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  1. https://www.flyingleathernecksdecals.com/p/fl32-2006-10031027-fa-18aacd-pylons-for-bunos-163427-thru-163782
  2. Hope to have these listed on the site tomorrow.
  3. Now Available https://www.flyingleathernecksdecals.com/p/fl32-2021-mk-83--blu-110ab-thermally-protected-1000lb-bomb-with-bsu-85-fins
  4. No discount code needed https://www.flyingleathernecksdecals.com/
  5. FL32-2020 Mk-82 / BLU-111 500lb bomb with BSU-33 fin - thermally protected - Now Available https://www.flyingleathernecksdecals.com/p/fl32-2020-mk-82--blu-111-500lb-bomb-with-bsu-33-fin---thermally-protected
  6. FL32-2022 Mk-83 Thermally Protected with Conical Fin Now Available https://www.flyingleathernecksdecals.com/p/fl32-2022-mk-83-thermally-protected-1000lb-bomb-with-conical-fin
  7. FL32-2019 Mk-82 / BLU-111B with BSU-33/B Conical Fin FL32-2020 Mk-82 / BLU-111A/B Thermally Protected with BSU-33/B Conical Fin FL32-2021 Mk-83 / BLU-110A/B Thermally Protected with BSU-85 Fin FL32-2022 Mk-83 / BLU-110A/B Thermally Protected with Conical Fin
  8. The masks for FL32-2016 GBU-32 applied. Each set comes with two sets of masks, one for each bomb.
  9. GBU-38 with thermal coating now available : https://www.flyingleathernecksdecals.com/p/fl32-2018-gbu-38-500lb-jdam-with-thermal-protective-coating---new
  10. Another set coming soon with the thermal protective coating!
  11. Now Shipping https://www.flyingleathernecksdecals.com/p/fl32-2016-gbu-32-1000lb-jdam
  12. A couple small details left and the tail assembly will hit the printer. Nose strakes are printing out great!
  13. Thanks all, I very much appreciate your feedback and will heed your advice.
  14. Gentlemen, I'm looking for your input. While designing a new item for the FLD line, I've discovered that a similar item produced by another company is severely undersized. Is that something you feel should be mentioned, or leave it be unless it's specifically inquired about from a client?
  15. FL32-2016 GBU-32(V)1 1000lb JDAM $16.00 Set includes two Mk-83 bombs with strakes, two tail assemblies, two DSU-33 proximity fuzes, two ogive nose plugs and a set of paint masks. Available on 1 September 2020
  16. I haven't had any luck finding good enough photos and/or measurements to draw them up.
  17. Thank you, it is very much appreciated. I can assure you they're being done.
  18. On to printing my own Mk-82 and finish designing the tail assembly.
  19. https://www.flyingleathernecksdecals.com/p/fl32-2017-gbu-38-500lb-jdam---new
  20. First test print of the Mk-83 with strakes. Tail assembly, wings and DSU-33 are being printed now.
  21. They're in the design stage at the moment. I used to repair them and just happen to have a lot of references! I've gotten a lot more comfortable with the CAD program and should have them done within the next week or so.
  22. Now, I'm going to be the first to say this may not work. However, this is what I'm playing with at the moment. IF (key word here is IF) this works, the idea is to have the KMU-559 strakes for the GBU-32 printed as separate items. This will allow you to paint them, then attach them to the Mk-83 bomb body. Like the BSU-85 and Conical Fins, the KMU-559/B Tail Assembly will also be a separate part. If it doesn't work, the bomb body and strakes will be printed as one part........keeping my fingers crossed!
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