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  1. My friend John joined us for dinner last night and we were discussing this in my office. He brought up some interesting points and "How cool would it be" / "what iffery". If his memory is correct, Mr. Song, the drive behind KH, was once part of Trumpeter. He noted that about the time Song left Trumpeter to start KH, was about the same time the 32nd releases from them came to a standstill. Again, this is based on what he vaguely remembers hearing/learning and I am in no way stating they are fact. Even if his memory is correct in what he heard, it still doesn't mean it was true then
  2. Not necessarily. Several of us don't ask for anything in return. In fact, if you're not an "employee" or working as a paid consultant and offer to help on your own, you shouldn't expect anything in return. Back in 2002 when Academy released their F/A-18, I pointed out several problems with the test shots. They contacted me and asked if I would send them details on what needed to be corrected. I did and they corrected them. A few months later, a check for $200 and a case of Hornets were delivered to my house. It was a pleasant surprise. Over the course of the next few years, I helpe
  3. I agree that many of the 'accuracy' minded modelers that frequent the forums are probably less than 1% of the modeling community as a whole. A quick search of the various modelers on YouTube and Facebook prove that. However, I am referring to the instances when a company puts CAD work out there and/or solicits help from the community, then ignores the input given. I'll bring up Kittyhawk again. On more than one occasion, the very team they put together to provide SME input was subsequently ignored. How do you ask for help, ignore the help given, then be upset when the final product is criticiz
  4. I firmly believe that some of these manufacturers are actually the one's to blame. In several instances, many modelers have pointed out issues with CAD and provided input only to be ignored. Several years ago a Rep from Trumpeter reached out to me regarding the AV-8B. I spent hours and a few weekends taking hundreds of photos, measurements and notes. After all was said and done, I was told 'never mind, we're just going with what we have'. Seriously? All that work and time spent and you just blow it off? Hell, one of the members of the R&D team that helped with the Kittyhawk H-60 kits just
  5. Kev, That has to be old as the 2000D/N, FJ-3 and two more H-60 kits have been released (and in stock at several places). In addition, Glen, Tim and Floyd have all confirmed the news.
  6. Then again, it's a private business and neither you or anyone else outside of the company is entitled to an explanation.
  7. Took me a second to realize what happened! I know we posted our respective posts within minutes of each other, but this will be easier to follow. Thanks
  8. Thought the same thing, but figured to post it just in case. They just released the HH-60H, MH-60S and Mirage 2000D/N, but haven't posted anything on FB in months.
  9. It was literally just that statement with no other text or information.
  10. My friend John and I visited the new Squadron office/warehouse yesterday (they're only 30 minutes away from my house). It is obviously not my place to divulge what I learned during our conversation with Chris, but I can assure you he is working really hard on making the 'new' Squadron a really great shopping experience for modelers. There are still quite a few 'behind the scenes' issues that need to be addressed and he is still building stock. Plans to move into a larger warehouse this fall are also in work. If you'd like to support him now, you can purchase from their current sto
  11. Well, it's been over a week and I still haven't heard from you. At this point I no longer have the time or interest to print these. So much for trying to help.
  12. Gary, I just downloaded the file Jari linked above and can get them on one of my printers tomorrow. Let me know how many you need and I can ship them to you. Just cover the cost of shipping (should be about $15 to the UK). Dave
  13. I'll be sure to refund the additional shipping and send both orders together.
  14. The new 1/32 launchers are now ready to ship!! https://www.flyingleathernecksdecals.com/c/132-resin
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