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  1. There are some really talented modelers here in the Atlanta area and several focus on LSP's. Some of them frequent the forums, but don't post. Let us know when you do move here.
  2. Gentlemen, 18 new masking sets were released last week during the IPMS Nationals in Chattanooga and they are now available on the web site. For those of you outside the US, they will be listed on Ebay by the end of the evening. Until we can update the site software, this will be the only way for overseas orders to be placed. Our apologies for the inconvenience. Among the new sets are many for the GBU-31/32 JDAM's included in Academy, Tamiya and Wolfpack Design kits/sets. Produced with Oramask, each mask set retails for $5.00 and will also be available from Spruebrothers within the next few days. https://www.flyingleathernecksdecals.com/c/132-vinyl-masks Here is a sample of the GBU-31 masks (set FLM32-13 for the Academy F-16CG/CJ and F-16I)
  3. More new items are done! As always, all of our masking sets retail for $5.00. These will be sent to Spruebrothers tomorrow and will also be available direct at the IPMS/USA Nationals in Chattanooga. FLM32-19 A-6A masks for Trumpeter FLM32-20 A-6E masks for Trumpeter FLM32-21 A-7D/E for Trumpeter FLM32-22 A-10 for Trumpeter FLM32-23 F/A-18A/C for Academy / Kinetic FLM32-24 F/A-18B/D for Academy / Kinetic
  4. If you're referring to the Nationals, I just confirmed I'd be able to go a couple days ago. I should be added to the vendor list as soon as I send back the paperwork and payment for my tables.
  5. New items are now available at Spruebrothers : FLS (styrene product) FLV (vinyl product) FLM (mask set, Oramask vinyl) FLS32001 F/A-18A/B/C/D HUD Glass. Cut in .007 clear styrene. Enough pieces for six aircraft. FLS32002 F/A-18A/A+/A++/B Vertical Tail Stiffening plates cut in .010 plain styrene. One aircraft FLS32003 AV-8B, Harrier Gr.7/9 HUD Glass. Cut in .007 clear styrene. Enough for six aircraft. FLS32004 F/A-18A/C MFD Glass. Cut in .005 clear green styrene. Enough for two aircraft. FLV32004 AN/AAQ-28 LITENING Pod FLIR/TV windows. Cut in blue and yellow holographic vinyl. Will fit the pods included in the Academy F-16 kits and Brassin resin item. FLV32005 AN/AAS-38 and AN/ASQ-173 FLIR/Designator lens. Cut in holographic blue and yellow vinyl and designed for the Academy F/A-18 kits. Enough for six aircraft. FLV32006 AN/AAQ-13, AN/AAQ-14 FLIR/TV/Designator lens. Cut in holographic blue and yellow vinyl. Designed to fit the pods in the Academy F-16 kits. Enough for six of each pod FLV35001 AH-1Z TSS windows. Cut in blue and yellow holographic vinyl to replicate and correct the FLIR/TV windows on the Academy kit. Also included in our decal sheet, FL35001 Marine Skid Kid Zulus. The items below will be shipping to Spruebrothers on Monday Canopy/wheel masks produced with Oramask vinyl FLM32-7 F-8C for Trumpeter/Fisher FLM32-8 RF-8A/G for Trumpeter/Fisher FLM32-9 A-1E/AD-5 for Trumpeter/Fisher FLM32-10 A-1H/J for Zoukei-Mura FLM32-11 A-1H/J for Trumpeter FLM32-12 AV-8B for Trumpeter Two New releases added to the list : FLS32005 - 1/32 F-4E/G/S/J(UK) belly strap pre-cut in .010 styrene FLV32007 - 1/32 F-4E/G/S/J(UK) belly strap pre-cut in self adhesive vinyl These will all be shipped to Spruebrothers next week and will also be available at our table in Chattanooga. Again, all Flying Leathernecks vinyl detail sets, masks and pre-cut styrene products retail for $5.00
  6. Yes, they are. The BLU-109 warhead GBU-31 is also in that kit and I'll be doing a mask set for them as well. In addition, set FLM32-14 for the GBU-31/Mk.84 in the Academy 1/32 F/A-18 kits is now available and on the site : https://www.flyingleathernecksdecals.com/p/flm32-14-mk-84-gbu-31-mask-for-academy-132-fa-18-kits FLM32-15 will be for the GBU-31/Mk.84 in the Tamiya F-16 FLM32-16 will be for the GBU-31/BLU-109 in the Revell F/A-18E FLM32-17 will be for the GBU-31/BLU-109 in the Academy F-16I FLM32-18 will be for the Wolfpack Design GBU-32
  7. Gentlemen, This item is available now! Makes painting the GBU-31's included in the Academy F-16 kits much easier! Sets for the GBU-31 included the Academy F/A-18, Tamiya F-16 and Revell F/A-18E kits are almost done as well. https://www.flyingleathernecksdecals.com/p/flm32-13-mk84-gbu-31-mask-for-academy-f-16
  8. Gentlemen, If there is anyone beginning work on Academy 1/32 Hornet and you're depicting an A+, please drop me a line at the following email address : flyingeleathernecks@att.net I have 4 new aftermarket items available for the kit and I'd like to send them to you for feedback. Thank you, Dave
  9. I had lunch with Gordon of Spruebrothers a couple of weeks ago and the HKM Lanc came up. He made a joke that he couldn't give them away. He received 25 of each version and still has 25 of each in stock, so there is some truth to it. I would venture to guess the WNW Lanc probably won't move any faster. One thing I find funny about all of the negative comments about this kit is they are coming from modelers that more than likely won't buy the kit regardless.
  10. If you order both, I'll ship the AH-1Z sheet now and the Harrier sheet when it is ready. I'll eat the shipping. Keep in mind that all overseas orders must be paid directly at the moment. My web site only handles US orders at the moment. If you have any other questions regarding ordering, please feel free to email me at flyingleathernecks@att.net Thank you, Dave
  11. A new set of releases is about to be shipped to Spruebrothers. Included are the following items and all will retail for $5.00 each : FLS32001 F/A-18A/B/C/D HUD glass (cut in .005 clear styrene) - 1/48 set pictured FLS32002 AV-8B HUD glass (cut in .005 clear styrene) FLV35001 AH-1Z TSS FLIR window in holographic vinyl (enough for 4 aircraft) FLV32004 AN/AAQ-28 LITENING Pod windows for the Brassin pod (shown here) - enough for six aircraft (HV) FLV32005 AN/AAQ-14 LANTIRN Pod windows for the Academy F-16 pod - enough for six aircraft (HV) FLV32006 AN/AAS-38 NITE Hawk FLIR window for the Academy F/A-18 pod - enough for six aircraft (HV) More to follow in the coming weeks, including a Canopy Det Cord for the 1/18 Hobbyboss AV-8B in gray self adhesive vinyl
  12. Orders began shipping today and should be arriving to you within the week. If the sales continue at the current pace, the 500 print run will sell out before July is over!
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