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  1. Obviously a lot of potential here. We will be discussing this kit and its variants for some years if it meets the expectations. I would generally say "if it comes alive" but the test sprues strongly suggest they are really working on it, so I keep my fingers crossed.
  2. Outstanding!! The NMF paint job is always a headache for me and look what you have achieved with that burnt part!! Looks amazing and so realistic, congratulations!!
  3. Wonderful work. The extras you have the ability to produce definitely have given the model its extra beauty.
  4. Museum quality job!! One of the best Stukas I have ever seen, great job indeed!!
  5. One of the most beautiful aircraft and camouflage ever, you have done it such justice. Great work!
  6. Very nice. The metal paint job looks cool!
  7. Their Neptune is 1/48, I think. But if anyone makes a 1/32 Neptune, they have my money this second No idea where to display it though, but I'd buy in a second.
  8. So enticing. No idea about the price but I'm ok up to $500, this does not come everyday. 3D cockpit is a must I think.
  9. Lovely Hunter. I hope some company makes a new tool of this beautiful plane in 1/32.
  10. Absolute perfection!! Did you use a masking set from the market or just cut it yourself? If it is the second one, then this is not only a master's work but also you are a very patient and skilled modeller!!
  11. Yes, sure, thanks for the time to explain. This is the logic obviously and not hard to guess. What I meant when I fail to understand the manufacturer's mind is not about comparing a Fw190 to Blackburn Skua but to highly neglected and famous airplanes of the WW2 or the jet age, no need to recite them here for we all know what they are. I truly wonder if a new Fw190 or an F-5A in 1/32 would sell better, that was my point and maybe I should have put it clearer.
  12. Steering away from the scale discussion, the real "issue" for me is that it is a "new" kit of an aircraft that has many kits already in various scales. How many Fw190 kits are there?? One can improve an existing kit with his skills, extra work, aftermarket etc. but there is a problem that some great subjects are not available at all. Once again, I fail to understand manufacturer's minds in revisiting existing subjects. They are the ones to pour lots of money in the business and they definitely know better but as a modeller I'd expect to see something really "new".
  13. I had a trip to Japan a few years ago, before Covid. There is a place called Akihabara, where you can call the Mecca of modelling and kits in Japan. The number of plastic kits there that may be of interest to anyone in this forum (or others too) are far too beyond one can find in any retailer/reseller I've seen put together in any Western country. Still they are seriously outnumbered by anime characters, RC toys and kits (mostly Tamiya), BanDai robots and stuff like that. Where there were a few people looking at the aircraft kits, there were hundreds everywhere spending their attention and money on such strange things. It should not be forgotten that firms like Hasegawa and Tamiya used to aim their own market in the first place. Japan is a country with high population which had a high interest rate in modelling during the past decades and that perfectly helped such brands to thrive. With the local market going down and split now, I really doubt Hasegawa and Tamiya are willing to invest big money in kits they are not sure will sell enough inside Japan. They are not like Trumpeter and other Chinese brands who sell half-accurate kits and still collect enough audience abroad to survive. Never say never is always a correct phrase, but I do not think we will be seeing a remarkable 1/32 release in the near future from Tamiya nor Hasegawa, who has already stopped doing that. Only ZM could come up with somethings that could be of interest and that is because they are a relatively small brand currently driven by passion.
  14. No. Please! I'm no less eager and keen and willing to see these jets produced by somebody but... no. Not in 1/35 please. I'd prefer they do not come at all if that is the only scale they will be offered in.
  15. This is a great book and I already have it as the Typhoon is one of my favourite modern aircraft. I had built the Revell and Trumpeter some years ago. Revell was a better shape but poor in detail, missing rivets etc but having the engine was good. Trumpeter was ok with surface details but I hated the exhaust details and the area around it, so wrong... Just gave it to one of my friends partly built. I have no idea if Revell is considering a re-issue but with decals of the most recent aircraft included it could be a big seller.
  16. "he'd investigated the idea, and ruled it out." I will never understand a kit manufacturer's mind, I'm afraid. B-26 in 1/32 would be one of my first choices to invest money if I were a manufacturer. Then maybe it is a good thing that I am not, meaning that I do not have the right nose for investment
  17. Looking at the order numbers of others yours should have been shipped as well. It may be in your spam folder, it had happened to me once with my order from the first run.
  18. Definitely a good deal! I built two of these when they came out first so their prices are irrelevant today, but the price you have given is real good considering KH is out of business.
  19. Hats-off, sir. You have done an absolutely brilliant work !
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