18-1012 1/18 AV-8B Landing Gear with Wheels/Tires $TBA
  8. Me and my better half Tanya Fun little fact. My wife's name was Tonya and I had her name tattooed on my left forearm in Katakana. Didn't have to change the tattoo!
  9. Here are a few more items in work here......
  10. First test print of the 1/32 LAU-33. Tubes are empty. *The small dots are where the print supports were and that is all there is to clean up. Launchers will come as shown.
  11. Test prints of the inboard and middle AV-8B pylons. The outboard pylon will have the option of installing the BRU-36 bomb rack or the bomb rack replacement unit, which is installed when the LAU-7 is attached. Pylons designed by Richard VanZandt using references provided by FLD. These include the A1-AV8BB-LWS-000 Weapons Stores Loading Manual for the AV-8B, A1-AV8BB-SRM-500 Structural Repair Manual, measurements and photos.
  12. Don't have sufficient references to design it.
  13. Well, it is very possible both were in progress at the same. Kits aren't designed in weeks, it's closer to years and no one is going to scrap hundreds of hours of research and CAD just because someone else announces the same kit. As I've stated multiple times before, Takom's kit doesn't put money in Meng's account and vice versa. I know for a fact there has been one in development for at least the past two years and it was confirmed by the designer it wasn't the Takom kit. I just sent him a message and asked if the Meng kit was his design. If the answer is yes, then we have two new kits to choose from. If the answer is no, we're likely to see 3 new kits.
  14. The LAU-33 is coming from Flying Leathernecks One set will be empty, while another set will include rocket motors and different warheads
  15. Coming in January (possibly sooner) are two new 1/32 resin items from Flying Leathernecks Decals FL32-2063 AV-8B Harrier Pylons will include all 7 pylons with separate bomb racks FL32-2076 LAU-33 5.00" Rocket Launcher (empty) FL32-2077 LAU-33 5.00" Rocket Launcher with rockets and HE warheads Prices to be determined. CAD by RVZ and P. Haupt
  16. Do you really think ICM cares if Trumpeter (why you couldn't or wouldn't name them is beyond me) releases the Kittyhawk Bronco? Do you think they cared there were already P-51's, He-111's and Spitfires available before they released theirs? They may be a smaller company, but they can't grow if they just sit back and refrain from releasing certain kits because there are others out there. You said it yourself, it would be a better Bronco. They know that too. As a very small business myself, I don't care what anyone else releases. If there is something I want to release, I'm going to do it. And I'm going to do it because I feel I can do it better and at a more affordable price. I went from a couple dozen or so products in my line in 2019 to just over 400 currently (after purchasing the Steel Beach line of products). Had I concerned myself with what others already had available, I'd still be sitting at a couple dozen products in my line.
  17. Why do modelers always make this argument? Honestly, it is hands down the dumbest one that is made whenever a kit manufacturer announces or hints at a new kit release, especially when a kit of that subjects exists. For the love of all that is holy, please stop with this ridiculous train of thought. A few points as to why. First, the Kittyhawk kits are currently not available. It doesn't matter what happened to the molds or if they can be found second hand. At this moment, you can't go to any on-line hobby shop and order their kits. Second, and this may be a shocker to some, but the Kittyhawk OV-10's don't make ICM money. Another fact that some may find shocking, ICM is in business to make a profit and again, Kittyhawk kit sales don't accomplish that for them. Lastly, when you needed to buy a new TV, an appliance, a new car, or clothes, did you complain because you had more than one choice? Seriously, why did LG waste their time on a line of refrigerators when Frigidaire already had them available?
  18. Well of course there are going to be differences.....the kits are of two completely different airframes. You also have two completely different design teams from different manufactures interpreting photos/drawings differently to design their respective kits.
  19. The CAD I saw doesn't belong to 'Snowman Models' either.
  20. There really isn't much more I could add without 'spilling the beans'. All I know is I was sent CAD images of a new 35th Apache and it's not the Takom kit.
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