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  1. My biggest challenge with the Roden kit was wing alignment and getting all struts in place with everything still lined up. Without a jig it would have been impossible.
  2. Bücker Jungmeister (Bevo Howard scheme) Navy N3N Fairchild PT-19/23/26 series Vultee BT-13/SNV Curtiss AT-9 Jeep Any Stinson Reliant straight and gullwing Ryan PT series 20/22 Travelair 2000/3000/4000 Waco QBF-2 Waco CTO Waco UPF-2 I could keep going....
  3. Started on my ICM Stearman today. Planning to build this as an all Yellow Navy N2S-1 using some spare Yellow Wings decals since I built the Roden as a blue and yellow Army Or I might go will all silver generic with Navy markings
  4. Here are three sectionals. You can see the difference between the three. I thought I had some current ones now my truck but must have put them in the hangar. Memphis airspace is vastly different than fifty years ago. Memphis 1969 Little Rock 1966 Little Rock 1943
  5. Would you like old sectional or modern? Old ones from 40-60s are here at home. Modern ones are mostly at the airport in my hangar.
  6. The box art isn’t representative of the current kit as, in addition to the R-985 it also has Hamilton Standard constant speed/variable pitch prop, Redline brakes and a T-6 tailwheel/tire missing the boot. The artwork looks like a photo of a modern restored Stearman that has had a bunch of digital doctoring.
  7. Dennis, I was honestLT surprised nothing was broken on mine and only three parts had come off the trees. The box is pretty stout, but nothing special inside.
  8. The PT-13 was Lycoming powered. The PT-18 was a Jake powered version but was not produced in volume. The Stearmans flying today with the R-755 are mostly all PT-13/17 or N2S which have been transplanted with Jakes. Pete Jones Of Air Repair fame obtained the STC IIRC and holds the Type Certificate for the R-755. FWIW, my dad used a Jake on his Stearman dusters. While only 25more horsepower, the extra 85 cubic inch displacement is what made the difference and could swing a bigger prop or at least a ground adjustable set to higher pitch. He wasn’t a big fan of R-985 Stearmans. Th
  9. I didn’t use it on my Roden. They weren’t used in Military service. Several modern restorations have them. They were popular before shielded wires became the norm and a radio was needed. Now a days, the ignition shielding is inside the wiring harness negating the need for the forward mounted shilling harness.
  10. Just a note, I bought both Roden (2x) and ICM kit from Ukraine. Both had shipping included. One ICM kit cost same as I paid for two Roden kits, about $80. They were possibly premium prices because I ordered them both as soon as I found them, before either was showing officially released anywhere. It will be interesting to see what actual prices are once initial rush is over.
  11. Received my ICM Stearman today and did a quick down and dirty side-by-side comparison. Below is a quick summary and some pictures. Pardon errors in grammar and spelling as this was a quick effort. While I really like the Roden offering and thought it built up well, I think the ICM is even better. Initial thoughts... Naturally, the are quite similar in breakdown and general appearance. Wings match up with exception of curve on rear of upper wing center sections are a bit different, fuselages match up, tail surfaces seem to match. Aileron are a bit different. N
  12. The ICM /132 Stearman is now in my hot little hands. Purchased on eBay July 22 Tracking provided July 23 Actual shipment July 31 Received today Aug 20 Not bad from Ukraine to Memphis, TN I was surprised that the package was intact with only a minor ding on one corner.
  13. The ICM Stearman was received at my Post Office and is now out for delivery. WooHoo! ...and Rick, it did not route through Chicago!
  14. Thanks, Troy. We like Collierville...been here 17 years now, since I retired from the Army. It was as close to home as I could reasonably get. Originally from about 80 miles north in Missouri Bootheel. Nothing but farming.
  15. My ICM kit tracking now shows it in the US. Arrived NY 8/15. It processed through USPS Stamford, CT today. Now I just hope it does not get routed through Chicago...
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