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  1. We're looking for references now. I'm also working on LAU-33 two shot 5.00" rocket launchers and possibly corrected and detailed pylons for the F-8.
  2. Yes and depending on the time frame, would be either the LAU-7/A-5 (038) or LAU-7/A-6 (039).
  3. Hopefully within the next week. Set FL32-2038 LAU-7/A-5 will be appropriate for the F-8
  4. Thank you, but the credit goes to Richard. I just supplied the photos and measurements!
  5. Check out the Vendors Forum
  6. Never fails. While I worked on the LAU-7 for several years in the Marine Corps, and knew of many of the differences between variants, there were some differences that were never noticed (or overlooked because drinking and chasing women was more important). Quite literally within hours of shipping out the first few 1/48 sets, I received three .pdf documents from a fellow Marine at NAWC Weapons Department in Norfolk. These documents break down the different variants of the LAU-7 by year and AAC (Aviation Armament Change) beginning with the launchers introduction in 1958.
  7. Wow Eric, really? Yes, I 'read' your question along with about 2 dozen others. I also 'read' about 30 some odd emails and filled another couple dozen orders. In addition to all of those, I produced and packed several dozen products and am filling large orders for two retailers. Oh, then there is that whole pesky family that wants time. I try to answer as many as I can with the time I have available and for the most part, almost every one is very patient. Why you felt the need to be rude here on LSP is beyond me. I answered your question and whether or not you choose to purchase is
  8. Yes, they'll work with any USN/USMC aircraft that used the ALE-39 buckets
  9. Gentlemen, The following items are now in stock and ready to go, so get those orders in and help us grow! https://www.flyingleathernecksdecals.com/p/fl32-2024-gbu-32v2b-1000lb-jdam---thermally-protected https://www.flyingleathernecksdecals.com/p/fl32-2033-anale-39-chaffflare-buckets-with-flange https://www.flyingleathernecksdecals.com/p/fl32-2034-mk-82-500lb-bomb-with-bsu-86-fin https://www.flyingleathernecksdecals.com/p/fl32-2035-mk-82-500lb-bomb-with-bsu-86-fin---thermally-protected https://www.flyingleathernecksdecal
  10. Currently in full production. More gooderer photos to come a bit later! FL32-2034 Mk-82 500lb bomb with BSU-86 Fin FL32-2035 Mk-82 500lb Thermally Protected bomb with BSU-86 Fin
  11. FL48-8025 A/A-37B-6E Multiple Ejector Rack FL48-8026 BRU-41/A Improved Multiple Ejector Rack FL48-8027 A/A-37B-5E Triple Ejector Rack FL48-8028 BRU-42/A Improved Triple Ejector Rack FL48-8029 BRU-70/A Digital Improved Triple Ejector Rack (AV-8B) FL48-8030 TER-9/A Mod (High Speed) for F-16 FL48-8031 TER-9 USAF FL48-8032 AN/ALE-39 Chaff/Flare Buckets FL48-8033 AN/ALE-39 Chaff/Flare Buckets with Flanges FL32-2025 A/A-37B-6E Multiple Ejector Rack FL32-2026 BRU-41/A Improved Multiple Ejector Rack FL
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