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  1. Dave Roof

    1:18 Hobbyboss Av-8B Harrier2

    A correction set would just be a new kit! This kit simply falls into the "it looks the part and is cool to have" category.
  2. Dave Roof

    ALERT! Anyone heard from or about Paul Fisher?

    I would sincerely hope those that would be "due" a refund would flat out refuse it. While I can only speak for myself and don't have an outstanding order, there is no way in hell I would take, or want my money back. My heart goes out to all those affected!
  3. Gentlemen, While I have a relatively long list of subjects I either want to cover, or have already drawn decal art for, I'd love to hear what aircraft you'd like to see covered. In addition to aircraft, provide suggestions on squadrons and/or specific aircraft. Of the three 1/32 sheets I've released to date, two sold out pretty quickly and the third moved enough to recoup the print costs (which I consider a successful sheet). The fourth and fifth sheets (F/A-18D's and AV-8B II Plus respectively) are shaping out to be good movers as well based on the pre-order numbers. On my short list are sheets covering the RF-4B, F-8C/D/K/E, A-1 variants, A-6E Intruders and more AV-8B Harriers. Let me know what you'd like to see and we'll go from there. Dave HMFIC - Flying Leathernecks Decals
  4. Dave Roof

    Flying Leathernecks Decals New Sheets coming!

    A few changes have been made to the line up. This is solid and will not change again.
  5. Dave Roof

    1/48 KC-130J Harvest Hawk Done

    Awesome job Danny! Do you mind if I use some of your photos on my web site?
  6. With the help of Jake Melampy of Speed Hunter Graphics and Geoff Martin of Furball Aero-Design, I was able to update my AV-8B profiles. Jake sent me his drawing of the aircrew and Geoff let me use the wing from his Harrier profile to complete mine. I'll be updating the remaining profiles and will post them as they're completed.
  7. Here is the updated profile for one of the VMA-231 options. I'll post the updated profiles as I finish them. I'll be sending this to print later today and will be opening up the pre-orders later this afternoon. The email feedback and messages I received through Facebook have been enough to move this up in the queue.
  8. I just finished this sheet about an hour before this post. 8.5 x 11 inch sheet covering six AV-8B II Plus Harriers from VMA-542 (x 3), VMA-214 (x 1), and VMA-231 (x 2) as they appeared during their respective combat tours in support of Operations Iraqi Freedom and Inherent Resolve. A small addendum sheet includes the intake warning chevrons. The VMA-542 and VMA-214 options are in the three tone scheme, while the two VMA-231 options are in the newer two tone scheme. Retail will be $15.00 This sheet will go to print with, or shortly after FL32004 F/A-18D Devil Dog Deltas. FL32005 will be an Ordnance Data sheet and FL32007 will be a stencil data sheet for the AV-8B. Full stencils to complete two aircraft, one in the three tone scheme of 36118, 36231, 36320 and one in the two tone scheme of 36118 and 35237. Complete airframe, cockpit, landing gear and wing pylon stencils will be included, as well as stencil data for LAU-7 launchers, TER's and fuel tanks.
  9. OK, I've been tossing this around since I received the HB 18th Harrier. I have decal art work drawn and sized up to fit the kit. VMA-231 from Inherent Resolve VMA-542 from Iraqi Freedom VMA-214 from Iraqi Freedom Possibly a fourth option depending on how I move things around. The sheet is 8.5 x 11 inches and packed. Print run of 250 sheets, $15.00 retail...........but here is the caveat. I would NEED to have 70 (SEVENTY) sheets pre-ordered to send it to print. I also have a sheet of stencil data drawn up, which literally takes up an entire 8.5 x 11 inch sheet. Thinking $15.00 retail for the stencil sheet as well, or maybe $25.00 for both sheets together. MIGHT be able to get that down to $20 for both if the pre-orders look positive. My goal is simply not to take a loss. Profit is obviously preferred, but breaking even is acceptable. Taking a loss is not. I am well aware of the issues this kit has. However, it is the only, and will probably be THE only kit of the Harrier in 1/18th scale we'll ever see. Sound off and let me know!
  10. Gentlemen, I have six new masking sets in 1/32 that will be sent to retailers this weekend. I will also have them listed on my web site later this week. They are as follows : FLM32-7 F-8C canopy/wheel mask for use with Fisher Conversion FLM32-8 RF-8A/G canopy/wheel mask for use with Fisher Conversion FLM32-9 A-1E/AD-5 canopy/wheel mask for use with Fisher Conversion FLM32-10 A-1H/J canopy/wheel mask for Zoukei-Mura FLM32-11 A-1H/J canopy/wheel mask for Trumpeter FLM32-12 AV-8B canopy/wheel mask for Trumpeter Spruebrothers and ebay seller rebelalpha should have them by the middle of this coming week. Like all other sets in my line of masks, the retail price of each set is $5.00 Thank you, Dave
  11. Ron, Simple answer is no. For the decal line, I will only cover Marine Corps aircraft.
  12. Gentlemen, If you have built a model using any of my products from the Flying Leathernecks or Orion Scale Models line and have photos, can you please send them as attachments to the email address below? flyingleathernecks@att.net I would like to add them to my new website, as well as my Facebook page. Please provide a bit of information on the model, as well as the product(s) used. My sincere thanks! Dave
  13. Gentlemen, I have finally moved away from the archaic Yahoo site I've been using since 2007! My new site can be found at the following address : https://flyingleathernecksdecals.com/ All new pages and updated shopping cart, with products easier to find and see.
  14. My first six 1/32 sets are now available from Spruebrothers and Hannants. While I do have them available on Ebay, I would prefer you make your purchases through either of the two retailers listed. Thank you, Dave
  15. Gentlemen, This sheet was supposed to go to print a little over a year ago. Due to major changes in my personal life, it had to be put on hold. Things are now back to normal and new sheets are finally going to print. The sheet is 8.5 x 11 inches and includes markings for five F/A-18D's. Four of the options are as they appeared during combat operations. A second addendum sheet includes the remaining markings, including national insignia, intake warning chevrons, aircrew names, MARINES as well as a few others. VMFA-232 F/A-18D ATARS WT-03 BuNo 165687 Operation Enduring Freedom, Kandahar Air Base, Afghanistan 2010 VMFA(AW)-533 F/A-18D ED-01 BuNo 164959 Operation Iraqi Freedom, Al Asad Air Base, Iraq 2006 VMFA(AW)-533 F/A-18D BM-401 BuNo 164866 Operation Deliberate Guard, Aviano Air Base, Italy 1997 VMFA(AW)-225 F/A-18D CE-01 BuNo 165684 Operation Iraqi Freedom, Al Asad Air Base, Iraq 2008 VMFA(AW)224 F/A-18D WK-01 BuNo 164699 Unit Deployment Program, MCAS Iwakuni, Japan 2009 Those of you that pre-ordered when this sheet was supposed to be released will be sent two copies. You may notice the VMFA(AW)-332 Lo-Vis option was dropped. This was in great part due to the receipt of clear and definitive reference material for the VMFA-232 F/A-18D ATARS option that replaced it. I currently have a 1/48 F/A-18A/C/D sheet at print with Microscale. This 1/32 sheet will be sent to print as soon as I receive the 48th sheet back. An F/A-18D ATARS conversion will be released in conjunction with this release. My sincere Thanks to LtCol Mullin, Maj Reneau, Capt Majeski, SSgt Applegate, LCpl Evers and Andy Walker of the RAF for their assistance with research and references.