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  1. Started working on the CAD again this past week. These are based off 10 years working on the real item, the technical manuals I have for them and a MER I physically have access to. Going to do my best to have these released in time for the NATS. If not, they'll be done before the summer is over.
  2. Phantom Phreaks is operated by the same person that ripped off parts of the Teknics F-14 cockpit to use in the CAM F-14 set when he 'owned' CAM. This is also the same person that was caught entering models in contests that he didn't build. While I haven't seen the parts in person, it wouldn't surprise me if these are in fact copies of your parts. Sadly, another aftermarket producer is selling resin copies of Koster sets on Ebay.
  3. Complete new cockpits and canopy rails for both the single and two seat Hornets are in progress, along with new exhaust cones and a few other items.
  4. No, the real ones aren't really 'weighted' either. Slightly flat on the bottom, but that's about it. We left them round to allow each modeler to flatten as much or as little as they prefer, or not at all.
  5. Available now on our web site, as well as Ebay
  6. The ATARS Conversion, set FL32-2008 is now complete and in full production. As noted previously, this was intended to begin shipping on the 15th as we were experiencing some design issues. However, these were resolved much faster than anticipated and the sets will start going out within the next few days as all that's left is to finish the instruction sheet and pack the parts. With the exception of the pitot tubes and clear window, all parts come removed from the supports, so all that is left to do is a little clean up of the edges to remove any remnants of supports. It was decided to leave the supports on the clear part to make it easier for you to apply a clear gloss coat (the supports act as a stand while the part dries). Once dry, it very easily snaps off. Supports were left on the pitot tubes simply because they were the most time consuming to remove, sorry. Fine sprue cutters easily remove them from the part. https://www.flyingleathernecksdecals.com/p/fl32-2008-fa-18d-atars-conversion
  7. Yes, already have several options drawn in 48th scale and I'm scaling them up and laying out the sheet now.
  8. PRE-ORDER Link is now open for FL32-2008 F/A-18D ATARS Conversion. ** Please Note this product will not ship until 15 April** ** Any other items ordered with this set will ship on the 15th as well, so be sure you're prepared to wait for those before adding them to your cart. ** Due to the unique use of this conversion, as well as the fact its target kit is currently out of production, the Pre-Order is being used to determine the initial production run total. ** Some parts are not shown as they are still being designed. However, full production of all parts will be established by the 10th and all orders placed by the 14th will ship on the 15th of April. https://www.flyingleathernecksdecals.com/p/fl32-2008-fa-18d-atars-conversion---pre-order
  9. No, and I'm not quite sure what you mean by 'upgraded'. Not all Hornets received the IFF antenna on the nose and many still don't have it. However, all other Hornets currently remaining (F/A-18A++, F/A-18C, F/A-18C+ and F/A-18D) have the same capabilities.
  10. Just need to finish up the fairings for the nose landing gear doors and this will be complete. Anticipated release date is mid April
  11. The AN/APX-111 IFF has absolutely nothing to do with Ordnance configurations.
  12. Third test print showed an almost perfect fit, so adding the details has begun. There is still a lot more to do, but it's getting there.
  13. While there is still quite a bit of work to do, the initial test prints show the part fits as it should. As I type this, a third test print is in progress with changes that should provide an even better fit and fix a couple minor distortion issues. Once I am satisfied with the fit of the part, all of the details will be added. This will include panel lines, rivets and fasteners, as well as the cameras and other items. The forward nose landing gear doors and forward bulkhead of the wheel well also need to be done. If all goes as planned, I hope to have this released by mid April.........finally!
  14. Gentlemen, This sheet will be sent to Microscale for a quote within the next few days. Retail will be $20 and we hope to have it ready to ship within the next several weeks.
  15. **Edit - added a third option based on the noted suggestion Gentlemen, Looking for your input. Now, please keep in mind I am only asking for input for modern jets at the moment. Given three options, which of these would you prefer : Option 1 : 5.5 x 8.5 inch sheet with ONE marking option, but everything needed to build that one jet (required maintenance data included). Retail would be somewhere between $10 and $15 Option 2 : 8.5 x 11 inch sheet with 3 to 6 options, but only the primary squadron markings (you would need to source maintenance data markings from the kit or another source). Retail would be somewhere between $15 and $20 Option 3 : 8.5 x 11 inch sheet with 2 (possibly 3) options and the required maintenance data markings for one. Retail would be somewhere between $15 and $20 Thoughts?
  16. Yes, that is just a sealant.
  17. It's the natural line of the two halves held together by those screws. They're not welded together as that would make removing the suspension unit inside nearly impossible. Pretty much the same set up on the AH-1W :
  18. I didn't get through all of it, but this is incorrect. There is no weld seam. The pylon consists of two halves that enclose the suspension rack, held together by screws. The seam shouldn't even be filled. The only areas that should have the seam filled and sanded smooth are the forward and aft fairings of the pylons. ยท The seam between both halves of the wing external pylons (A3-A6 & A4-A5) ask for some time-consuming sanding without damaging the top features. However, look closely at the full-scale pylon and you will see that there is a weld seam on the central section. So, if you fully remove the seam, consider recreating the weld with very thing plastic stretched sprue.
  19. Both would be correct depending on time frame. From what I've gathered, they're currently flying MiG-29MU1, which is basically a MiG-29C with internal upgrades. Admittedly not at all knowledgeable on any MiG aircraft, so you may want to research more.
  20. Iraq invades Kuwait Modelers building Kuwaiti and coalition equipment in group builds = okay Terrorists attack the US Modelers building US and coalition equipment in group builds = okay Russia invades Ukraine Modelers building Ukrainian equipment in group builds = political slant and 'taking sides' I just ordered a bunch of Ukrainian Air Force decals and have kits to put them on because yeah, I'm taking their side! I'm in
  21. We have both the B and C. Time to start getting this enlarged to 32nd scale! The VMFA-314 option is an F-35C.
  22. First things first, You're not building it for an ex-Marine.......you're building it for a Marine. What squadron and do you have photos? I may be able to help.
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