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  1. Yes, a new sheet is drawn. I've been making several changes and updates to the layout though. The pylons are being produced now and the others are still being designed. Plan is by the end of the year.
  2. https://www.flyingleathernecksdecals.com/p/fl32-2006-10031027-fa-18aacd-pylons-for-bunos-163427-thru-163782
  3. Hope to have these listed on the site tomorrow.
  4. Now Available https://www.flyingleathernecksdecals.com/p/fl32-2021-mk-83--blu-110ab-thermally-protected-1000lb-bomb-with-bsu-85-fins
  5. No discount code needed https://www.flyingleathernecksdecals.com/
  6. FL32-2020 Mk-82 / BLU-111 500lb bomb with BSU-33 fin - thermally protected - Now Available https://www.flyingleathernecksdecals.com/p/fl32-2020-mk-82--blu-111-500lb-bomb-with-bsu-33-fin---thermally-protected
  7. FL32-2022 Mk-83 Thermally Protected with Conical Fin Now Available https://www.flyingleathernecksdecals.com/p/fl32-2022-mk-83-thermally-protected-1000lb-bomb-with-conical-fin
  8. FL32-2019 Mk-82 / BLU-111B with BSU-33/B Conical Fin FL32-2020 Mk-82 / BLU-111A/B Thermally Protected with BSU-33/B Conical Fin FL32-2021 Mk-83 / BLU-110A/B Thermally Protected with BSU-85 Fin FL32-2022 Mk-83 / BLU-110A/B Thermally Protected with Conical Fin
  9. The masks for FL32-2016 GBU-32 applied. Each set comes with two sets of masks, one for each bomb.
  10. GBU-38 with thermal coating now available : https://www.flyingleathernecksdecals.com/p/fl32-2018-gbu-38-500lb-jdam-with-thermal-protective-coating---new
  11. Another set coming soon with the thermal protective coating!
  12. Now Shipping https://www.flyingleathernecksdecals.com/p/fl32-2016-gbu-32-1000lb-jdam
  13. A couple small details left and the tail assembly will hit the printer. Nose strakes are printing out great!
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