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  1. For 1/32nd scale, 1/32 of an inch equals 1 inch. If the real item is 12 inches long, it would be 12/32" or when reduced, 3/8". Enlarging 1/48 by 150% will get you 1/32 scale. If an item in 1/48 scale is 48 inches long (1 actual scale inch), it will be 1 1/2 actual inches long in 1/32 scale.
  2. Added masks for the spoilers on the Tamiya F-14 wings for the gray over white scheme. Sets 31 through 36 will be announced Wednesday. Sets 38 through 42 will be announced Friday.
  3. Gentlemen, The following new releases have been added to the web site and Ebay. Spruebrothers order will be shipped Wednesday. Like all of our masking sets, each retails for $5.00 and made using Oracal 813 vinyl. https://www.flyingleathernecksdecals.com/c/132-vinyl-masks FLM32-25 F-16C for Academy FLM32-26 F-16C for Tamiya FLM32-27 F-16A/C for Hasegawa FLM32-28 F-14A/B/D for Revell FLM32-29 F-14A/B/D for Tamiya FLM32-30 F-14A/B/D for Trumpeter FLM32-37 F-14A Spoilers for Tamiya
  4. End of year Flash SALE!!! NOTE FOR OVERSEAS CLIENTS : PLEASE SEND A DIRECT EMAIL TO : flyingleathernecks@att.net TO PLACE YOUR ORDER! Simply provide the product numbers you would like to order and I will provide an invoice via PayPal. All in stock 1/48, 1/32 and 1/35 decals have been reduced to $7.00 and $10.00 until midnight, 31 December 2019 (or sometime in the morning on 1 January 2020)!! https://www.flyingleathernecksdecals.com/c/148-decals https://www.flyingleathernecksdecals.com/c/132-decals https://www.flyingleathernecksdecals.com/c/135-decals All vinyl detail sets and masking sets are 25% off!****** ******Place items in cart, place order and the 25% discount will be REFUNDED back to you****** This is much easier than going through every single item on the site and adjusting the price!
  5. The only thing holding up the resin is a proper place to set up the casting equipment. That is currently being addressed. I'm refinishing my basement and moving my office and work space down there. Once it is finished, I'll begin casting.
  6. Order confirmation from Microscale was received in November and the sheet is expected to arrive here during the second half of January. I'll start shipping the pre-orders within a day or two of receiving them.
  7. It's been a pain in the ass and slowly taking shape. There are a lot of individual stencils and laying it out has been a challenge.
  8. Order confirmation received from Microscale. Estimated ship date is 15 January, 2020. I'll have all pre-orders mailed out within a couple days after receiving them.
  9. With three new decal sheets coming within the next couple of months, it is time to move some other sheets, have a bit of fun and put some model money in your pocket for Christmas and beyond! Here are the details. I have pulled the following sheets from the stock shelves : 40 x FL35001 AH-1Z Marine Skid Kid Zulu's 30 x FL48002 CH-53E Super Stallions and the Nekkid Lady 30 x FL48007 EA-6B Jammin' Jarheads 1 (one) copy of each sheet has a winning ticket inside, each with a secret number and phrase. 1 (one) ticket will win you a $250.00 Gift Certificate to Spruebrothers. 1 (one) ticket will win you a $150.00 Gift Cert. to Spruebrothers and 1 (one) ticket will win you a $100.00 Gift Cert. to Spruebrothers. Should you receive a sheet with a winning ticket, simply verify the number and phrase and your Gift Certificate will be purchased and the details sent to you via email. RULES *****PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING CAREFULLY***** **Important** 1. All 100 sheets must sell by Midnight on Friday, the 20th of December. ***In the event all of the sheets do not sell, all orders will be refunded by Monday, the 23rd of December. **More Important** 2. Should all 100 sheets sell by or before the 20th, ALL will be shipped together once the final sheet is sold. **Even More Importanter** 3. Please read and understand rule 2.........The orders will not be shipped until the last of the 100 sheets has been sold. - This is to ensure that everyone receives their orders within a day or so of each other. Sheets in stock at Spruebrothers, Hannants, Luckymodel or listed on Ebay are NOT part of this offer. *****Updates will be posted here as the sheet numbers get lower. Any and All sheets sold after the 100 will be refunded. However, every attempt will be made to get the word out that all 100 have been spoken for (should that be the case). ---------------- *****VERY IMPORTANT***** ***To place your order/enter*** Each sheet is $20.00 plus $3.50 for shipping within the US. For outside the US, please add $7.00 ($27.00 total) for shipping. Should you choose to order more than one sheet, the postage remains the same ($3.50 for US, to include FPO/APO and $7.00 for International). Send the amount via PayPal using the GOODS AND SERVICES option........I cannot stress this enough. Do NOT use the gift/friends/family option, you MUST use goods and services for buyer/seller protection. I am also obligated and required to pay the fees associated with my business account. The PayPal address is : flyingleathernecks@att.net In the NOTES section, you MUST put the following : Sheet number and SBGC Drawing - Example : FL35001 SBGC Drawing Now, for the rest of the offer! For everyone that orders to enter the Spruebrothers Gift Certificate give away, your names will be filed and your next order will be 50% off with free shipping. Place your next order as you normally would. Once it is processed, I'll refund the shipping and 50% discount amount. However, it get's a little better. Once all 100 sheets are sold, all of your names will be placed into a bowl, or hat, or pillow case or whatever I can find! On January 1st, 2020 one name will be drawn. The name drawn will get a $500 credit with Flying Leathernecks Decals to be used on any currently available products, as well as any products released in the future. The credit will be good until it is used up. All you will be required to pay each time you use it is $1.00 to go toward shipping and make printing the shipping label easier through PayPal. As an example, let's say you want to cash in $200 worth of credit the first time, then $200 the second time and $100 for your final order. You'll pay a total of $3.00 shipping. The purchase of a $20.00 decal sheet could potentially get you $750.00 worth of modeling goodness! The January 1st drawing will be done live on Facebook and the video will be shared on the ARC Facebook page. Good luck! Dave and the Flying Leathernecks Crew If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to contact me via email at the address above or via PM.
  10. No, while based on the Whiskey airframe, the Zulu is a completely different aircraft. The only section that would be usable from the Z is the fuselage immediately surrounding the cockpit glass. It simply isn't worth the trouble.
  11. Yeah, that's not going to happen. If you want to pay the hundreds of dollars it will cost to print a minimum of 250 sheets, I'd be happy to supply the artwork.
  12. You have to modify most of the forward fuselage of the AH-1W kit regardless. The dimensions are completely off from the engines forward.
  13. This sheet has been on hold for several months. However, it is now moving forward along with the 1/48 AH-1Z sheet. New options have been added and a couple were removed. Here is the new layout for FL32006. Six options include VMA-542 x 2 (OIF and OEF), VMA-214 (OIF), VMA-231 (OIR), VMA-311 (OIR) and VMA-223 (OIR). For the few of you that pre-ordered this sheet when it was first announced. To thank you for your patience, I will send you a free stencil sheet when it is released.
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