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  1. The decals have been shipped from Microscale and orders will begin shipping next week.
  2. Zulu number one is getting there. Another week and it should be done.....Prep for number two has also been started.
  3. The Kinetic 48th kit. I built five of them earlier this year for VMAQ-2's CO, XO, OpsO, AMO and SgtMaj. Here's the CO, LtCol Rundle and I with his model.
  4. The kit is absolutely fantastic! Parts are nice and crisp, fit is outstanding and Academy nailed the outline. One at a time. I have these ten to do, about 14 1/48 Prowlers, 9 Hornets, 8 Harriers and several F-35's and UH-1Y's for Marines and squadrons.
  5. The first of 10 Academy Zulus is on the bench. This one will be shipped to the Commanding Officer of HMLA-267 when it's finished. Nothing fancy, just a straight build with a nice clean paint job.
  6. After reading a handful of complaints from a few modelers regarding the decals in the Academy AH-1Z, I decided to do a quick test. First, not only is one of the colors called for incorrect (36320), one of the paints they recommend are Vallejo. I would strongly suggest you DON'T use Vallejo's air colors as they are way off. The correct colors for the AH-1Z are 36375 for the bottom and 35237 for the top. In this test, the paints used are Ammo acrylics 36375 and 36320. This was used to check for color contrast as the decals "should" be printed to match 35237 as that is the color used for the markings on the real aircraft. The gloss used was Mr. Hobby Super Clear out of the can. Now, I have used 36375, 36320 and 35237 from Ammo, Hataka (lacquer) and AK real air colors. While all three brands respective colors are slightly different shades, they are close enough for me to conclude that any one of these three paints will provide the same result. I will be doing a test on a chip painted with 35237 to see if the decals 'disappear'.........they should. Hope this helps. Dave
  7. I'm sure Eduard will release a PE set for it. Whether or not they get the belts and harnesses correct is another matter.
  8. Current Zulu status........ And my girlfriend Tanya! BOOM, I win! Ha Ha
  9. Send me an email for pre-order information (my current web site software doesn't support overseas orders). Nope, that is still a several hundred dollar investment that I'm not willing to take a chance on. If someone else wants to pay for a print run, I'd be happy to supply them with art work.
  10. Christoffer, Send me an email to flyingleathernecks@att.net It is a problem with the site software I have.
  11. https://www.flyingleathernecksdecals.com
  12. There is no panel line there, should be smooth.
  13. There is only the Kittyhawk 48th kit. This is a "ready, waiting in the wing" sheet. The plan is to have it print ready and on standby. The second a 1/35th Yankee is announced, it's getting sent to Microscale! I will however be combining all of the markings on this sheet with those on my Zulu sheet and releasing a comprehensive Marine Skid Kid sheet in 48th scale.
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